Video Content – Amplify The Impact Of Your Guest Blogs

Video-Based Content - Amplify The Impact Of Your Guest Blogs

Consumers don’t go to travel agents for quick hotel bookings, last-minute travel, drop-ins, or short stays. Consumers rely on the Internet and what they find on the web to help them make quick decisions about a stay. This is why Internet reviews for hotels or lodging spots are so powerful – they really work. An online review functions as the eyes and ears of the consumer when they have never been to an area before. This is why video marketing is so important for your hotel business.

Benefits of Videos

Video clips will increase awareness of your hotel, help you stand out from the competition, and allow the consumer to view your property as they would in person. You can use a video clip of your hotel on your website, on booking sites, and on social media.

When you use the benefits of video to market your property, you will see your hotel bookings rise. Here are some practical ways that viewers will use your video to show them what they need to know before check-in:

  • To see what the suites look like. Show them your property’s seating areas, bathrooms, closets, and outdoor views.
  • To learn about the added features that you have at your hotel. Show a clip or a picture of the lobby, the pool area, the meeting rooms, restaurants, and more. If you have something special or unique at your hotel, put it on display!
Video-Based Content - Amplify The Impact Of Your Guest Blogs
  • To hear how other customers liked your location. Include a few quotes from other guests in your video. You can even set them up to scroll across the screen. For example, one might read, “We enjoyed our stay and will be back again very soon!”
  • To see how close your hotel is to local “hot spots”. Tell the viewer about your proximity to the city, local dining choices, and the airport or train station. Describe what they should expect if they are sight-seeing. A quick view of the map showing your location relative to these points of interest would be a great video feature to give your viewers perspective.
  • A video clip will show a prospective customer what your hotel really looks like as if they are standing there in person. Many people need to see something before they buy it, and a video clip can be the eyes your future guests need.
Video-Based Content - Amplify The Impact Of Your Guest Blogs
  • To decide to book. Using video will generate more clicks to your website and more bookings for your hotel or lodge.  Just having a video clip will boost your website traffic. You can use the video link on regular posts on social media and promote it on YouTube.


Remember to add your videos to your business page on Facebook for even more shares and likes. Facebook users can easily share video from their smartphone to other potential guests. Having video of your hotel on all of your social media is essential to getting traffic to your website and providing the information that potential guests want to see.
Don’t lose out to the competition by not using online video clips. Video really sells!


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