These 11 social media tools are best for small hospitality businesses

Social media tools are a great way of acquiring customers, but it's no longer limited to Facebook and Twitter! With InstagramLinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and many other up-and-coming social media sites coming on, businesses are beginning to struggle to keep pace with social media management. Look at this list of social media tasks that are required to create an active social presence:

  1. Schedule and manage social media posts to ensure the right level of activity on all social media feeds
  2. Respond to fans' comments on each social update
  3. Connect with people and grow your network or fanbase
  4. Convert these followers into customers

It's a wonder any small business can keep up! But the good news is that managing multiple social media channels through holiday and hotel rental marketing automation is not impossible. You can do so merely with the help of specific social media automation tools. In this article, I'll talk about ten different social media tools you can use to tackle your social media management challenges.

11 The Best Social Media Tools for Small Businesses


DrumUp is a simple content syndication service for social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For each linked social media account, DrumUp takes keywords from the user and populates all the relevant posts from the social platform on the user's page. The user can then individually select which one to share with his followers. The primary purpose of content syndication is to reduce the manual effort spent in finding relevant posts to keep your social media timeline active. With DrumUp, you can create your posts from within the DrumUp account, share articles via their Chrome extension, or repost an old post of yours at specified intervals.


IFTTT is a cross-connecting service for your social media channels. With IFTTT you can select a “trigger” and an “action”. As soon as the “trigger” occurs, IFTTT will do the “action” for you. You can use IFTTT to connect multiple social media channels and make sure they all stay updated with the same content.You don't have to post across different channels individually. Instead, you can configure IFTTT so that you can post any material to all your social media channels. I have spoken more about IFTTT here helps you schedule your posts to multiple social media accounts and manage them all in one place.

With, you can see all the notifications from your connected social media channels on one page. This tool is potent and timesaving for brand managers and businesses who manage multiple social media accounts. also provides intelligent suggestions for whom to follow and interact with to help you build an active community around your business.


Feedly isn't just for RSS feeds. It brings together content from various social channels, like blogs, YouTube channels, media outlets, Google alerts, and even your private channels, like your company's SaaS applications. The syndicated content can be organised, read, and shared from within the app.

Feedly also discovers new and authoritative content creators from all over the world for you to follow. You can create shared feeds and shared boards. It also allows you to integrate your company's Feedly account with Slack, Trello, Office 365, or Evernote Business.


Hiring a graphic designer and assigning them work can cost a lot of time and money.

With Canva, you can choose from a whole set of stunning, high-quality images without any watermarks. It also has several eye-catching effects and image customisation options. You'll probably never come across any other easier-to-use image editing software.


From a single social dashboard of Hootsuite, you can boost your marketing and schedule new posts and discover new social content from all your social accounts at one place. HootSuite also provides real-time stats about developing trends.

It also gives critical sentiment analysis that lets you see how your audience receives your social content. With smart analytics features, Hootsuite helps you make informed social media marketing decisions.


Everypost provides a unique visual content citation feature, which may be extremely helpful for aesthetics-based brands or businesses. Fashion brands, food delivery apps, and e-commerce stores can benefit from Everypost.


CoSchedule provides a calendar view to schedule social media campaigns, work on them collaboratively with your team members, and track all social updates from one place. All team members can also access insights for social messaging through a single report, allowing you to track the performance of your team members quickly.


This tool is an innovative service focused on extreme personalisation on social media. You have to connect all your social accounts and let the Crowdfire app analyse it. It also discovers new content for you to share on your social channels to keep them active.

Once you approve a post, Crowdfire shares it on all your linked social accounts at once at best possible time. Crowdfire also helps you grow your network by suggesting whom to follow. If you are managing an eCommerce store, this app will keep track of all your trending products and create beautiful posts to share with your audience.

Crowdfire does everything with a clean, minimalist interface. It looks like a chat window, and using it feels like a dedicated social media manager is doing things for you. This tool makes it perfect for small brands and one-person companies.


HubSpot provides a suite of products that help manage all your online marketing efforts at one place.

What makes HubSpot so loved among its customers is that along with necessary scheduling, posting, tracking, and report social media features, it also provides end-to-end tracking of all sales leads and up-to-date information about customers through its free CRM.

Lumen5 is the fastest video maker for social video marketing. Their built-in media library offers access to millions of stock footage, photos, and soundtracks. This means that users have access to everything they need without recording or purchasing any digital assets externally.

Conclusion about the best Social Media Tools

Social Media Management is a complex challenge. It cannot be tackled with a one-size-fits-all approach. I hope the tools provided in this article help you meet that challenge for your team. If you have used any other great tool, do share your insights with us in the comments.

I want to thank Ong Si Quan for today's guest blog. Ong is the Content Marketing Manager at CandyBar, a digital loyalty card app. Use CandyBar to run an entire loyalty program from your device, and get insights into your best customers. Try CandyBar free for 30 days here today.

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