URGENT! Make sure you do this ONE thing for your business now

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 147. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the ONE thing that you should do for your business now.

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I've got an urgent announcement for hosts all over the world. If you haven't done so already, make sure you do this one thing.

Well, there's been a start of rise in families booking their 2022 holiday already. And bearing in mind this has been recorded in July 2021. People are already booking for 2022. So please make sure whatever you do, don't sleep on your prices. What I mean by that, go into your calendar, go into your PMS, go into your channel manager, go into next year and go put your prices up, go raise your prices because people are booking now. So put your prices up, make sure availability is on and make sure that you put the price up now what I would also do to be proactive. If you have an email list, then I would email out to your list and just say book your 2022 holiday now. Now the stats and the surveys have come in from skift and the other big providers and they are reporting that so many families are already booking their stay next year. So you need to react to this if you don't you know the worst-case scenario is that someone else will take your booking but the next level down of bad scenarios is that someone will book and it will be for such a low rate because you haven't paid attention to it.

So go and just very quickly spend about an hour doing this. And I even know you may be your busiest right now the best time to do this is now go in, put the prices up, adjust accordingly. Check your availability, make sure it's all open make sure everything is open everywhere. And then raise the prices up and if you want to as an additional option if you're fully booked now up until you know October 2021. Well done, go and put the prices up for next summer because people are already planning a post-pandemic world.

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