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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 66. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the latest staycation stat.

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In a recent survey done by Fuel Travel, 67% of our audience when they were interviewed said that they were looking to travel in the next 30 days. So what does this mean for you?

Some tips to get more bookings from a recent stat

In today's episode of the Boostly podcast, what I want to do is to give you some little tactics and tips on what you can be doing right now to be getting more bookings. So like I said 67% of the fuel travel survey that was done for sentiment of round hospitality and the pandemic etc. They said that they will look into trouble within the next 30 days. And there's a real big follow up stat to this is that out of those people that they interviewed and they surveyed 71% of people said that they will be looking to travel a maximum of two hours..

So the staycation is big and strong and it is definitely still here. So those of you wherever you may be you need to be looking and be targeting your staycation market. Now me and my family we recently went away on a staycation we drove 45 minutes for an hour and 15 minutes door to door for the next. And what I would encourage everybody to be doing is looking still to target that staycation market. So go to your OTA listings. Go to your social media, go and find Facebook groups, local Facebook groups go and focus on local unique listing sites things like Gumtree in the UK and put the word out that you are taking reservations whenever that may be. For those of you that focus heavily on flights and travel into you when you're going to have to think differently. What can you be doing? Can you be looking to reach out to the business? Travelling nurses, for example, or business people that need to come and find accommodation in your local area. What you need to do is you to start thinking a little bit differently.

What hosts can do about this stat

The first stat that I gave you 67% of people are looking to book within the next 30 days. We're starting to come out of lockdown. People are looking to travel again people looking to go on their on their vacation or just a staycation or just to get out of the house. You need to be now more than ever proactive and getting in front of people. A 5-10 minute posts and a local Facebook group could be the difference between getting bookings or not, don't be reactive. Don't wait for the otas to send you bookings you got to go and be proactive here.

So again, focus on local Facebook groups. Go and be very proactive on your listings, change your listings around on the otas. try and incorporate the word staycation because it is on trend at the moment is topical. So what I want you to do, this is your homework for this podcast because I always like to see action takers, go and have a look at your listings, go have a look at your website. All of this is editable and it can be done in a couple of hours and go and make those changes to it. See if you can incorporate the staycation aspect to it and talk to those people. So why should they come and stay with you. Whether it's a work or a leisure trip, you'll be amazed who needs to come to your area. It may not be the person that you're speaking to is actually going to be the person staying in your property, you can put a post out in a Facebook group. And it may be that they've got family travelling in because they haven't been able to see him for the past year. So again, you may be speaking to your local audience, but they need accommodation for an auntie or parents or son or daughter or cousins, or whoever it may be friends that they haven't been able to see the last year and they want to reconnect. So try and think staycation try and think of people within two-hour radius of you, and then go and do.

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