The Future of Influencer Marketing Is Here

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 44. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about influencer marketing.

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02:15 About Influencer Marketing
02:45 Micro and nano influencer
03:35 Don’t trick the system
04:20 Your guest is an influencer

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Your misconception of influencer marketing maybe those with millions of followers, but that is not the case. The future is in the nano. The future is in the micro. Now what is a nano and what is a micro influencer?

Micro and nano influencer

Well a micro influencer is anybody that has got up to 100,000 followers. Now, a recent article that I read, I’ve got some notes here, more than 46% of brand mentions on Instagram, which had the hashtag ad were published by Instagram accounts between one and 20,000 followers. Now how many followers do you have on Instagram? Boostly has 2000, I am classified as a micro influencer, this is the future, the crazy start. And the crazy thing to know of here is that the smaller the account the higher the engagement. Now this is really important.

Don’t trick the system

There are fake scummy scumbags out there that have tried to trick the system and they have tried to buy followers. Now bizarrely, there’s an Instagram bots called Boostly as a company. And what they will do is they’ll buy Instagram followers for you. It’s got such a bad reputation, and have only recently discovered this, since obviously, which is why I’ve got the blog on my Boostly website saying why Boostly is not Boostly. And again, we’re different companies, but they are one of those scumbag services that is offering people to buy followers. Now, you may be thinking I want to buy followers, because you want to get to like the 30-50,000. And so it may look like you’re a big account, but it’s not always the case. You know, it’s not the size of it. It’s what you do with it, that counts or near the doing it is the engagement and that’s why brands now are reaching out to people that have got a smaller following but I’ve got such an engaged following.

Your guest is an influencer

So what I want to tell you is that when it comes to influencer marketing, each and every one of your guests is an influencer. It doesn’t matter if they’ve got one follower or 10,000 followers. They are an influencer and you need to treat every single one of them with the best experience possible. And who knows that you may have somebody that is an influencer, somebody that posts regularly online shares their day to day and documents their day to day life and they will have a following, a niche and that they will then talk about you. The easiest way to check this if you go to your Instagram account. Go to your feed and look at the bottom right of all the little tabs that you’ve got on the top. So one of them will be pictures, one of them reels and guides, etc. And the other one is where you’ve been tagged in a post. And again, if your location or your property or your business has been tagged in a post, that is what your guests are putting up online and then tagging you in. It’s a great way to go and see what that they’re posting about you which is a really nice tool because like I said, I did this with the Grainary. It turns out that we had somebody come and stay with us that had 35,000 followers, really engaged audience. ideal target audience, families, you know, young couple young family, had an amazing time, wrote nice things about us. And I could easily track people that have come to stay with us because of her posts. And again, it was just a simple case of doing the research and checking out.

The future is the nano. The future is the micro and again treat every single one of your guests like an influencer because they will go and have a good time, they will share their experience that they’d stay with you on the internet, whether it’s Facebook or an Instagram or tiktok, or wherever and then your business will be the one that benefits on the back a bit.

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