The book that helped this host on his mindset and business journey [Clubhouse 24 Hour takeover]

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 426. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the book that helped this host on his mindset and business journey.

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For me, one major one that sent me on this journey is thinking Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill really got me thinking about you can come up with ideas, if you put those ideas into action, you can actually help them to cash flow. 

I listened to the e book on the E Myth. And I felt it you know, the audio version was a little condescending, but the content was still very valuable that how, how you segment the business between the technician and the manager and, and the and the CEO, and making sure that you know, you spent time as the CEO and working on your business rather than the technician in your business.

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I think Rich Dad Poor Dad, that's a good one of one of the ones I read in my early career. That's kind of get a lot of information about I've actually read it three times. And there's still stuff, there's still stuff out and get out of it. So that's a great book. I'd advise anybody read that one. 

I will give a shout out to that will never work. It is a book written by my friend Mark Randolph. And it's a brilliant book, because it talks about how you know, the worst thing you can do is not move forward, you know, learn from your mistakes, mistakes are a great thing. And he has an incredible story. He was actually one of the founders of Netflix. So you can imagine, he has an amazing story. But the kind of theme that goes through it is you know, be that action taker be that person that takes the risk. 

The power of habits, that's a fantastic book that helps you understand the, you know, your good, the bad habits that you create, and how to get rid of them and change them with good ones. I think that's a very, very interesting subject to get into that helps you really push your business forward and lead a more balanced lifestyle. I think that's an important factor.

Ted Meredith's book would be for the watershed. I would really recommend it's a great book to use your strengths, but also loads of top tips about how to be productive within that. And he's just an all round. Epic dude. 

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