The #1 reason you’re not getting bookings on your website

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 121. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I showed the #1 reason you're not getting bookings on your website.

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02:30 Why you are not getting bookings on your website
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The number one reason why you are not getting bookings on your website is because of this. Your website is not buits with mobile phones in mind. Now, this is not your problem. This is probably your website designers problem. This is probably the PMS that you're using the free websites problem. But if you do not build your website on a mobile phone first, then you are missing out on a ton of potential bookings.

Now, why is that? Well, if you were to go and look at the surveys and the stats of people that are using mobile phones to browse the internet is going up and up and up. And if particularly if you delve down and look at a hospitality survey or study, you will see that now the most amount of people who start their search for a hospitality booking are done on a mobile phone. So why do you build in your website with a desktop or a laptop in mind.

This is the one key thing and I tell so many people about this and I look at their website and the first thing that I do is that I go and take their website and put it on my phone to see how it looks, see how it works, how it interacts. And I can tell instantly if that website has been built for mobile-first or not.

What you can do

So here's what i would love you to do. Go and grab your mobile, whatever you use, I'm obviously an apple geek. But if you've got an Android or whatever you're using, go and check out how your website works. And go try and put a fake or a dummy booking through and see how it holds up. Now, if you were to go look at a Boostly website. So go look at Go look at the Boostly portfolio, you'll see that all of our websites are built Mobile First, you will see that they work better on a mobile, some would say even on a desktop. And that's done on purpose because we know how our future potential guests for all of our 700 clients work. So it's the one key thing and you can add tons of little variables to it as in how fast is it load? You know how many clicks action book buttons have you got that'll take you to the booking page? How many pages have you got, but the one thing time and time again the one thing that I always go and look at how does it look on one of these?

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