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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 16. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about how success leaves clues.

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In this video, what I'm going to explain to you is how to find out what other people are posting. So you can then mimic it, get inspired from it, put it into your style and post it on your social media.

My name is Mark Simpson and I give hosts the tools, the tactics to train and the confidence every single day with videos, podcasts, blogs, to help you increase your direct bookings and cut down on your OTA reliance. I am recording this video in my wife's office because my co-working office in Javier Spain here is currently in isolation, because of a little COVID outbreak. So excuse all the skincare, I will be back to more normal surroundings as soon as possible. But for now, you get to learn more about direct bookings, and about lovely skincare products, as well.

The problem with business owners

A problem with so many hosts and business owners, in general, is that you're thinking every single piece of content has to be new and fresh. And nobody's done before, when in fact, success leaves clues. And what you can simply do load up Facebook, go to your settings page of your Facebook business page. And then you can go down and you can pick a section where you can follow other businesses to see how your posts rank and rate today. You're not doing some sort of comparison game here, what you're simply looking to do, and I will put in there five of the best business pages in your niche doesn't have to be anybody local, you're looking for the best. Because what you're going to be doing, you're going to flip the mindset, instead of playing the comparison game, you're going to, you'll be able to see every single one of our posts over an extended period of time. And you'll be able to filter it to see which had the best engagement.

Learn from the success of others

So if there's one piece of content that has just had thousands of views, you'll be able to look at and go Okay, so they've talked about this, and it had so much reach. So what was the genius part of the potion you were able to go in spend about 5-10 minutes looking it through? And then you'll be able to make notes? Well, I always do, I've always got a piece of paper at hand. And if I see something similar, I'll make a couple of notes down. And then what I'll do is I'll go, how can I do the same, or what can I do, so I won't rip it off completely. Because we're not gonna do any of that, what you're gonna do is you're going to put it into your own words, I'm going to put it into your own style.

My swimming pool video story

So the swimming pool video, it was one of the most-watched videos that I've ever done. What I did was, I saw a Facebook ad came up on my newsfeed and it was of a lady cycling backwards going up to the screen. And when she got close to the screen as a Pittsburgh on a piece of paper, and it was inviting people in to join her email list. And I thought, that's a really good idea. And at the time, we were staying with a fellow host down the coast in Spain. And he had the perfect backdrop, he had the perfect set in the perfect angle of a swimming pool, where I could walk back to the pool, jumping backwards. And I can make a video of that. So all I do is I filmed it, I put it into rewind. So it showed me jumping out of the pool, walking up to the camera, and in my hand was a board with a simple right in saying join my free five-day challenge. And that went down so well.

So I saw something got inspired, and then used it and it went really well. So success leaves clues. And I'm not saying jump in a swimming pool anytime soon. But what I'm saying is go and follow over local businesses or big businesses or people in your niche on the Facebook business page section. And then keep an eye out maybe check back once a month, maybe check out once a quarter or once a week or if you're looking for inspiration. Just go and see what other people have done. And then how can you put it into your words.

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