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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 11. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about revenge travel.

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01:00 Amazing stats
02:30 How to prepare for revenge travel
03:20 Email Marketing
03:30 Check your website
04:10 Close off the dates for OTAs
05:20 Invest in a pricing software

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Transcript from the Episode

In today's video, I'm going to explain to you about revenge travel. I've got some stats, I've got some things to share with you to get excited about. Now here's some stats. time at home has made people crave the world outside more than ever.

During the recent lockdown. Two thirds or 65% of travellers reported getting excited about travelling again, with 42% wanting to travel more in the future to make up for time lost in 2020, rising to 51% for Gen Z and 49% for millennials, over a third, over 38% intend to plan a trip to make up for a celebration missed due to COVID while two fifths 40% intend to rebook a trip they had to cancel.

So yes, there were a lot of cancelled trips, you will have had one I will have had one, your guests will have had one as well. But what lockdown does, and what restrictions mean, when you get something taken away from you, guess what you want it more than ever before. And if you've made it this far, well done, congratulations. Be prepared for what is coming. Because revenge travel is coming and it's gonna be coming hard, you need to be ready for it.

How to prepare for revenge travel

Number one, even now, when you are watching this, and you maybe just cannot be asked to do it. Go and post on social media post every single day, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, just have a post and be present. stay top of mind, be present and be post every day. If you don't know what to create if you're struggling or if you literally cannot be bothered to do it, Boostly content creator is here to help it's five pounds a month. It has all the content you need every month 30 plus pieces of content created for you that you can just copy, paste and use. It also has email templates, because email is so important.

Email Marketing

The Boostly Academy members I get in so much success from a recent training that we did together, where we utilize MailChimp for emailing tool, I gave him templates, and I use them to message previous guests. And guess what it works. It works every single time you get that in Boostly content creator five pound a month.

Check your website

Also what you need to be doing is making sure that your website is up to date, go and update your website. If you haven't updated it in a couple of years. Go and update it. Make sure that you've got all the latest information, your latest cancellation policy, explain the benefits of booking direct, go and do that. And if you haven't got a website or if you're not confident in your website, go to and booking a call with me or my team to see how we can help.

Close off the dates for OTAs

And finally what you need to do is this. close off the dates that are available to the OTAs that are a long time away. So anything that's free four or five, six months away, close them off to the otas, Don't let people book via Airbnb when they should be booking on your website instead. What you need to do go into your property management software, whoever that may be, go into it close off the dates. Okay, then email out to all of your previous guests just to say we are really looking forward had used the script we are really looking forward for you to be able to travel again. We are really looking forward to seeing you and we are so excited before the amount of emails and messages that we get from you telling us that you are excited to come to see us. We have just opened up our dates for the rest of the year.

And from anything and you can literally name the dates. So June, July, August, September, October, November. The only way that you can book is when you book directly through our website, give them the link, given the phone number, or say reply to this email, super powerful, it will get them to kick into action, and I guarantee you, you will get something from him.

Invest in a pricing software

Also, as well, what you need to be doing is investing in a pricing, software tool, dynamic pricing, whatever you want to call it in 2021 rates are going to go up and down in your local area. And if you just stick a standard rate all the way throughout, you are going to miss out massively, you're going to get left behind.

There's two main things that I see people doing in 2020 and 2021. Number one digital guidebooks I spoke about in loads, go check out Hostfully for that. Number two is dynamic pricing tool. This podcast is sponsored by Wheelhouse. It's faster, stronger, clever makes you more money than any other pricing tool that is out there. I've used it I've tried it. I recommend it., you get a free listing on that you can link up to a free account, please make sure you go and do that before they take away that free option. And you will be set.

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