Reacting to the Guesty Summer Travel Trends 2021

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 149. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I reacted to the Guesty Summer Travel Trends 2021.

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Welcome to Episode 299 of the Boostly podcast. And today what I wanted to walk you through and show you is some travel trends. You know I love a travel trend. And today we've got Guesty's travel trends and it's really exciting. Now even if you've seen so if you've not seen this, let's just delve into it a little bit. Now before we do this. If you are the first time you tune into the podcast and I know we get so many new people 71% of people who watch us on YouTube and currently subscribers and are watching the video for the first time, which is fantastic which is amazing hi to the new people. But please do stick around join the largest and the most engaged hospitality community in the World Team Boostly all you need to do hit the like button, subscribe be part of the book direct movement. And let's dig in.

Guesty summer trend

So here we go. sharing my screen. So this is a summer trend from Guesty, if you don't know, Guesty is one of my favourite PMS is out there. some exciting news coming with Guesty soon I can't see anything just yet. But the balls are in motion. The wheels are in motion, not the balls, forgive me the wheels are in motion on something pretty cool that we are chatting about behind the scenes. So anyway, so I love to get in summer trends. It's given some real big insights. Obviously, this is based on the data that they have. And obviously this is US, but this is something that I think everybody all over the world can take into is let's dig into it a little bit. The domestic US summer holiday travel has boomed outperforming pre COVID numbers. We'll dig into that in a second. So Memorial Day weekend, bookings are up 71% compared to 2020 and up 43% compared to 2019. Again, look at the numbers compared to 2019 and we'll discuss what that means in a minute. Consumers paid 71% more compared to 2020 and 9% More compared to 2019. July the fourth weekend, bookings were up 44% compared to 2020. Let's just focus on 2019 because this is the one that really really got my attention which I'm sharing with you today 32% compared to 2019. Consumers paid 24% more compared to 2019. And Labor Day weekend which is later on in the year is set to be the busiest it's been in three years. reservation volume is 100% higher compared to last summer and 45% higher than 2019 and prices will continue to rise as soon as carry on with the current average nightly rate at $362 a night, a 23 increase in 2020 and a 44% decrease from pre COVID.

Revenge travel

So as the pre COVID one is the one that's really interesting to me. And this shows what we've been talking about, which is the, which is revenge travel, people have been locked down cooped up for so long, they want to get out and they want to reconnect. And you just got to join the dots. Remember when I talked about the VRBO ads, and the Airbnb ads, and they were talking about reconnection, family, etc. meeting up and sort of making up for lost time? Now, instead of just going Yep, yep. Listen to it may not have it. Ask yourself, how can you put that into your market? People are paying more people are staying longer. People are wanting to get out.

What are you doing?

So what are you doing to combat this? What are you doing for your market and prices wise is your prices up? Are you still giving your same 2020 prices or same 2019 prices, put them up the demand is there for everybody that you underprice with you are turning down somebody who could pay you 10 20 30% more, always think of that. And again, it's not like you've got an unlimited itinerary, you've only got a certain amount of rooms, or a certain amount of properties that you can fill. So put your prices up Be confident, again, they're not set in stone, you can lower them or more or raise them as you go depends on how far the lead time out is from the point of booking to the point of arrival. Also, as well. What's your marketing message, how are you communicating on social media, in your emails, are you sort of talking about reconnecting with family, visiting your loved ones in your area, because again, don't forget that people locally will see your posts as well. People locally will see your posts as well remember this, and again, you may have somebody that's got an aunt or an uncle or a cousin, or parents or children, or cousins, or nephews or nieces or best friends or pen pals, etc, that are wanting to come and they need a place to stay. And if you've got that availability, then these are who you need to be putting your message in front of. So still keep posting in the Facebook groups, like we talked about yesterday, still keep utilizing local connections and local contacts. If you haven't got then start building business contacts, go to the taxi drivers go to the local bars or restaurants two days out to coffee shops, the people that are friends of yours that you know who run businesses, and ask around to say Do you know anyone?

Again, mostly content creator members, you've got the templates, you know what you need to do copy, paste send personalized Off you go. It's as simple as that. So take the data of data that Guesty has given us and yes, that is us centric, that survey is US-based. But the demand and the sentiment is the same all over the world. The demand is huge. And even if you can't open right now, the demand is there. So still keep doing the basics that we've been talking about for the last 14, 15 months and put it into practice. As always be proactive, don't be reactive. And if you need the tools or tactics or training or even just the confidence in the job, come and check out what we're doing at Boostly.

Tomorrow is the 300th episode of The Boostly podcast which is a big milestone. I've got some special planned. So make sure you check back tomorrow. But until then, please make sure you hit the thumbs up. Share this with a host share it in a Facebook group. Share it in LinkedIn. Tell the house tell a friend because we have so many people that are discovering muesli from you. So thank you so much for listening and check it out. I'll be back tomorrow. Please be productive. Please be awesome. And we'll be back tomorrow. Let's go get some direct bookings.

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