Optimizing your Social Media Bio: Link in Bio

Your Instagram and Facebook bios are like your property's digital entrance. In today's digital era, they serve as your elevator pitch, introducing your property to the social media world and potential followers. It's not just 150 characters; it's your chance to engage your audience, turn casual scrollers into followers, and even potential guests.

You might be familiar with the #linkinbio call-to-action. It's been effective in directing readers to your bio for more info or to take action after reading your caption.

For short-term rental properties, having a bio link, whether it's for Airbnb, VRBO, or your booking website, is crucial to convert scrollers into guests. It's your chance to showcase your property.

Although Instagram allows you to add a link, it can be challenging when you have multiple listings or sites. Solutions like Linktr.ee or Beacons let you add multiple links to a primary link in your bio, but they have limited features for short-term rentals and hospitality businesses.

What are the reasons to have an optimized link in bio?

Once you compare a link in bio tool to a simple Airbnb, VRBO or direct booking website in the bio of your social accounts, it becomes clear how important it is to have a good link in bio to increase conversions.

It all boils down to leaving a great impression – building trust and ease-of-use.

With a link in bio, you can offer so much more to your social media followers.

  • Introduce your Boostly website in a more colorful and playful way.
  • You can include a link to a list of the best nearby attractions or restaurants.
  • Have your digital guidebook one tap away if you have one.
  • Link to testimonials, reviews, and any other services or upsells you might have. The possibilities here are endless.

And all that with just one link click on your Instagram’s or Facebook’s bio.

Considering that the rate of mobile bookings has reached around 41% in recent years, it’s very important to ensure that your customers can book your accommodation from any device! Link in bio allows your guests to easily access information about your property and book accommodation on the go from their smartphones or tablets.

In just one click, customers get all the necessary information and booking links. This is what you call a true user-friendly experience!

Finally, if you have more than one property, you can showcase all of them with a simple link in bio tool.

Think of it as your property’s business card. With a link in bio, you control what your social media followers see and experience. You have the tools and power to nudge your followers to book directly with you.

Introducing Bookl.ee for your Instagram bio

Recently, a team of hosts from Latvia created a solution called Bookl.ee. It allows you to:

  • Promote your Boostly direct booking website by emphasizing better pricing and other gains of booking direct;
  • Displaying real reviews;
  • Providing multiple booking options for guests;
  • Displaying multiple properties and pictures.

It is a drag and drop editor, super simple to use, which allows you to customize your booking link-in-bio page and make it pop!

As competition grows in the short-term rental industry, hosts must differentiate themselves and attract new potential guests.

This presents an opportunity to stand out on Instagram by offering a customized and highly effective bio link.

Tools like these allow users to instantly access real reviews, view property pictures, read recommendations, and make booking decisions on their mobile phones or tablets.

Regardless of the link you choose, remember these key points:

  • Promote your Boostly direct booking website by highlighting the gains.
  • Regularly update your link with promotions.
  • Utilize stories to share your link, as it's highly effective and easy for viewers to access.
  • Review your insights, particularly the “External link taps” metric under “Accounts reached.” If taps are low, consider adding a call to action in your captions and stories.

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