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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 350. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about my top book recommendations.

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Tools of Titans 100% It's a big book. But what I love about it is that you can just go into a chapter, go into a section read it and just get what you need from it. The tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, it's a highlight of his first 200 podcasts. And he's interviewed the likes of Tony Robbins, Seth golden, Noah Kagan, so many amazing, amazing humans.

The style of the book is very hard to do an audible version of it. But I just get to the heart. I've got so many versions of I've got like a softcover, Hardcover, softcover that I leave in the car. Because I never take my phone with me, one of my key things is that I always leave this at home, especially if I'm with Laura because if anybody really wants to get me either call me or Laura as in like family, etc. So I always leave my phone at home. And if for whatever reason I'm sat in the car, as long as like run into the shop, whatever, I can just grab, reach up and grab the book and just read a chapter or whatever I'll do. I'll do a crossword. I love doing a crossword.

My first book

It's gonna be coming out in November, the editing has been done now. But if anybody wants to join the pre-release squad, so basically it's 99 P and you get a discount when the book goes live. And we're going to do you get you can basically read the first draft now. And I'm going to do some really cool competitions as the book is coming up. So you can go to, you join a Trello board, you can read the first draft and the closer it gets to launch time. I'm going to do a special zoom video to go for all the tips and I'm gonna share some cool little competitions that will do as well. So there's going to call the book direct playbook.

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