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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 161. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about a major Boostly API update.

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I've got some very exciting news to share with everybody. So as you will know, hopefully by now, Boostly websites have been working on some pretty impressive and pretty groundbreaking one of a kind, nobody else is daft enough to do this technology to make the website side of our business even bigger and better, and stronger, but most importantly, to turn more lookers into bookers for you. And we've been working on this now for the last couple of months, we've been working with our developers and our programmers to create websites that link to your PMS of choice via API.

Now, if I've just lost you there, just know that it's very fancy tech, that will mean that your live rates, your live availability will link straight to your website and where a guest won't even have to leave your website to complete a booking and so much more is what we are discovering as well, we can do. And I want to give you a little update, and I wanted to share with everybody as part of today's Boostly podcast.

Link your PMS to your website

So if you are tuning in on the audio, I do recommend you come over to the YouTube channel, have a look for yourself, because this is really impressive. And we have just gone live with a website. Now, the website that I'm showing you right now on the screen is stay bright. So Henrik is the owner founder based in Germany. But it's got properties all over the world. His PMS of choice is Guesty. And we've got some really exciting conversations happening about how we can potentially partner up or team up together and offer Boostly websites to more Guesty members. So if you're a Guesty member and new fingers looks good, then please do get in touch.

Now, last time I walked you through this last time I walked you through what a Boostly website API can do, I showed a couple of cool things including the map, the live rates, etc, etc. So all of his information here is being streamed straight from Guesty's PMS software, which is really cool. So all of that is still the same. We've got all the cool things that the things in place that makes a guest want to stick around. So real referrals, property highlights, getting them to book direct dropping in the book direct, which is awesome. This is the new thing. And again, only Guesty can do this with us right now. But we are going to hopefully try and get more of the API's to allow us to do this as well.

So I've come in, I'm a guest, I found a property I want to stay here I come on to this section right now. And when you come to here, you'll put in a date. So I'm going to put in I want to go with my birthday, fourth of October intent. I want to stay for my birthday. Go for a couple of nights. It'll just be me and Laura.Now what's really cool is that we our goal, my goal, Tom's goal, everybody at Boostly website's goal is to make your website is easy to book as an ota. So what I mean by that, how do we make it as easy to book as an ota. Now, one of the things that Airbnb is famous for developing is the one to book system is what Amazon got really famous for when it basically made it system so simple to book, the one through book.

And one of the things with the otas, again, which we're very good at is that they will get you as a guest to register on their system before you can complete a booking. Now a lot of the times something will happen where a guest will register and then they'll leave the website just at the key part I've actually put in a credit card details. And what you'll know is that is if you don't complete your booking, you are then inundated with adverts you might be getting an email sent through etc just sort of getting you back on the site. Now this is what we've been able to do. So let me just click here. So normally when you click book now what would happen it was go off to the PMS website. Here we keep them on the screen and on the website. So when you click book now, it asked them to register. And as soon as they register, okay, they are on the system. Okay, so even if they don't complete the booking, if they do complete the booking great if I don't complete the book, and then what that means is that you've got the ability to do what the otas do. So you can do retargeting with Facebook ads, if they don't book you can have a cart abandonment email that goes out and all of the things now that we are able to test and tweak with our Boostly website clients is going to happen. So this is really exciting. This is like we say it's never been done before. And we are leading the light for this. And I am so looking forward to seeing what we can do not only with bright stays, but with all of our website clients moving forward who have got the got the API

So that's a little update from us. If you want to find out more if you're a guest the client and you want to find out more just go to, you can book a call in with us, and just say that you've discovered it on the podcast. And, and we will, we will go from there.

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