Improving Direct Bookings of your Hotel with Trivago

how to hack Trivago to get more bookings?

Read on to discover how to hack Trivago to get more bookings! I will share with you six factors that influence the visibility of your hotel profile and if you master all six, you will definitely get more bookings.

Meet Trivago Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager offers comprehensive tips, tools, and advice for maintaining the following six factors that can improve your ranking and visibility on Trivago.

Hoteliers can monitor performance, stay one step ahead of the competition, and steer their business in the right direction. Hotel Manager has been praised for its clear layout, ease of navigation, and new tools, including a function which allows hoteliers to see exactly how many impressions, clicks, and bookings they receive.

How Can Hotels Manage Listings To Enhance Performance?

Research has shown a direct link between a hotelโ€™s Trivago performance and its level of engagement on the site.ย Hotels that are highly engaged in managing their reputations on TripAdvisor have better market visibility (i.e., they appear higher in the Popularity Ranking). They generate nearly four times as many page views as other hotels and drive more revenue via tools like Business Listings.


how to hack Trivago to get more bookings?

Six Factors To Influence The Visibility of a Hotel Profile:

1. Hotel Information

The first step to becoming a highly engaged hotel is to claim your Trivago listing. Claiming your listing allows you to update your business details, access free marketing tools, add photos and more.


2. Reviews & Ratings

Trivago takes reviews from Expedia and its sister channels (Expedia owns Trivago). Make sure that you are on top of reviews on the channels.


3. Images & Media

Trivago will automatically pull images from Expedia, so if you haven’t updated your property photos in a while, it is important you do so ASAP.

Hotels with ten or more management photos receive twice as many traveller page views over those with nine or fewer.

  • Post a minimum of TEN Management Photos to Trivago
  • Add meaningful captions to help travellers easily search and identify your photos
  • Suggest a primary photo that will be used as the main image for your business on Trivago (Be sure to choose a clear photo that makes a strong impression and is at least 1024 pixels wide by 350 pixels high)
  • Add an array of photos and update them regularly to reflect the latest and greatest views of your property

NOTE: Trivago is very new and the photo process is slow, to say the least. Be patient.


4. Rates

Watch your rates. You can control this through your booking engine (FreeToBook, Eviivo, Boostly).


5. Active Communication

We know that great internal communication can mean a world of difference for any business, especially those providing excellent service to amazing guests. While communication with customers can be a winning business strategy in the service sector, repeating business can only ensure his customer keep coming back.

Trivago is here to stay. Keep an eye on it and make your hotel profile the best it can be.ย 


The biggest bit of advice I can give you is to go and claim your listing now.ย Let me know if you need any help. Once you have mastered Trivago, here’s my guide on how you can boost your direct bookings.


Want to know how to hack Trivago to get more bookings? Click here!

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