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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 160. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about a podcast I never thought I would record.

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So a couple of months ago, I started something that I've been putting off for so long. And the reason being is that I was always so hell-bent on doing the one to many model with Boostly because I've got a big goal of helping 1 million hosts increase their direct bookings.

Now, around about May, I was able to free up so much time in the business by bringing on more members of staff by hiring more website developers, by bringing in a project manager to the website side, as well as couldn't go with a few things of my day to day. And all of a sudden, there was a lovely Thursday slot available. And I thought, well, let's revisit the one on one work that I had done when I very first started Boostly. And I couldn't do what I was doing then, because that took up so much time I was going into the business at least once a month, sometimes twice a month, I was doing all of the things all of the market and there was no way to scale or grow. That was for certain if I was continuing to go down that method Boostly would not be here now. So it was a blessing switch to switch to the one to many, which is great. But ever since the Grainary was sold back in January, which is the family business we've had for many, many, many, many years, I've sort of feel that I've started to become a little bit detached to the day to day goings on with market and with admin and all those sort of things. So I thought it would be a perfect time to start, I just test one on one coaching. And I limited it to a maximum of eight people we had Thursday. The reason why Thursday is that I could get into one-hour phone calls between the slots that I work, which is 6pm to 10pm. And also you get in a one to one coaching is you get access to my WhatsApp that nobody else has. And we have a Google Doc, which is I like to call the brain dump that is a live document that stays open. And we just go and hash and share and all those things in that.

And I've not spoken about it at all, I only mentioned it to the Boostly Academy members, which for those of you who don't know, that's probably like, up until this is probably my premium coaching option that I did, which was still very much one to many, it was very much in the group. Nobody had access to me on my inbox, and I just put it out. And instantly we had three people that were good to go willing to go. You know, I definitely discounted the price for the early adopters. And then again, we just had another forum.

One-on-one coaching

And I just wanted to document where we're at. Because one of the members, Liam was so kind, he put up a video in the Boostly Academy just to share what he's getting right. Because this is the first time I've never known how to explain it. I've never known how to promote it, or what even people get out of it. And the more that I'm doing this, it really rejuvenates me, I should have done coaching a whole lot sooner, obviously wasn't meant to be. But I come out Thursday evening, just before going to bed and it's just it fills me with so much energy. I'm so happy, got a massive smile on my face. And every time I come into bed, and I say it's Laura, I absolutely loved that call those calls today.

When Liam did the post of what he's getting out of it, it just again, it just makes me more happier that I decided to do it. So I've got a couple of things that I wanted to share, again, some of the results that you're going to see on a direct correlation of the work, but I just love to show the wins that the people are getting. And we've got people from all over the world, all different types of business models. And yeah, it's going really well. I'm not opening up any slots, I you know, this is just to me to document it. So I can look back on this in 5, 10, 15, 20 years time. And just got that was cool. These are the first seven people. And I'm not showing everybody I'm just going to share a few things that I want to just want to share with you. So let me just share my screen and we're going to go and watch Liam's video again massive thank you Liam for doing this I know your your watch or listen to this back in the future.

Liam's video

I'm jumping on here one because I've not posted in Boostly in ages but to just to share one of my experiences with you and just say thank you on anything else. So shown bear gratitude. And I've got some high energies because I've just come off a call with Mr. Simpson himself. And I'm doing his one to one coaching. And I just want to share with you guys, just a couple of things about one, how awesome and the results that it's helped me with, but to just say thank you and to offer my see if I can help anybody at the same time.

The reason I'm so energized is that I felt in the last few months with everything getting busy. I don't know about you guys, but staycations and that sort of thing. All of a sudden, you get drawn into the business, and you're doing a lot of stuff that you either don't want to be doing or you're busier than normal, and you're doing long hours and all that sort of stuff. Well, sometimes we need some help in business. And I saw marks offer of one to one. And I decided to go ahead, I actually said I wanted to be his first student. Because, you know, Mark helped me with the business in general over the past couple of years since I started. But I ended up not joining at first and then after a little while, I said to him, I said, Look, you next time you open up, give me a message. And I jumped on it basically, because as my business has grown, so I've got 10 units here in Northridge. And as my business has grown, and as things have changed a lot in the past year, software's technology, my job role in general, because the company's grown.

It's just getting a different perspective. So I want to share, you know, the gratitude to Mark but also share with you guys, if I was to try and limit because I could go on for ages, but eliminate like three things. And the first thing that comes to mind is that Mark really listens compared to many of the people out there, he actually takes time to absorb the information. And it's really important because sometimes, sometimes it's I mean, what we do is pretty lonely at times, isn't it, we're business owners, or you're hospitality hosts. And you're in a situation where you can't share all that information, you can't share the burdens you got. And you certainly can't share it with guests and that sort of thing. If you're anything like me, my partner's not involved, really in the business, she's got her own job and that so just being able to get that off your chest and to somebody who will listen, before jumping in with an opinion or somebody who understands you know, hospitality in general, that's a really great thing about it.

I certainly feel better just have to get that off my chest after speaking with him on the this is the second-hour phone call. And already, it feels like a weight is lifted. And one of the second things I would say is that when he does share information, it's the perspective he comes from. So I mean, there's not many people that I can think of who I personally know who could share information, who's built a world hospitality brand in terms of websites, or who has run hospitality themselves, or has outsourced a lot of things to VAs and has actually levelled up, I don't know, there's a great book, which is it talks about if you've got a level, and we grow in our business, you unlock new problems. So you might go from a level one problem to level two to level three problem. Well, actually, you only see that as a level three problem if you level three yourself, you'll see that as a big problem. But somebody like Mark who's encountered these problems, grown through them smash through the barrier, and is now like a level five, six or seven, whatever it is, he'll view that level three problem that you might be having is actually something that would be sorted quite easily. So he will be able to give you a perspective that many other people wouldn't and you know, I really thank him for that. And there's something which occurred to me after this call that I've just had is that I don't think there are many other people I could have that same call with who would actually trust the opinion of like Mark who's been in hospitality pretty much all his life.

Other testimonials

I want to give Clayton Molly a big shout out over in Spain so he's over in the Alma in Spain. And this has come up on TripAdvisor things much more. This is probably one of the most recommended locations to stay his business is kasana grana gherardo is a restaurant accommodation hub sitting fantastic area of Spain of our mirror Laura the boys and I was so lucky to go and visit if you've ever seen the Boostly video of me jumping out the swimming pool backwards This is here and yet so well done Clayton for achieving that is no mean feat.

This one from Mr. Chris Ballard. Again another fantastic guy. He texts me last week to say just had confirmation of three more properties coming on board roughly same time towards September which takes me to 20. So again, it's it's what I love to see.

We've got Claire Carter, up near up near Teesside. In the UK. We've got Louise Telly Down in the UK runs a pub accommodation is just going through so many obstacles coming out of lockdown, etc. And just need somebody to bounce ideas off. Claire has got a brand new business coming in January, February next year. And we've just been hashing out some important things on the focus and, and time and we've got Jodi, Jodi Sterling Sterling stays again, trying to find out the Brandon the guest and obviously time as well. And this is the thing that I really love about doing this is that everybody has got different wants and needs, everybody needs different types of help.

A coaching formula

And I've definitely stumbled into a coaching formula. It's something that is working really well and I'm loving it. And the cool thing is what I love about most is that we've got Plexi was one of the first people who joined and she literally messaged me last week to say that she's got a boat, she talked about she had this barge boat, and she wanted to pop it on the otas and see how it goes as well as running as a business as well. And it's just fantastic to join the journey and to sort of have a feel more of like the day to day things that are going on, have a peek behind the scenes, give advice where I can do, maybe it's on outsourcing, maybe it's on time allocation, marketing, the otas email and whatever it may be.

And for that, I just wanna say thank you to everybody who has been part of it, and everybody that will hopefully come and, you know, hopefully I'll do another one of these videos. In a couple months time. We may have new people on board. Again, it's just a minimum term of three months. And after that its monthly rolling. So, you know, we'll have some people who go What are some people who come back, but again, it's, I'm absolutely loving doing this right now, if I do it forever, who knows. But right now, it's fantastic.

And I just wanna say thank you to every single one of the people that are taking part and joining in on that one to one coaching journey with me, and to you watching as well or listening to this. Thank you for being part of of this, as Liam's had worldwide brand. Which again, you don't really realize these things until you hear somebody else say it. So it's much appreciated wherever you are tuning in from around the world on the podcast, and I know we have got people who tuned in from all over the world. So thank you so much. I'll be back tomorrow with another episode of The Boostly podcast.

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