How to set up your Kingsumo Giveaway for success

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 326. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to setup your Kingsumo giveaway for success.

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Welcome back to the Boostly podcast. And we are following along in the Boostly tuneup series where I am helping hosts all over the world tune-up their business. And we are going back on episode two now, and I want to show you firsthand how I am helping him run a Facebook social media giveaway that is not primarily on Facebook or Instagram. We've taken it off-platform, as I've explained in the previous episode. When I did this, Facebook and Instagram giveaways at the moment are rife with bots, thus, scraping pages, duplicating pages, and then messaging people on the Facebook audience to Instagram page to say that they've won, and then getting credit card details. And the people are entering these giveaways and none the wiser. It is right at the moment. So I've been thinking, how can we still grow social media pages, giveaways are a fantastic way. But how can we take it off platform and take away the risk, and hence what we're doing today.

Get your giveaway running

So in the first episode, I introduced you to King As you can see my page right here, and in the first episode, we just created an account, and we linked it to our mail chimp page, our MailChimp account, super simple. So we've linked it to MailChimp, because the goal of a giveaway is to grow your email list as well as to get more social media presence. And what we're going to do now is we are going to create it and we are going to get up and running.

So I'm into the dashboard. And I'm just going to click on create your first one here. So to create an actual giveaway is super simple, really straightforward. As you can see, you've got a title that you'll put in here, you've got a description, start date, end date, Wednesday awarded, and the number of winners, and you do the time zone that you're working on. Who's running the giveaway, you've got your website that you can put in there, what are you giving away prize name, prize value, and images as well.

I'm going to go through the little bits in a second in the next episode. But for the first episode of first part of launching the giveaway, what I want to do is just to give you some hints and tips on how to best fill in these boxes up here.


Now what we've decided to do, we're going to do three prizes. Now, the prize that we're going to do is going to be geared towards two things really, number one is that we want to grow the awareness in a local area. But also as well, we want to grow social media. Now the reason why we're going to grow the local area is that they're in on the way as we have seen from the website previous is, it is more than just a place to stay. It's a place to eat, a place to drink and a place to explore. So in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, lots of things to see and do here. by growing the local awareness, I believe that it will help with the accommodation side, the more people that are aware of at a local level, then when friends or family members of the wedding come into town, etc, then the word local word of mouth will grow, which will then mean referrals and recommendations will also grow as well.

They've already got a very, very steady customer base from people staying. It's very nicely located for people passing through, etc. But as well, it's built up a good reputation over the years. So it has definitely got that in the context of running this giveaway. So it's already got a nice base, what we're going to do with the giveaway is to get people more re interested or just more aware of it. And then it's the shareability and sociability.

Giveaway title

So let's go back to the giveaway. Now the most important thing is the title. What Louise and I have worked out we're going to be giving away three prizes. One is going to be a bottle of local gin, one is going to be a pint at the bar of local pint. And he was going to be there their burger they've got a real nice locally known burger. So you're going to win a table for two with a nice main burger. So again, it really does appease people on a local level. But the cool thing about the bottle of Jim is that they can also post it as well as someone from out of area does when it's so nice prizes to be win.

So what we're going to lead with is a compelling title that's going to attract attraction. In the description. We're going to keep it short, sharp, sweet and simple, but just let everybody know what they are entering, how they can enter. And again, we'll make sure that everybody gets pointed to the fact that this is a giveaway that you'll be contacted via email. If you win, not via Facebook message, well, we will make sure that we let everybody know that they will not be contacted by Facebook direct message because this is how the scammers are getting in touch with people, if a winner will be contacted via email. And as well, we will also have our own T's and C's as well.

What we're going to do when it comes to running the giveaway, we're going to run it for one week, we're going to go for one whole week here. And again, it's going to be awarded pretty much on the day that we expire. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to end True Blue Peter stylee, I'm going to complete the title in the description, etc. I'm going to pause the video, and then when I come back, it'll be all filled in for the most part. And then what I'll be able to do is I'll be able to explain what we're going to do in the next episode.

I have gone and proceeded to make sure that the image that we have here is all good. And what I'm also going to do now is I want to make sure that the screen and I share is this one. Okay, so I've filled in the information, I've got the images on board. And what I've also done is I've gone to create a cool little image on canva. So let me just show you what I did first. So what I did first and foremost is I did a little play on words so that's the title is going to be shown at the top description. fill that in with Friday free prizes to give away two free lucky winners. And I'm going to bold up what actually is available. So a bottle of wine Belgian famous wine burger for two people and a pint of wivalley brew. To enter simply best leave your best email address really simple, really easy.

I've given a few bullet points of our T's and C's and then I'm gonna put the full T's and C's on our website. And I'll show you in the next video tomorrow how to do that. Got the start date pretty much for now. And we're going to run it for one week. So that is going to be three winners change the timezone to Dublin, who's running a giveaway to basically put your business name or your name website? What are you giving away and the price? Okay, so the image I went and created over on Canva just made it really super simple got the free images together. You can be as creative or as basic as you wish with this. And the cool thing about all of this is you can change it at any time.

Tomorrow on tomorrow's episode, what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you about expansion about bonus entries, integrations and obviously the lovely GDPR as well.

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