How to increase your Digital Nomad Guest Experience

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 395. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to increase your digital nomad guest experience.

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As I was doing my research for the podcast around, workcation, something really stood out to me. And I digged into it, I looked at a couple of different articles and listen to a couple of different podcasts that are around it is that with the new age digital nomad, digital nomad 2.0, they aren't just now looking for a place to stay. But they can also do their work from they're looking for a lot more. It's not just about connectivity. So it's not just about the Wi Fi is not just about being present online so they can do their work as well as have a vacation is also the lifestyle as well. And what we are noticing is we are noticing that the requests that are coming in from the workcation guests for activities.

And this is another reason I believe why Airbnb are going heavy down on the activities route. And they may have taken a pause with everything that happened in the last year, but they're gonna ramp it up again. So if you go on to Airbnb activities, you'll see that that is, you know, there's tons and tons and tons all around probably in and around where you are. I know when I was based in Bali, in 2019, we're working with a resort, Airbnb, we're really starting to push the Activities section of their website, and so much so we actually created one for the resorts. And you know, it got a ton of traction, because it was definitely focused in the ecosystem of the state.

What you can do

Now, I'm not saying to you to go and create your own Airbnb activity far from it, what I'm encouraging you to do is if you are going to go all-in on the workcation guests, the work from home guests, then see if you can create packages and partnerships with people that suit their demographic. So what you need to do is you need to get really specific, and you need to build out what is called your guest profile, your guest avatar.

Now, again, build out the avatar build up the guest profile. And if, for example, you believe that your ideal guest would really appreciate, say, if you're by to see the stand up paddleboard in a Sup, can you reach out to a local stand up paddleboard company and work out an exclusive rate for your guests. So when they come and stay with you as a recommendation to use their service, they get a discounted rate. And you also take a cut, whether it's five 10%, whatever you worked out with the business, but what can you be doing to build these local partnerships. And again, I have to state this and have to stress this is that whatever local partnerships you create, it matches to hear who your ideal guest profile is.

Now, I wouldn't be having a property that is family-friendly, that is catering for young families. And I would not be trying to strike up a partnership with a local nightclub, it just doesn't make sense. Because that's not the demographic that's not the match, you got to have something that fits in your ecosystem. So have a little thing what you can do, and start to reach out to those businesses.

This is why I pass the conversation over to you the host that's watching. And I know there's a lot of people who already do this. So this is why it's really cool to tap into your knowledge. What local partnerships have you created, what packages do you do? Share it below, give everybody some inspiration, because it's not just me. I would love to tap into your knowledge on this as well.

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