How to Hack The Instagram Algorithm

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 405. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to hack the instagram algorithm.

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Recently, the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has been on a massive media Interview Stream. And he's been talking to a lot of influencers, a lot of companies, blogs, etc, as well as writing his own blog, and explaining the ins and outs as an Instagram. I don't know why, he's never really explained why. But there are some interesting things to pick up on it.

And what I want to do in this podcast is I want to share with you a little segment that I took from it that will help you rank higher on Instagram and the algorithm and also get more visibility to your profile.

About Instagram

How much time do you spend on this platform, I know, personally speaking, this is my favourite app, I love Instagram over all the other apps that are out there, I love being able to play with the features and the tools like reels and stories and videos, etc. And when I see people talking about this, their social media platform, I do pay attention.

Now, in the blog post, there's one little segment that I picked out and I want to I made some notes, I've typed it up, and I'm going to share my screen with you now. So for feed posts, Instagram looks at how likely a user is to so when you hit that post on your page, and when people are on the scroll, Instagram judges these things based on how likely is going to show you the next time somebody is on the platform. So spends a few seconds on your posts, comments on your post likes a post, saves a post and tap on your profile picture associated with said post.

So let's dig into these a little bit, shall we? So when you hit a post, and somebody is on the scroll, say that someone's scrolling, scrolling, and they see your post and they stop in a comeback. It's that stopping of the scroll that Instagram is keen on. Now you may be thinking well, how does Instagram know that? Instagram knows everything about you every single touch movement where your finger or your form is on the app Instagram knows about.

So when you can get someone to stop and actually come back to your post and hover over it. That is a key indicator in Instagram and how it will show you to that user in a future post. Now, obviously, comment on a post and like in a post the obvious into ranking details. We've known this since day one. But saving a post is also a key metric as well.

Saving posts on Instagram

Now, I don't know if you know this, but you can save this video right now. If you look on your Instagram, so if you're watching this video on Instagram, if you look to the bottom right-hand corner of this video, you will see a little symbol that has a save option for you it looks like a bookmark if you take that if you tap that, then it will save it for you to watch later. And again, that is a key indicator to Instagram, that you the user is liking this content. So why not give it a test, why not give it a tap right now look down at if you're watching this on Instagram, tap it and see what happens.

Now also as well as you are in the scroll as you are in the feed those people that will go and click on your profile picture to come and see more of you but is another key metric.

What you can do

So the next question is how can we take this information that we have been given from Instagram? And how can we then best put it into practice? Number one, you can create an image that is going to stop the scroll. There is a software like Canva, a free tool, which is great for this to help create in scroll stopping images. But also as well can you can create something that you will keep someone on your post for more than a few seconds. So a really cool way of this in new save is quite a lot is when you have a post, you can actually add up to 10 images to a post nine or 10 images to a post on Instagram. So if you create a bit of content, and you've got where it's a slide where they can tap, tap, tap and it'll go to the next go to the next go to the next for example. You could put pictures of your property up then it will keep people on your post for more than a few seconds, which is again is a key metric. Now can you encourage somebody to comment so can you ask a question? Can you get him to like your post? Can you get him to save and you see this a lot if you go on the scroll.

Now, if you're on Instagram if you scroll up and scroll down, you'll see a lot of people Post or asking people to maybe save this for a future. But again, how can you incorporate that? How can you do so how can you make someone stick around now obviously reels Instagram reels is one of the newer features from Instagram. And this is a great way of keeping somebody on your profile for more than a few seconds, because it is a 25 second video played with music. And you can create cool little graphics and titles and captions that people will want to watch and stick around and watch more. So hence why reels get so many views. And again, if you've been creating Instagram reels for your business, you will see that you can get thousands upon thousands of views. For a 25 second video, if you compare that to a post a normal post that you've done, which maybe has one or two likes, it's a great way of getting more and more views.

So take this podcast episode and use it to your advantage when you are trying to create content on Instagram. Now, if you are stuck, need help, haven't got the time and just want somebody to do it for you, Five pounds a month, we will create 30 to 40 pieces of content that you can use on Instagram, but not only Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest you name it every single month is there's new content fresh content for you. five pound a month means you never have to think about it again scroll stopping content that will help you grow your business.

For everybody else. Have a little think about what you can do. Go and look at what other people are doing a real good hashtag to do a bit of research is hashtag book direct. Or hashtag Airbnb host good places to go and get a bit of inspiration. And then take inspiration from that and put it into practice on your Instagram. Again, leave your Instagram comments below. I look forward to following every single one of you. I'll be back tomorrow with another daily podcast until then stay awesome. Be proactive, don't be reactive and let's go and get some bookings.

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