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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 563.

The Boostly podcast interviews Lenka Jenčová-Bednariková, the owner of Lenks Property, a holiday accommodation business in Torbay, Devon.

Lenka shares her journey in the hospitality industry and the importance of keeping an eye on your business on a regular basis.

Although Lenka's hospitality business is mainly for tourists, she is also focusing on a bit of contractors mix and match.

Lenka is originally from Slovakia but has lived in the UK for quite a while and traveled the world a little bit.

She fell in love with travel and hospitality, which led her to start her own business. Torbay is known as the English Riviera and is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK for tourism.

Lenka's business is an umbrella company for everything she does at the moment, known as Lenks Property. Lenka is a big fan of Boostly and is honored to be part of the show.

Here's the video for this episode:

Timestamps (audio)

00:11 – Intro
01:56 – Lenka Intro
06:08 – A book to look at
11:32 – What is your favourite thing about hosting and hospitality
16:27 – Who have you discovered that you need on your team
21:09 – Is there any sort of setback that you've had to face?
26:21 – Which social media channel has helped you grow the most
30:11 – What is the future of links escapes
34:27 – Is there one perception thats changed over time
40:57 – Outro

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Transcript from the Episode

[00:00:00] Lenka: Even though you have, uh, systems and processes in place, if you wanna grow your business and keep, keep it healthy, uh, and going keep an eye on your business on a regular basis.

[00:00:11] Liam: Welcome along and thank you for tuning in. We are discussing the formula to a successful short-term rental business. My name is Liam Carolan.

[00:00:19] And I'm Mark Simpsons co-host. Uh, you're listening. Boostly podcast, and this is the podcast that gives hosts the tools, the tactics, the training, and most importantly the confidence. So you can go out there and get more direct bookings if you haven't already, you can come and join in the fund on Facebook in our free hospitality community.

[00:00:38] So if you go on Facebook search hospitality community, you can come and join in. And there's, uh, awesome folk in there who share tips as well as, uh, Mr. Mark Simpson and and myself jump in there with, uh, cool information from time to. Today we are going behind a host with an extremely pop popular and lovable character here in the uk, uh, property space and [00:01:00] hospitality space.

[00:01:00] We're diving into a hospitality service, accommodation business to ask all the questions on how you can get started, the success, the story, and things that you can implement in your. Hospitality business. So let's get started. Let me introduce to you the one and only Lenka Jenčová-Bednariková from links, escapes links for short is, uh, the best way to say it.

[00:01:22] So welcome along links. Great to have you here.

[00:01:25] Lenka: Oh, Liam, thank you so much. What a beautiful introductions. I'm actually blushing. See, I can close that. ,

[00:01:32] Liam: thank you very much. Thank you So. Let's get started, uh, with yourself, letting everybody know, uh, introduce yourself. Let everybody know a bit about where you host, how many units, the strategy you use, and, um, also I detect the, the accent isn't from, from Devon, I think is where you host, isn't it?

[00:01:49] Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So, uh, yeah, let everyone know where you, where you're from and, uh, how you, you where your hospitality business is.

[00:01:56] Lenka: Right. So hello everybody. Hi Liam, and thank you so [00:02:00] much for having me on the show. Really appreciate that. I feel absolutely honored. And you know, I'm a big fan of Boostly. Follow you guys for ages now, becoming a part of it, which we'll get to later.

[00:02:09] So really honored to be part of the show today. Um, so as you said, my name is Lenka. Uh, friends call me Langs. Uh, this is how I'm known as well for my brand, which is Langs property. Uh, which is like, um, oh, lipstick, which is like, um, uh, What you call it, um, umbrella company for everything else I do at the moment.

[00:02:32] So this is where we start with lengths. So as you said, I have hospitality business called length escapes, um, in Devon, um, in actu in specifically in to, I mean, uh, in Tobe, which is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK for tourism. So that's answering the questions of what strategy I do. So it's basically mainly for tourist at the moment.

[00:02:53] Uh, which. Because it's seasonal. Uh, over the winter it is a little bit more slower. So I'm trying to [00:03:00] focus also on bit of contractors mix and match. But to be fair, we actually still do get nice amount of tourists here at the moment as well. So that's fantastic. Um, I'm originally from Slovakia. Uh, I was actually born.

[00:03:11] In Czechoslovakia, which not many people can say these days that they are, they've been born in the country, which doesn't exist anymore. So it's, I call it, uh, interesting fact about me, . Uh, so I was born in Czechoslovakia and, um, yeah, I, I, I lived in the UK now for, for quite a while. Traveled the world a little bit.

[00:03:30] This is where I, uh, fell in love with, uh, travels, uh, and um, hospitality in general. And, um, that's, yeah. Long story short, I ended up doing a hospitality business myself, cuz I'm a very true pa tr passionate traveler. So it really suits me. , if

[00:03:50] Liam: that's cool. That's cool. And, and thank you. I mean, uh, to Tobe is meant to be like the English Riviera, isn't it?

[00:03:56] It's, it's, it's beautiful. I've seen lots of photos on your [00:04:00] socials and, uh, you know, it's definitely worth, uh, a quick Google if you don't know, uh, Tobe or, or, or Devon. It's, it's a beautiful part of, of the uk so, absolutely. Um, my next question was gonna be is how did you get started in hospitality and, and why?

[00:04:14] Lenka: Um, yeah, so basically, um, when I came to the uk, so I've like, I I'll say that last, long story short, don't worry, I'm not gonna bother you with, in 1995, I've . So when I came to the uk, I, uh, started as a oper to learn language. Um, and then from there I started, uh, working in hospitality, but as a, in a, in a restaurant.

[00:04:36] I worked, uh, within uh, two and a half years being in the uk I already was a fine dining hospitality manager in London, so I was one of those career goers and just working really hard, working with myself, studying in a free time and just trying to get myself in a higher positions, uh, just to realize that I was living life in London.

[00:04:56] Chasing something, not having any free, free time, [00:05:00] having constantly black circles around under my eyes from . I always was from work. Um, so I went travels, I, I traveled, I traveled around Asia and well then I traveled in Africa for, for, I'm talking months, uh, at the time. Um, and a combination of traveling and a combination of working in hospitality, um, and especially.

[00:05:21] Elegant hospitality as a fine dining place. I started to, um, there was always, I always knew that I will combine these two somehow. Um, then I start, uh, I discovered, um, property, uh, simply through, um, uh, like a property book, start learning about different strategies, et cetera. Uh, and when I came across, uh, service accommodation, I.

[00:05:45] This is it. I love travels, I love hospitality, and I can put this all together and start investing in a property. This was, to me, it was like a li bulb moment and I was like, this is it. This is what I'm gonna do. So this is how I started in hospitality really. [00:06:00] It's by coming across, uh, service accommodation and I'm like, Combination of all this free.

[00:06:05] This is what I need to do, .

[00:06:06] Liam: It's cool, isn't it? It's cool. And what, out of interest, you mentioned there was a book just then for everybody listening is what was the name of that book? Just cuz I'm sure people want to check it out.

[00:06:16] Lenka: Well, it was actually, uh, well started with Rich Dad Poor Dad. So Rich Dad Poor Dad it is a classic is Robert Kiosaki.

[00:06:22] It's the go-to . That's the go-to. So that's the, even on my podcast, most of the people say that book as a re when I ask for recommendation of book, everybody knows that book. So Rich Dad Poor Dad was the first book, which showed me bit of, uh, I mean difference in invest, like. Immense, um, and different way of looking at life.

[00:06:40] Um, uh, but then I came across the multiple stream of, uh, property income, and that's where I started learning about h HMOs, sales recommendation conversions, et cetera. So I'm like, wow, there's so many different ways of making money through property. So, and yeah, so that was a multiple stream of property income when I, when I [00:07:00] discovered there's so many different strategies really.

[00:07:02] Liam: it's such a good book. That was one of the books which got me started as well. It's on the shelf, just lower down behind me. That, that, yeah. Is uh, it's still one of the ones which, uh, I always look at with fond memories, which helped me get into first all property and then hospitality. So similar. Um, so your guests, you mentioned that you tend to host leisure guests, so, um, who would you say is your ideal guest and what do you find is the best way to attract them to book?

[00:07:26] What sort of platforms do you use and is there anything that you do specifically that appeals to your, your target

[00:07:32] guest?

[00:07:33] Lenka: Um, yeah, so good question. So I have, um, um, so my, so I use OTAs at the moment, which is, um, Airbnb, I had vrbo, which. I'm having currently back and forward emails with integration, uh, um, integration team.

[00:07:51] So VRBO is something where I'm just basically some reason got disconnected, but there's a long story why. Um, so, um, the, [00:08:00] so this, uh, uh, Airbnb and at the moment, however, as you know, I've signed up. Finally to Bruce Lee Academy. Um, because, so I want to attract, start attracting more, uh, dial bookings.

[00:08:12] So that's obviously, uh, the, the, one of the, that's gonna be my, one of my main goals, uh, for this year is to learn and master this strategy, how to do direct bookings.

[00:08:22] Liam: We're excited to have you in the community links. I know it's, yeah, it's gonna be so much fun.

[00:08:26] Lenka: I'm so excited to be here. So excited. Um, but yeah.

[00:08:30] And how do I attract the ideal guests? So basically, um, I, I mean, everybody obviously want people who comes and respect their, uh, respect their, uh, properties, et cetera. And I've learned, um, that. My price is a little bit higher. I kind of, I tend to attract better guests. Um, and, um, I, if I want to, uh, if I want to, um, charge a little bit higher, I need to provide something different.

[00:08:58] So what I'm doing is that with my hos, [00:09:00] with my properties, um, I'm offering they, they eight, they're slightly different. Their design is different. It's, it's just different people. Look, look around. I love receiving this beautiful feedbacks when people go, wow, your property. Like, like so different. It's like a catalog.

[00:09:14] It's like interior design catalog and things like that. And that makes me really happy. The fact is that I really, truly trying to create home away from home, going to details cuz I'm a very hands-on woman when it comes to. My household. So I'm thinking about what people could need when they open this cupboard, when they open this cupboard, when they open that drawer, do they need like details?

[00:09:36] So the fact is that people always found pretty much anything they need in the property. It's what makes me happy as well. Um, what, what, what drives me to, to, to, to be a better host all the time. So, um, attracting them with, um, difference in property when they're scrolling through Airbnb and. Stop on mine because Oh wow.

[00:09:54] Look at that's different. So that's one thing. Second thing is, uh, my locations. So, um, [00:10:00] I, my, my properties are always, uh, in the fantastic locations where I always make sure that people know that I have sea, literally there, or you have to only walk one minute and the sea is there or you have a cs. Um, so I always make sure that that's also on the descriptions and in the pictures.

[00:10:16] So a makes them stop crawling because of how different the properties. and then when they're going through pictures, they can see what's nearby, et cetera. And they like

[00:10:25] Liam: that. . I love that. There's so many gems within that. I mean, the, there, there's a couple of things you mentioned there. First of all, we, we see time and time again that better designed properties and, and for anybody who wants to check out your properties, is it links

[00:10:38] Is that, is that correct? Yeah, so, uh, you can go at the, at the moment I'm

[00:10:41] Lenka: working on that, which , so, yeah. But. And the social media at the moment, like length escapes, ,

[00:10:48] Liam: length escapes. Yeah. And that is, uh, I mean the design, you get to see anybody who goes across there and, and sees the design is absolutely stunning.

[00:10:54] The, the designs of your properties you mentioned as well, is that actually putting your price higher is so [00:11:00] important to attract the right guests. And this is something which many hosts at this time of year are actually looking at doing the opposite, at lowering prices, changing things like that, whereas actually by having a higher price point, But maybe even a little bit less occupancy, you actually achieve the same income, but your place gets less wear and tear.

[00:11:17] You get better quality of guests and and that side of things. So definitely worth, worth checking out. And of course the other one you mentioned there is location is so important for short-term rental success. The location is just so key, isn't it? And I know you've got some stunning views from some of your properties, which is uh, which is amazing.

[00:11:32] So brings me onto the question of what is your favorite thing about hosting and hospitality and.

[00:11:39] Lenka: Ooh, favorite. Um, I think it's, um, it's, the answer to this will be similar to what I kind of already said. Thinking about it. I love creating these really beautiful homes away from home. I think this is it.

[00:11:55] Cause I love the customer service as well. Still dunno how long I will be blowing it for . [00:12:00] Cause obviously I was gonna saying before we started recording, uh na. Naturally when people progressing there's certain things we don't wanna do anymore cuz we wanna focus on let's say bigger things or offer it.

[00:12:10] Whatever that reason is, but I really, truly enjoy the customer service. Um, I, and I love these yet to create the home away from home. As I said that, I just do details, like, I dunno, so giving tips, but I make sure there's always pens in the property. I sell a tape, uh, blue tag, just details like that, that you just never know what people will need, and I only know that.

[00:12:34] Me traveling a lot. Uh, me and my boyfriend traveled a lot. I traveled a lot prior having this business, a lot, a lot from backpacking to five star hotels. So kind of like just having this, this. Kind of, I always trying to put myself in the customer shoes and trying to think if I would come here for work, if I would come here with kids, if I would come here with my boyfriend or, and just to see if I [00:13:00] can, like I have, let's say, uh, salt and bubbles in the bathrooms.

[00:13:03] Mm-hmm. . So, no, everybody know, everybody use it. A lot of people do ask me, why do you have this? And I was like, because occasionally a person like me who loves bubbly baths, then it's there and it doesn't cost me much at all. And to be fair, we don't even re feeling it that often as people who think. So it's, yeah, just kind of those sort of details.

[00:13:22] That's what makes me happy when people say, I truly felt like ho, like home, away from home, just in a very stunning property because that's what makes me happy. .

[00:13:31] Liam: Uh, it shows as well and I've seen. Posts from yourself where you've actually stayed in your properties, and how important has that been to measure the kind of success and how comfortable the homes are?

[00:13:42] Huge,

[00:13:42] Lenka: huge. I always said that, uh, the property have to be tested about, like to me personally, I always, I, I love it because by living there and, and it's not only to stay there because it's very tempting, Liam, it's very, very tempting to kind. Okay, I'll go and stay there, but I'll order takeaway or [00:14:00] you know, just to make, not make much mess.

[00:14:02] No, I'm actually doing everything. What you could do if you go and stay on holiday. So I'll buy stuff, check, put in a fridge, then I need to chop things down. Do I have a chopping board? Where is it, how far away is it from my, you know, station? Um, then Colin that for, you know, washing my vegetables and alls.

[00:14:20] Lots of things like that. So what I found out is so many times I stayed in a property and. . Wow, this is not ready. Wow, I forgot this. Mm-hmm. . Or even just things like silly things. Silly things. But for example, in my last one I bought, um, cooking pots and I have a brand new property. No one ever lived there.

[00:14:40] Um, so I was pulling all these pa, you know, the plastic bits out from the oven and all these like completely brand new property. Um, I had a brand new pot, et cetera, just to find out that I'm trying to cook and the hops are not coming. Because they're industrial hopes, but I didn't think that, I didn't think, and I'm just saying like could, by sitting at [00:15:00] the entire property, uh, would you, what you think of tiny, tiny details in few days time, that can't happen, that you missed something or you make a mistake when ordering something because the brain is very tired.

[00:15:12] So something obvious obviously can sometimes can slip, slip their mind. So I've ordered wrong pots and now imagine I would have a first guess and they said, sorry, we can't cook. Um, so, and they could arrive at 11:00 PM What do I do then? And that's the first experience. So I personally love staying in my properties and trying to do, trying to use this shower.

[00:15:29] I'll try to this shower, is there pressure? Okay. Do I, is there any leak? Is. So, yeah, that sort of thing. That's why personally I love staying at my properties and, and testing it properly, but properly. I used a sofa bed. I see how the guests would feel if they're doing a sofa bed. Is that easy or Yeah, do any different instructions or things like that.

[00:15:49] Liam: I completely agree with you. Such an important point to go and test out your, your property is beforehand and I've made that exact same mistake. You're talking about the induction, uh, odd. That, and I've, yeah. I literally set [00:16:00] an entire unit up. First time the guest goes in. Yeah. I can't use the ho and I had to rush out.

[00:16:04] It was about 10 to six. I had to rush out and get the, get the new, um, that's what I meant. Yeah. Washing hands and, and you go and sort it. But the thing is, you could, by testing out, by going into the property and like you say, I mean, I'll be guilty of ordering like takeaway or, or just nipping around the corner to the local restaurant or whatever, because, uh, but you are there to test out the, the features and the fittings and stuff like that, aren't you?

[00:16:24] So that's really cool. Yeah. Um, Who have you discovered that you need on your team to have the success that you've had?

[00:16:33] Lenka: Hmm. Cleaners , but good cleaner. So this, this, this first, first point, it's, that's something can actually ruin your business. Having good cleaners or having bad cleaners, it's more important than some people who starting out or who's thinking about starting out.

[00:16:50] They would think, so, I've experienced amazing cleaners. Cleaners who I want to clone and never let go. Um, cleaners who I [00:17:00] cannot even believe that I lived without them. But I had cleaners, which. Almost read my business . And it's, so, I would say that when you, with that first point is, I mean, when, when someone's starting out or they, or they, they're thinking about starting out.

[00:17:17] With cleaners, if there is a, any chance, any somehow, uh, go and check their work. Not necessarily in the beginning, even later, because in the beginning everybody will do very, very, very good job because they know that you might pop in. But I've tested by cleaners later on and, uh, a, after obviously receiving a few, uh, like few messages from the guests, like, oh, we arrived and let's say they forgot something.

[00:17:41] On the garden. So the first thing they see, it's something and I'm like, right, I'm gonna start looking into this. And um, yeah, so having the right cleaners and uh, and spotting it on time and let the bad cleaners go, it's so important. I can't stress that enough, how important that is. Um, but if you have a good cleaners [00:18:00] and then you have no problems, um, and, uh, having someone on the ground,

[00:18:05] Um, when I do, um, lots of trouble and also my boyfriend, we still doing these long distance relationships, uh, for multiple reason, uh, children and our businesses at the moment. But, um, when we are together, we can be together for two, three weeks at a time. So, um, me being away from here and always and have someone on the ground, it's just so.

[00:18:28] That's why I can someone who understands all the properties, someone who got a really good customer service, someone can step up for yourself or for themselves if something goes wrong or if something happens. Luckily things don't happen like that. That's the word. Um, but yeah, it's, that's what I would say it's important.

[00:18:46] How

[00:18:46] Liam: do you find somebody like that? You mentioned somebody who can be on the ground. How, how have you found somebody?

[00:18:51] Lenka: Well, for me, for example, it was by having a cleaner for, uh, so there was, um, in my first two [00:19:00] properties, uh, which one of them I don't have anymore. My contract ended. Um, those, so basically, um, So for the first two, I had two individual cleaners.

[00:19:11] Um, there was no company, nothing like that. There were two ladies and they were all, they both had their own property, so that was like their baby. They were the best. They were honestly the best cleaners. And, um, when one of those properties, um, Basically when one of those properties, um, I, uh, so I, my contract ended and I've lost one of the properties.

[00:19:33] I wanted to keep the other girl, but there was obviously no more clean to, and I, to the point that I realized that I could always, and always count on her when I was away. She was still my cleaner. And if something happened and I called her, no matter what time it was, she would go there. She would start it out for me no matter what time.

[00:19:50] And to the point that I realized that, Joanna, maybe you don't have to. Stay with me as a cleaner. Maybe we can do something else together because you never ever let me down. [00:20:00] And, uh, because she never did let me down. Um, we, we can't, we stayed working together and I can fully trust her. I even helped her out the other day.

[00:20:09] Uh, she had. Real emergency. Um, and I've step stepped in and anything for her, some occasionally happened maybe, or maybe once or twice happened that I even did a clean for her because she had the dad's emergency or something like that. But I'm happy to do that because she's always there for me and she works 10 times more than somebody else would.

[00:20:28] So I, that's how I found her, and it was simply, Trusting her with, uh, she proved what she'd done when she was my cleaner. Um, so I was like, yeah, time for you. Just a pap cause you're too good . Anyway,

[00:20:41] Liam: sounds like an absolute keeper, and, and we, I, I remember speaking to, uh, Toby Dior, um, on the behind the Host podcast, and, and he's somebody who often travels away a lot and, you know, needs, needs time away from his places.

[00:20:51] And again, similar sort of thing. You're testing people out by having to be in that situation. You get to test and find out who is really [00:21:00] on your team, who is the people you can count on, and it sounds like that's what you've done with this, this particular cleaner, which is amazing. Yeah. So

[00:21:06] Lenka: now John, now it's my, it's my everything.

[00:21:09] Liam: So you mentioned there's been a, a couple of units that you had to give back. Is there any sort of setbacks that you've faced within your short-term rental business and how specifically would you advise, uh, the people listening to be able to deal with setbacks? Is there any actionable advice that you'd be able to, to say to people?

[00:21:27] Lenka: Right. Um, wow. So, Uh, uh, well, yeah. So I would say one of the examples, uh, was, uh, as we've mentioned, when I have, when I had to give, um, some properties back, uh, when I, no, that was my decision, dunno why I said why I have to, I decided to give properties back and that was simply because of a type of person I had to work with.

[00:21:48] Um, so one of the things I've learned is that, um, that I'm a person which is not chasing shiny pennies. And I, I do what I do. I [00:22:00] love what I do and I wanna wake up in the morning and be happy in what I do. Be excited about my work and go to sleep happy. Obviously, there's gonna be times and challenges, but that's a different story.

[00:22:08] I realized that I took on three properties, which the person I had to work with was a nightmare, and that's a very polite way to say. I've tried. I've tried. I've tried over and over to work with him. I've even listened to the books about negotiation, these and that and these to, to learn the tricks, how to deal with difficult people, to the point that I'm like, no money will ever.

[00:22:34] Ever be worth the stress. Then the fact is that he's sending me messages at 11:00 PM and then 7:00 AM he will send me a message saying, I saw you online last night, why you didn't reply? And, you know, and asking about a color of the picture, like, nothing urgent. And it was nightmare, absolute nightmares. So I'd say, um, when you end up working with someone, um, and it's not working well for [00:23:00] you or for both, for both parties.

[00:23:03] Find a way how to get out. Um, nice way. This doesn't have to be nasty or anything. Like I find a nice, polite, friendly way how to get out because it's so worth it. Um, my boyfriend never seen me so stressed. He said that he never seen me stressed. When I had to deal with that person, I was pulling my hair.

[00:23:20] Since I let him go, I'm a happy length again, and even my boyfriend noticed the difference. So I'd say for, for health benefits, for your own benefits, and for the business benefits, because that way you can focus on actual happy things in your business. I'd say if you end up working with someone, which is very, very difficult to deal with, find a way, it's not worth it, money's not worth it,

[00:23:42] Liam: I think it's such a good point that you, you, you, if there's people out there who you don't wanna work with, this is your business, it's your land. You don't have to work with them, which is the cool thing. Whereas when you're in a workplace or you're employed, you kind of have to, have to deal with stuff.

[00:23:55] But when you're in this kind of environment, it's your business, isn't it? Which is cool. So, [00:24:00] um, what is the best piece of tech in your business, uh, that you use and that you'd swear by and. Hmm.

[00:24:10] Lenka: Tech you mean as an app as well, or as a, yeah. Tech

[00:24:13] Liam: app or, um, anything that, that you use regularly?

[00:24:16] Lenka: Well, I, so, um, My laptop,

[00:24:21] Joking. So yeah, basically I live on the laptop and the phone. Everything I am using, like I can run the business from my phone, which is one of the most amazing things about hospitality as you know, certain things I have to do on my laptop, but that's, Details. Um, so I use, um, channel Manager, which PMs system.

[00:24:40] It's absolute, uh, no-brainer. So everybody who's called, uh, even when you have one unit, it's just to make sure that you don't get double bookings. Just to have a place for, for those who don't know, but I'm sure people don't know. But for those who don't know, channel managers just links all your, uh, hosting channels together.

[00:24:57] So when you get a booking on Airbnb block, [00:25:00] is automatically blocked out. So that's a game changer. Um, but that's a kind of like given, I'd say, uh, it's a must I would say really for hospitality. Uh, owners. Now, owners, you know what I meant? Hosts, um, the pricing channel, uh, pricing, uh, system. Can't think of the word.

[00:25:20] Uh, dynamic Pricing di Dynamic pricing system. Um, so I, since I start using Price Labs, personally, I use the Price Lab. Since I start using Price Labs, um, my revenue changed as well, uh, because that sort of software, um, picks up what the area is doing, how mu how big is the demand in the area, and it gives you an an idea of how much people are willing to pay at the moment.

[00:25:44] For that particular size of the property. So just keep an eye on that sort of thing on a daily basis or every two days just to see how the market's doing so you can adjust your prices. It's really, really important. Doesn't take long time as well. So I'd say pricing system, [00:26:00] um, and social media, uh, which is free marketing, and I'm so excited that finally, uh, you joined Bosley and Bosley is gonna show me how to use it even more.

[00:26:14] and better

[00:26:15] Liam: to the full potential. Right. You, you're already, you're already quite, uh, sort of, uh, I see you on social media all the time. Which, which would you say has been the social media channel, which has helped you the most grow, uh, your, your personal following?

[00:26:28] Lenka: Um, to me, I think it will be Facebook. Um, at the moment, however, I literally just, um, because I was giving few minutes back, I had to change a lot of things about my business, uh, taking some pictures down, et cetera.

[00:26:42] And I'm also expanding just to give as well idea or to someone who knew me before from cold, uh, thought escapes. The reason why I've changed the links escapes is because I expanded from to. So basically I used to call, I used to be called Urby Escapes when I had holiday let just, here I'm going now to, [00:27:00] uh, Tim off as well and talk about the later.

[00:27:03] I mean, like I, I'm trying to expand as well. So now it's called length escapes. So, and now I am working more as well on, uh, Instagram, which was new account, uh, created a new Facebook business page. So there all those things are new at the moment, but I'm trying to. , um, at least two times a week on each of them.

[00:27:23] Uh, which idea? I was at least five days. But then I thought, no, in reality, in reality I thought, right, if I do two times a week, at least I'll be happy that I'm, I haven't failed my goal at least. Um, so that's what I'm trying to do at the moment. But like fairly new accounts. But Facebook was the one which was driving me at the moment, like, That's cool.

[00:27:43] Liam: Un until now. , I mean, uh, you mentioned there was a, uh, PMs or a channel manager within that. What was the one that I didn't catch the name or the one that you used just for the people listening.

[00:27:52] Lenka: Yeah. So I was on Guesty previously and I literally just swapped to app

[00:27:57] Liam: listing . Nice. Nice. And what, [00:28:00] what was the reason for the swap and, uh, what, what extra features or, or what reason was, uh, what problem does uplifting solve that Guesty didn't at the time?

[00:28:09] Lenka: So I've learned that. My Guesty might be giving more to it than, than I was using. But for what I was using, ablist gives me exactly the same thing for way less. So Ablist is, gives me exactly what I need. Like I literally doing exactly, exactly the same things at the moment to I was doing on Guesty. One thing is missing so far, but I'm sure I can solve it.

[00:28:33] I already spoke to our listening team. Um, And, uh, it's just, yeah, it, it's basically I was very disappointed, but that's just personally I don't get, don't get me wrong guys. , I was very disappointed that for the, for the price I was paying and the for the guesty, uh, there was, the customer service wasn't the best when I needed a real help.

[00:28:54] There was never, ever, ever option to organize a call. It was always through emails and sometimes [00:29:00] email communication got lost and somebody else picked up from that email, had to explain things again, and I'm thinking for the amount I'm paying. Um, and Ablist thing, I had one question, which I couldn't resolve straight.

[00:29:12] They said straight away, send me a calendar link. Say, right, just book a call with us. 15 minutes, we can, you know, we can help you out faster than via emails. So I'd say Guesty fantastic. It, it is really fantastic. But maybe I wasn't using a tradit full potential because for what I was. Paying. I wasn't gay.

[00:29:30] Do you see what I mean? And the right now I have exactly the same thing and the business can actually save a lots of money. But that was just me personally. Maybe I wasn't using a true full potential. I dunno. ,

[00:29:39] Liam: I dunno. I love asking that question though, cuz every host has a slightly different tech stack and mm-hmm.

[00:29:44] the great thing is there's so many PMSs out there, it's about finding one which you can try and then works for you. And then if that doesn't work, switch across. And, um, you know, the, the switching. Process. I mean, I've switched twice before and, uh, you know, it's not necessarily the easiest thing in the world, but the [00:30:00] features or the changes that you get are worth the, the, the, the brief period of the time of, of the pain.

[00:30:05] So, um, that's awesome. I really, uh, I really enjoyed finding out, obviously about your tech stack there. Mm-hmm. , what, um, you mentioned that you're expanding. What does the future of, uh, links escapes? Look,

[00:30:16] Lenka: Ooh. So, um, the idea is I wanna focus on getting some, uh, properties in Lake District. Mm-hmm. . Um, that is one of my main goals for uk.

[00:30:28] Um, and that's purely because I just love nature and I, I love hiking and mountains and I wanna have properties in the places. I can, I can easily spend time and happily spend time myself and, and love and be passionate about the area. Um, so I love nature, I love hiking, I love lakes, et cetera. So lay district, swan and also, um, naturally because, uh, my boyfriend is lives in a elite area, um, and.

[00:30:59] [00:31:00] We obviously somehow, but eventually we'll end up living together, uh, which is what we, you know, obviously discussing and start working on. Um, in leads, I would, uh, be able to have a business which is all year long, which compared to like Tobe, which is very seasonal, so, , I always say that I wanna also have a essay somewhere where I can have a business all year long, so that will be the next thing.

[00:31:23] However, what I'm also working on, and the only reason why I wanna say it publicly now, is because it's gonna be like my accountability. Mm-hmm. . Uh, so I've, uh, I. For years and years, I said that I'm gonna have holiday LEDs in HAI Trust, which they are second highest mountains in Europe. They are in Slovakia, where I'm from.

[00:31:44] I speak the language, I got people on the ground and um, Basically no slovakians ever can get into that market. It's because it's just full of investors. It's on American, um, Russians investing in, in in HAI trust. It's basically a very expensive place to get into, [00:32:00] but obviously it is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

[00:32:03] And I always say that these sort of things, when people tell me You can't get in the market. You can't get in the market, I'll be like, watch me. So I um, I started looking into it just before Covid. Uh, but then Covid started and, um, I had to focus on surviving here cause I, through Covid I've lost job twice.

[00:32:21] I was one of those people I had really challenging Covid time, uh, financially. And, um, so kind of left Slovakia idea now, um, being there now and finally found my perfect business partner. So I have a, a person on the ground. Uh, I got, uh, people who would be able to keep a maintenance for me, et cetera, et cetera, like, and, uh, start talking to people about what I do.

[00:32:49] And guess what happened? Uh, fi four people gave me a contact number to someone who's either got investment properties in the in ha, trust, all they [00:33:00] have, um, massive insurance companies, so they know people who's got. That's how it works. So basically just by telling people what I do, um, because I started focusing on it again, it's if you believe in the power of thoughts, uh, and low of attraction, um, I start attracting contacts, uh, for, for heta trust.

[00:33:18] So hopefully, Uh, lengths Property will expand to, uh, Slovakia very soon, and if you do, I'll let you know. ,

[00:33:28] Liam: definitely let us know. One, I'd be interested to, to see it. I've not, I've not even heard of, of the, of the mountain ranges, but I love mountains and, uh, you know, I'm, I'm. I'm more that kind of, uh, holidays than sun and beach and that side of things.

[00:33:41] Yes. Right. What I've taken from this is is, you know, if somebody says you can't do something, find a way to do it. You know, that'll make you more determined that, that, that you can go and do it, and also tell everybody about what you do. I mean, we mentioned before we went live that you spoke to somebody recently and told them about what you do and they're interested in your business.

[00:33:59] It's just [00:34:00] so important, isn't it, to tell everybody, Hey, this is what I do, this. How I can help. And this is, this is the goal and people will buy into that, which is, which is really cool. So, um, yeah, I feel we've learned a lot about your, your business links. As we come towards the end of these, we'd love to do a couple of quick fire, uh, questions, just for fun.

[00:34:19] Um, but before we do, I'd love to ask, is there anything. Obviously we've talked about what you've done before, hospitality, where you are now, the future. Is there one perception that has changed over the time from when you first got into hospitality to, to where you are now, either your beliefs or your skills or your traits?

[00:34:36] Is there, is there one thing which go, do you know what that was a real changing point for me. Mm,

[00:34:42] Lenka: good question. I mean, first thing, what popped into my head is, Even though you have, uh, systems and processes in place, You still, if you wanna grow your business and keep, keep it healthy, uh, and going [00:35:00] keep an eye on your business on a regular basis, um, that's something where I thought that, oh, I'll have system in place.

[00:35:07] I'll have this and automated this, and then I can just put my, not necessarily, I'm just gi I'm giving, giving a little bit of exaggeration, but just to make a point and, and I. , this is it. And I thought I just have to step in, in the, in the system, you know, every, I don't know, once a week or once in two weeks, whatever that is.

[00:35:24] As I said, I'm just giving like, sort of example, but I, what I've learned is that, you know, if you wanna learn, if you wanna keep on top of things, if you wanna see how the market's changing, et cetera. Even if it doesn't, just an hour a day. Uh, but just keep an eye on your business every single day. That sounds something, uh, sounds, seems like something, uh, natural, like that's something should be given.

[00:35:46] Uh, but I watched loads of people. . Um, they might not never a admit it, but just by talking to them, and I know, uh, I mean publicly, they might not admit publicly, but just by talking to other people as well, I know that, uh, loads of guests do [00:36:00] it. You think that I'll just get this, I'll automate this, automate that, and then I don't have to do anything anymore.

[00:36:04] I've learned that yes, it is true to the certain point, but, um, uh, hospitality business just have, have amazing things in place that do keep an eye on your business, uh, because I, I just. Just by last week I was doing the busk, uh, what do you call, boot camp and. Just by every single day, spending, uh, an hour with Mark, uh, learning about new ways of attracting guests.

[00:36:32] My, I was like, why I'm not doing like I need to be doing this all the time cuz this stuff works and it makes me feel as a better host and it makes me feel better as a businesswoman as well. And it makes me feel like I've done something for my business instead of just answered few queries and, you know, and paid cleaners and things like, So, yeah, I, I dunno if that was actually what you asked, but

[00:36:53] Liam: that was brilliant answer.

[00:36:55] Really brilliant answer. And, and what, what I love about that is there's a lot of people out there at the moment [00:37:00] who are saying, Hey, you know, try and make everything, uh, passive and, and not be involved, but actually making the kind of the hustle and the grind cool again, is so important because, like you say, getting stuck in there and certainly marketing and selling your business, nobody else can do it like, like you can, uh, which, which is amazing.

[00:37:16] So, Um, so we'll move on to a couple of quick fire questions. So, uh, what do you do for fun? What is your.

[00:37:24] Lenka: Ooh, many things. I'm one of those people. I do loads of things. Ah, so I do hiking. I love nature. I do lots of walks and hikes. I have a big dog, uh, but um, he's still a puppy and he's already 50 kilos. You, you know him lo low key I've seen.

[00:37:39] Um, so he goes everywhere with me. Um, so yeah, I do, I'm a very much nature person. I do modeling as well, which, Ended up doing sort of by accident. Um, I mean it wasn't planned and now I love it. I actually really love it. So, um, even today I have a shoot which you kindly [00:38:00] agreed to put the podcast a bit for a bit sooner because I have a really interesting shoot soon.

[00:38:05] So, um, so thank you . No worries. Yeah, I did that. I do music. Um, I wanna go back to DJing as well. So I used to be DJing on turntables properly on turntables, but. Uh, things like that get expensive, so I kind of stop buying my turntables for a long time. And, uh, but I'm coming back to, I wanna get back to my DJing as well.

[00:38:27] There's loads of things. Um, I love cooking, I love baking. I love gardening. I, my house looks like jungle. I love plans. So yeah, lots of

[00:38:35] Liam: things . That's cool. That's cool. I, it, I always get the sense that you have lots of fun. Do you know what I mean? That is as you've gotta have fun in business and, and I certainly get the sense of of, of that from you.

[00:38:44] So brings me on to the next question is, who would play, uh, you in a movie? What actress would play you in a movie about your life?

[00:38:52] Lenka: Well, because I'm so bad with. Actors names and I personally, like I have few favorite [00:39:00] actors, but they're males. Mm-hmm. . So I'll go with Jennifer Aniston because she's funny and she's smart.

[00:39:08] I like it. I love funny, I love crazy. And I, you know, people, bubbly people and people don't think life too seriously, um, and things like that. So, but yeah. But serious enough. , I love it. So, yeah, I'll go with Jennifer .

[00:39:22] Liam: I like it. So, um, and we always end with this question, which is, is there a mantra or a motto that you live?

[00:39:29] I love it. We've got it on there. So for those, uh, on the podcast, um, Langs has just picked up something off her wall, which is amazing. So, uh,

[00:39:38] Lenka: shall I read it out loud?

[00:39:39] Liam: Yeah, do you want, uh, if do want, yeah, if you read it out loud, I'll probably butcher it. Otherwise. . So

[00:39:45] Lenka: it is, entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people want, so that you can spend the rest of your life, like most people.

[00:39:54] Ah, brilliant. And this is for those days when, um, I, you [00:40:00] know, been asked to go out on Friday night or I, you know, someone wants to go out, you know, Fred, I dunno. The basically things when I'm saying no to, because I need to study or I need to work on my business or when I've done, I also done all my travels and things like that before.

[00:40:15] Lots of people were. Including my parents, you need to save money. You need to save money. And I'm like, I will make money again. And I saved money and I traveled and I went and I went traveling. And it's like, yes, because I wanna live life. Mm-hmm. my terms and my way. So ,

[00:40:30] Liam: what a brilliant, uh, brilliant way to bring things to a close links that is, uh, it's very much, uh, very you and, uh, yeah.

[00:40:37] I hope people have learned so much from today. Certainly in terms of, What to do, what not to do. All of the, the tech and that cool stuff. And uh, yeah, just been inspired by your story and what comes next. You know, the, the idea of the, the house in the mountains, um, you know, sounds amazing. And, um, I know there's gonna be a lot of people out there who are wondering how do they follow you?

[00:40:57] How do they get in touch with you? Um, what's the best way to [00:41:00] do so?

[00:41:01] Lenka: Um, so my name is so long , but you can find me on the person per, like, on the personal if you not follow my personal journey. So on the Facebook, I'm like as you said, but mm-hmm. , uh, it's quite hard to, so it's on the, on the Instagram. I'm either links.

[00:41:18] Block. So links, it's easy to remember cuz it's just links and then it's a links block or links escapes or links model. So I'm trying to keep it like that now. Um, and try, I just started the Facebook pages as well for the same thing. So the links, escapes, links model, uh, but yeah, for a personal one it's links block and um, yeah, that's my

[00:41:37] Liam: story there.

[00:41:39] That's awesome. Well, we're gonna add them to the show notes as well. So thank you so much. So was there any questions I missed or any final thoughts before we bring it to a.

[00:41:48] Lenka: No, thank you so much for having me. Um, Liam, I really, really enjoyed, uh, being on the show. Um, you know, we've been friends now for, for a while and I, um, I always, we [00:42:00] always had a good chat and everything, so I was really, really looking forward to this.

[00:42:03] I knew that we were gonna have a good laugh, so thank you so much for having me. I loved being on the show and, uh, you coming on my show as well. For those who dunno, I also have a podcast and Liam's coming on my podcast in January, so, Uh,

[00:42:15] Liam: looking forward to, I'm looking forward to it. . I'm looking forward to it.

[00:42:18] Very much so. And like you say, it's, it's always so much fun links and, you know, thank you so much for today. Really enjoyed having you on here and, uh, you know, hearing your story. Cause I've, I've learned a lot that I didn't know before and I'm sure everybody else has. So thank you also to you if you're listening in on the Boley podcast or watching on YouTube or even on the live.

[00:42:35] Um, really appreciate you being here. I know there's lots of places you can put your attention and you're choosing to put it with Bruce Lee. Uh, thank you very much. That's it for today's episode and we'll see you on the next. Thanks very much. Bye-bye for now. 


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