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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 317. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how to create a listing on Peerspace.

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I'm going to let you into one of the best-kept secrets in our industry that you can take advantage of right now. And what am I talking about? I'm talking about Peerspace.

I got a little bit excited around March, April time of this year, when I discovered peerspace. And I told everybody about it. I got a message from the founder say, Mark, we are not yet in the UK in Europe. Hang on. We're just in America. We're about to go to Canada. And so I said right, I'll stop. I'll stop I apologize. I stopped. I got an email saying that we are ready to go with UK in Europe you can start talking about this now.

And the cool thing is is the Boostly audiences, so you right now are at a thirst to hear about well, not the very first I did tell a couple of my coaching clients and we have been experimenting with peerspace.

About Peerspace

Imagine Airbnb bought the businesses to find you can rent you and hire your space out in the day. Film Studios, companies, businesses, brands, bloggers, influencers, tik tok, whatever you name it, they are looking for properties like yours. And even if you think I've only got an apartment, in the middle of a city centre, you can still list on there is totally free, but just take a 15% Commission. The booking is obviously direct for you, there are no middlemen, etc. But the cool thing is, is that you can do this, and you can also still rent out at night is another way to get revenue is such a good idea.

I discovered peerspace via clubhouse as I've discovered so many new companies this year. And I'm so excited to tell them more about you. Now what I wanted to do in this episode, because I've already explained a little bit about it in a previous episode. I want to show you how easy it is to set up a listing and a couple of other things you need to look for.

How to set-up a listing

So first things first, make sure you go to that is the Boostly referral link. Now, if you ever do get a booking on peerspace Boostly will get a little bit of a referral fee as a thank you from peerspace. But please do not think that this is influencing me in any way shape, or form. I am massively a fan of this idea. And if it works, then it is such a good form and stream of revenue for you moving forward. And I've explained more about why in a previous episode. But today I want to show you a little bit behind the scenes and what you will see when you create an account.

What I'm showing you right now is design live in Chris Ballard. He has created a listing, as you can see here, and it's just currently under review. Now he has listed a quirky one bed loft apartment in a city centre location for meetings for media productions. And for events, you can choose exactly what you list and how you list and what it can be listed for. And it will go on to Peerspace platform. Right now. They are going live and get in live on this site London properties. But very soon, they're going to start to roll out more to the UK and then Europe.

What you can do

So the best thing you can do right now, go and sign up, get your property, get one of your listings added on there, get the review in there, and then go from there.

So let me just very quickly show you one of the clients that we have, that hasn't yet got a listing up and running. And then what we can do is we can pretty much just work our way sort of backwards from there. So what I'm doing tonight, when I was I'm showing you, Jody Sterling Sterling stays, um, she's halfway through 29% of the way through a third of the way through setting up her property. So as you can see, when she does that you put in your location, you put in your space type parking options, surveillance devices, you say a little bit about your description in here, you will really sell it, you know, explain who is it for who is it best for etc, you would add your pictures. So the same pictures that you'd added to Airbnb, your availability, cleaning, cancellations, again, be super flexible with the cancellations for now and go really high on the price. Because there's no pricing software for this. There's no data to go off. So just go really high on the price be flexible in the cancellation, and then go from that profile, add a little bit about yourself you can pretty much take all the information you have on Airbnb and plunk it into here.

Once you have done all of that there's only really two things like I mentioned that you need to look out for number one is the pricing so price it really high. And then with the cancellation policy be really flexible with it. Once it's in the review stage, as you can see here also pending review. You can add in FAQ you can do in a few more things you can do literally what you want. But then once that is live and once it's active on the site, then you could potentially be visible For Bookings.

Like I mentioned a while back, that there will be film studios businesses, there will be lots of different types of people looking for lots of different type of categories. So let me just go and put it into here. So we're going to go search for the 19th of July, and I'm going to put in a photography, photo shoot, photo shoot in London. And as you can see here, these are the different types of locations that people have got to choose from people who've even put on a medical Ward, blank canvases, car studio, we've got literally everything that you could possibly think of here.

Now, let's take out photoshoot. Let's try farm or rural or silver auction, art show audition auditorium as the other popular activities, audio recording, corporate event film, shoot dinner, fitness class meeting, party, networking, performance, photo shoot retreat, pop up wedding workshop. So again, even if you put on retreat, will put London just as an example. hit the search button. And again, we've got different locations coming up here.

So please don't think that your property, your business, your listing would not be applicable to here. I believe that it is such a great idea. And it's a fantastic way for location scouts, businesses, it could be just somebody on a team, it could be an admin person can come onto here, and they'll be able to find your property. And this is definitely a case of the early bird will catch the worm, this is already very popular in America, all you have to do is go to the homepage and go and look at the amount of bookings that have come through this on you will know but this is a very potential potentially powerful site. The beauty of it is is that it is free. And it is just commission-based.

The only thing that you need to do is to go and put your property on there. And we'll go from there and we'll see what we can do. Once you get your listing on there. And once you get it approved, please send me a message I'll be more than happy to take a look at your listing and see if I can give any help or advice based on what I've learned from peerspace that will help you stand out from the crowd.

I want to get as many people as possible on here. We've got 6000 people in the hospitality community I would love to get every single one of you on there.

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