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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 355. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about if the Guestflow pricing model.

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We're going with a flat fee, so all features and just 10 pounds per property. And ultimately, it replaces quite a few other things. I mean, it comes with a guest app, and it's going to be you know, all of the guest information because it's gonna be your cleaning app, it's going to be the guest management app, it's going to be everything, I think it's going to be the, you're going to have the ability to process your deposits for example, and because it's all interconnected, right. And ultimately, that's what you want, whether you're a business owner, and I was a business owner, doing it all myself as a one-man-band. So I know exactly all of the pains in the palms, I know how I felt, I know what it's like wanting to get people the right information the most quickly. And so if you want the axe, if you want all of the information to hand in your system, and you also want to be able to communicate with your guests about how to access or how to use various things, it makes sense that that's all there. Right. And, you know, I think like the deposit bit is a really good illustration of how that having the guest actually important, because you can if that's the thing that they need to do to access, the property is the highest priority thing for those guys as well. So we prioritize, and there's one link, and it takes them to their web browser. We call it the guest app. It's just on a web page, you know, and that, and that really, you know, the fact that that's tied in, they then get the guest information, if they phone up, they want to know where the headway is. We've got a screen pop on, on the kind of guest VA side of things, and we can access the property information there.

Later if the housekeeper report, damage is the same stuff that you don't want to deposit come back to the guest. Right? So yeah, that's, that's what we're building is everything you need. And it's, it's a round number.

Big painpoint

I think a big a big pain point that so many people have suffered over the course of that definitely this summer I've seen in groups not just the hospitality community but overall is is with nightclubs. And with bigger venues not open. People are instead trying to book short term rental accommodation str is what have you name it to have that party because they don't want to wreck I have a party at around place of a booking out units. And I can totally see from looking at the features of checking forms, Id collections, that deposit set things have to be met. And sometimes the reason why problems occur, like what we're talking about with parties and things happening is that there is a leak in the system. And an ID isn't collected or things aren't done properly. And that means that that guest then is in the property and you know, you may have noise where you may have sound devices set up, but you already too late they're in the property and that's when the damage can occur. So by using something like this, it just ticks off the boxes so which is very good. So go and check it out.

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