Facebook Live: How to use it to your advantage

As you know, I am currently living Bali for 6 months. One of the things I have noticed whilst being here is how popular Facebook Live in Asia is. Facebook Live Video is another great marketing tool for reaching future guests on Facebook. Live videos have priority on news feeds allowing you to appear above other corporate pages. Navigating the technology can seem difficult at first – so here are some cool ways to use it to your advantage.

Have a Facebook Live Auction

Facebook Live Auctions will have your guests just as excited as you are about your hospitality businessAuctions are becoming an increasingly popular use for Facebook Live. On the Mutesix blog, Steve Weiss discusses the use of the platform in Thailand to sell bags. Steven Millward also published a great video on Tech in Asia showcasing how these auctions are performed. This use of the platform is not as popular in Europe yet – but it will definitely make its way here. So how can you get ahead of the curve as a hotel?

Of course you cannot use Facebook Live auctions as your main sales tool – but it can be a great way to build buzz around your business. If you have a certain season where room sales are low, consider putting one up on a Facebook Live auction. How do you do this? Simply detail what you are offering in the live video, and allow people to comment with their bids. The highest bidder wins. This is also a fantastic option if you are looking at involving your business in charity fundraising.

Give a virtual tour

Aju Jacob says it perfectly in his post for Jeff Bullas – Facebook continuous live video is an excellent way to show the customers exactly what to expect. What does this mean for hotels? Give your audience a guided tour of your rooms. Facebook Live also gives you the opportunity to save posts on your feed – so even if people don’t catch it straight away, this can be a fantastic video to point future guests to. Make sure to show off all the features that make your property unique!

Is your real selling point the location? Hawthorne Creative also suggest giving your audience a tour of the local area. They use the example of a seaside resort with great views of the sunset – but even inner city hotels can benefit from this. Show your audience the local area, record nearby events and get your future guests excited not just about your property but the place it is located.

Announce news and promos

show your guests some love by advertising hotel bnb short term letting discounts and promotions on facebook live videoThis is by far one of the most popular uses for Facebook Live Video and is suggested by Little Hotelier. You can use the function to announce upcoming promotions and important news about your property. This not only helps market any special offers you have, but also keeps guests informed and boosts your customer service offering. News can, as with the guided tours, also focus on the local area. Is there an exciting concert coming to your town? Let your audience know about special rates you’re offering for ticket holders.

What makes this better than regular videos and posts? As mentioned by Travel Tripper, Live Streams are placed higher on News Feeds as they happen than other content – ensuring you get more views as it happens. The stream later appears as a regular video on your page anyway, so think of it as an extra boost for your reach. If you use Facebook Groups to market your business, hosting a Live Watch Party also sends a notification to members of the group – again bringing in larger audience numbers than regular videos.

Target the right people

As with anything you do with marketing, you need to make sure your message is reaching the right people. Nancy Huang, on Hotel Online, mentions AirBnBs Facebook Live Campaign with Disney. This was targeted to fans of the jungle book, and showcased the unique accommodation options fans of the movie can stay in for an immersive experience. If your hotel has a niche – use it!

In a city known for creative events? Use LiveStreams of local artists to promote your business. Are you in a city that is sunny all year round? Target to areas currently experiencing duller weather. This particular tactic is suggested by Hotel Business, but it can be applied to all sorts of niches and demographics. Think about events and information that would entice your regular customers, and plan a stream around that.

Have fun with events, Q+A sessions and unique content

have fun with facebook live video to get your customers excited about your hospitality businessMost importantly – have fun with your content. It seems cheesy, but the more enthusiastic you are about what you’re putting out, the more your audience will enjoy it. If your business also hosts events, this is a great way to showcase your space. Are Morch mentioned the Marriot’s campaign live event with women entrepreneurs. Not only is this an opportunity to show off your event space – but it also places you as an expert in an area you truly care about. With expertise comes press coverage, boosted marketing campaigns and more bookings.

Nina Sawayat also highlights in Smart Meetings the ability to receive real time feedback and questions. Interactive marketing is a great way to make your audience feel more involved and enthusiastic about your business. If you are hosting events, include space for a short Q+A with the Facebook Live Audience. Even if you don’t have any events coming up – host a simple Q+A instead. This shows your previous and future guests that you care about their questions and feedback – and again gives you an opportunity to show off your expertise.

Though still a relatively underused tool, Facebook Live Video is rapidly increasing as an important marketing form. It allows you to interact with your intended audience, and get ahead of the hospitality curve. This is one of the easiest ways to boost your reach on Facebook – so really it’s a no-brainer!

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