52 Surefire Ways To Attract Visitors Towards Your Website

52 Surefire Ways To Attract Visitors To Your Website

Creating a vacation rental website for your accommodation or short-term stay is quite easy. The real challenge lies in creating a marketing strategy for making it an efficient viewer magnet. That's why I've created a 52-step guide to attract more visitors to your website.

If you do ONE of these a week, then you will smash your website views in a year.

1. Add a new resource to your website.
2. Add a post to a LinkedIn article.
3. Add “alt” tags to the images on your site.
4. Add an additional email to your autoresponder series.
5. Add more of your articles to an autoresponder series for new subscribers.
6. Add to the visitors' FAQ on your website.
7. Add your latest blog post to your Social profile page to attract visitors. Also, add a bit.ly link to it.


52 Surefire Ways To Attract Visitors Towards Your Website


8. Answer comments on your blog.
9. Ask for and then submit a guest blog post for publication.
10. Ask for shares, tweets and likes in communities and Facebook groups that you’re a member of (check and see if they have promo days).
11. Build a sitemap. Then, submit it to Google Webmaster tools to attract more visitors.
12. Check your RSS feed works.
13. Comment on other people’s blog posts (leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me what you would add).
14. Create a Checklist for your visitors to use.
15. Create a Facebook group on the topic of your content. In addition, invite your readers to join.
16. Create a poll on Facebook or using Survey Monkey and discover the inner workings of your audience’s mind.
17. Create a slide show for a popular past blog. Then, add it to Slideshare.
18. Create your own vacation rental blog.
19. Create and run a Facebook advertisement.  Or boost a post to your audience.

The power of local media

20. Create and send out a press release to your local media.
21. Curate someone else’s content surrounding one topic. Then, create a powerful resource that your audience will love.
22. Ensure that your site is mobile-responsive.
23. Freshen up an older blog post with new information. Next, re-publish it, emphasising the newly updated area.
24. Get the Yoast SEO plugin.


52 Surefire Ways To Attract Visitors Towards Your Website

Participate with others

25. Go on a guest post session. Then, grow new friendships and contacts in the same industry as you.
26. Give your Google Plus profile a new lease on life. Next, start a conversation with one circle that you have.
27. Give your profile on LinkedIn a makeover, and ask for recommendations.
28. Highlight and organise old blog posts surrounding a particular topic by creating a landing page for them.
29. Host a webinar. Then, demonstrate your tips in action.
30. Interview a client or customer via a Google Hangout. Next, publish the video and transcript in a blog post.
31. Interview a vital industry person, a simple text interview or Google Hangout on air. Then, create a blog post with the content.
32. Join Blog comment pod Facebook groups.
33. Newsjack industry news story. Then, send it out via email.
34. Offer a free eBook to your audience in exchange for a social share.
35. Organise a targeted pinboard on Pinterest and pin relevant content. Then, embed the board on all the posts you have on that topic.
36. Participate in online forums. In addition, remember to add a link in your bio, if it’s allowed.
37. Promote your content on social media channels where your ideal customers are.

52 Surefire Ways To Attract Visitors Towards Your Website

Research and work with others

38. Refresh all the images on your website. In addition, swap them out for some next exciting ones, or seasonal ones. Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination.
39. Search for other bloggers in your niche as well as influencers and build a friendship.
40. Search the hashtag for your topic. Then, answer questions on the subject.
41. Share another influencer’s content with your audience. Next, explain why it’s useful or important.
42. Sign up for Sumo.com. You'll see, it’s amazing.
43. Start a podcast. Then, talk about your blog posts.
44. Start an expert panel series of webinars, hangouts, or blog posts. Everyone loves a series, ask Netflix.
45. Take a topic. Then, research a few blogs on the subject. Add them to a post on your blog. KEY: remember to add your thoughts – that’s what makes it truly valuable and original.
46. Tie a holiday into your promotional content. There’s nothing like celebrating national beekeeping day or national tomato soup day.
47. Transcribe interviews to text and publish them. If you have a series, create a mini-eBook and add it to a post with a content locker in it.

52 Surefire Ways To Attract Visitors Towards Your Website

More tips

48. Turn a fact-based, data-driven blog post into an infographic. Then, remember to pin it after you’ve published it.
49. Turn a favourite blog post into a video. Next, add the video to the blog post.
50. Use Canva.com to grab a quote to share on social media. In addition, remember to add your URL to the image, save it on your phone, and upload it to Instagram.
51. Update your Facebook page profile. Then, remember to check that the links on your page and your contact button works.
52. Update your Pinterest profile. Updating exciting pins On Pinterest helps a lot.


52 Surefire Ways To Attract Visitors Towards Your Website


Remember, you’ll still need to promote your content to get the maximum benefit from it. In addition, you can automate some of the material with promotional aspects using a tool like MissingLettr.

Getting more traffic to your website is secure. All you need to do is make sure your content is quality. If not, your bounce rate is going to be sky high.

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