Easy money tip so many hosts are not doing

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 5. This is a recap of Facebook live video where I talked about the tip that so many hosts are not doing.

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01:20 One tip that many of you aren't doing
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My name is Mark Simpson and I give hosts just like you the tools, the tactics, the training and the confidence to go and get your own direct bookings, you're not over-relying on the OTAs. I'm going to share with you one top tip that so many of you aren't doing right now. And it will boost your income in 2021 and beyond.

But before I do that, please make sure that this is the first time that you've tuned in to one of my videos or podcasts, make sure that you subscribe, download more, like but most importantly share this with a friend of yours who is in hospitality. It could be in property hospitality, or it could just be an Airbnb for all I care to share it with them to give them the confidence because there is revenge travel coming in 2021. And I want you to be a part of it, I want you to be ready.

Now some of you may have guests in your property right now, some of you may have guests may be due to arrive very soon. But here's one thing that you can do that the OTAs will never do for you know what you can do. Number one, every guest has got a telephone number attached to their booking, whether they booked direct or via OTAs. Now normally now say we're in 2021 upon recording, they give you their mobile telephone. And the majority of the world now have either WhatsApp or telegram on their phone. So these are free messaging tools.

A simple text message

So what you can do when they arrive, whether this is you, or if you outsource this to a member of staff, just send them a WhatsApp, a voice note, a text message. It could be copy and paste if you're literally really busy, and you're doing all of the things. But what you need to do is to send a text message. Now what you can do right here is say, Hey, Mr. Guest, is there anything we can do for you? Is there anything we can get you? So this again, comes back to upsell.

I spoke about this on an earlier lesson. Where the power of the upsell is what we can learn from hotels very well to say, Hey, Mr. Guests, what can we do for you anything we can get you? And again, if he says yeah, sure, then you could just list off any partnerships you've got or anything that you could do.

Another one you could do, which was really clever, look at your calendar. So look at your PMS, and then look at the date that they're due to check out and then have a look at the day to day do to check in the next guest to do to check in. So if it's like a three or four-day gap between guests number one leaving and guest number two arriving, you could simply send a text message it's free to do takes less than two minutes it can be a voice note saying hey mr. Guests, just to let you know, the next party don't arrive for another four days until after you check out Would you like to extend your stay for three extra days and enjoy a little bit more.

Number one, you could give them a discount number two, it's really hard to sell those three or four days. So by doing this you can get extra income coming in and it's direct so there's no commission so you can afford to give them a bit of a discount for doing so, you can either discount or say if you do I will treat you to a takeaway. Something as simple as that could be the difference between small little changes, figure bumps in your overall income for 2021 and beyond.

So super simple one easy money but so many hosts are not doing utilize WhatsApp utilize telegram utilize free text messaging and just give it a go. What's the worst that can say is no.

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