Common Mistakes Most Hosts Make on Airbnb

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 29. This is a recap of my interview with Danny Rusteen where we talked about the common mistakes hosts make on AirBnB.

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You move into a brand new house, and you start buying things for that house. And then you know you're excited. So the first edition of the house is pretty nice. It's pretty clean and organized. But you live there for a decade. And after the decade, you have shit everywhere. And that's no, that's no different on the Airbnb mistakes you make on listings, that you're never going to delete photos, you're always going to there's going to be too many photos, there's going to be too much text. And then what there's going to be is there's going to be confusing text. In one point, you say the pool is closed. In another point, you say there's construction outside. And then you know in the third point you say that, you know the pools are open year-round or something or, or this place is like extraordinarily quiet. So I often take out a lot of excess confusing mistakes or just not needed material.

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