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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 435. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about a Boostly update.

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Welcome to the new office. Welcome to the new studio. Welcome to the new podcast. As always, my name is Mark Simpson. And I give hosts just like you the tools, the tactics, the training, but most importantly, the confidence to go and get my direct bookings.

Boostly update

And a lot has changed since I last spoke to you. We are now back in the UK, we are now in our new house and I am now in my new office. As you can see, it looks totally different. Still got a lot of the same equipment, but the changes in the surroundings are different.

What's going to be happening moving forward is that the podcast is still going to stay as consistent as ever. It won't be every single day. So it won't be Monday to Sunday, seven days a week. The workload and the production and things that has to get done to make sure that you get a podcast is a lot and moving forward, there's still going to be a podcast, but it's not going to be every day, it's going to be maybe five days or four days or three days a week. But the content and what I provide for you is going to stay the same.

What kept me busy

What I've been doing ever since we've moved back from Spain, is really trying to figure out where I stand in this industry. What do I bring to the table? What is my niche? What do I do?

And the thing that's become pretty obvious to me. And the reason why so many people tune in to this podcast is that it is the most actionable podcast out there. What do I mean by that?

So the tools and the tactics and the training that I share to you, and to any host are ones that you can put into practice. As soon as you finish listening doesn't matter whether it is a three-minute podcast, or a 30 minute podcast or a three-hour podcast. Everything that we talk and we discuss and I share with you, I am confident that you can finish and put it into practice and you will generate direct bookings

What happened recently

Talking about direct bookings, something big happened recently, I released my very first book, the book direct playbook. I am so happy to announce for the first time, especially in podcast form that this book became a best seller within 24 hours on Amazon, which I still find hard to describe and talk about. But thank you very much to the community who purchased it and left reviews, that the feedback that I've got has been fantastic. The people reaching out to me and doing their homework because this book, as you will know if you've picked up a copy has got homework in it is great. And the amount of people that are interacting with the completely free companion costs is unreal.

If you're yet to pick up a book, make sure you head to the, it will divert you to the Amazon store wherever you are in the world. You can get Kindle, you can get paper, and very very soon depending on when you listen to this, the audible version will be there as well.

So what's going to be happening from here on in well, the podcasts obviously going to stay the same. But we're going to be getting more interviews, I want to be getting more hosts, I want to be getting more peers, more providers on the podcast do an interview forms. Obviously members of the team Boostly will get behind the scenes access to those zoom calls where they can jump in and ask questions live.

Also as well, the video and the audio and the blog will stay exactly the same. So if you prefer written, you can head to the Boostly blog. If you prefer audio, then you've got it on Apple podcasts, Google, Spotify, you name it. And also as well, you've got the video for YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, you'll find the videos on there.

Boostly podcast

Talking about the audio some good news. The Boostly podcast is now one of the top 3% podcasts in the world. What do I mean by that? To get your podcast in the top 3% of all downloads in the world, you need to have your podcast downloaded over 7000 times within the first 10 to 14 days.

Well, I can let you very proudly know that. That is where the Boostly podcast currently stands. There are over a million podcasts out there. And again, thanks to this amazing community. The audio version of the podcast is one of the top 3% in the world.

So if you are one of them who tunes in and I know there's a lot of you, whether it's on the dog walk, school run, washing the pots, doing the dishes, changing the beds, whatever your routine is, thank you very much for tuning in.

I will be back very soon with another episode of the podcast. If this is the first time that you've tuned in, please make sure you check out all of the other episodes. There are over 400 that you can dig into. And if this is the first time please make sure you hit the like button. You subscribe. You sign up for more. I'll be back with another episode very soon. But until then, as always stay productive. Don't be reactive. Let's go get some direct bookings.

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