Boosting direct bookings with Touch Stay digital guidebooks: your path to success

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, where OTAs and third-party booking platforms dominate, hosts and property managers face an ongoing challenge: how do you connect directly with potential guests and drive direct bookings? Enter Touch Stay, a game-changer in the industry with its digital guidebooks. This innovative tool empowers hosts to not only boost direct bookings but also enhance their brand and provide exceptional guest experience.

Power of Email Capture: collecting guest emails for direct bookings

One of the key challenges in boosting direct bookings is staying connected to guests even after they’ve checked out. Touch Stay’s Email Capture feature addresses this challenge brilliantly. It seamlessly integrates a newsletter sign-up form into the digital guidebook, ensuring that guests encounter it naturally, or can be guided to it with a specific link. This non-intrusive approach allows hosts to collect guest emails for future direct marketing activities.

The best part? You can set up notifications for when emails are collected, and you can easily download them in one convenient file. Whether you use Touch Stay’s Email Capture template or customise it with your brand’s voice, this tool helps transform one-time stays into lifelong guests.

Mastering guest communication with Memo: streamlining communication efforts

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a great guest experience. Memo, Touch Stay’s guest messaging tool, empowers hosts to create and automate their guest communication flow. This means you can provide guests with the right information at the right time – before, during, and after their stay.

Memo comes in handy with ready-made guest message templates that can be personalised using reservation data and tailored to your tone of voice: “The right communication makes it not just a holiday but an experience for our guests to make lasting memories. Memo helps us achieve that.” (Dani Stein, Villa Uma Dewi Sri, Indonesia)
Use Memo to market upsells, guide guests to specific content in your digital guidebook, and help them prepare for their stay, even if it’s a last-minute booking.

First Impressions: ensuring a memorable start to guests’ stays

First impressions matter, and Touch Stay’s First Impressions feature ensures you get them right. This tool is crucial in the first hours of a guest's stay, reinforcing a friendly welcome and requesting honest feedback. It's designed to help hosts address any issues promptly and increase chances of that coveted 5-star rating after check out. By addressing any issues promptly, you can secure that coveted 5-star rating at check-out.

Memo can even schedule your First Impressions prompt to go out to guests automatically, eliminating the hassle of remembering when to send initial check-in messages. This feature turns guest satisfaction into a predictable outcome.

Your brand in the driving seat: personalise and promote

Your Touch Stay digital guidebook is more than just a paper guide replacement – it’s your digital brochure and a powerful branding tool. Customise it with your logo, brand colours, fonts, images, videos, and more. Let your guests get to know your business, not just another generic short-term rental.
But that’s not all; you can take things further:

  • Add links to your direct booking site: encourage guests to book again directly from your guidebook.
  • Include upsells: generate additional revenue by promoting discounts, affiliated products, or services.
  • Embed a guidebook preview on your website: attract potential guests and entice them to make that booking.

Hospitality is about delivering a personal touch, and Touch Stay makes it effortless. Personalise your digital guidebooks for each guest to showcase what makes your place unique. By creating a guidebook that’s recognisably yours, you’ll make it easy for guests to book directly with you, build loyalty, and nurture retaining guests.

The power of Touch Stay

In the competitive world of hospitality, Touch Stay’s intuitive digital guidebooks, combined with regular feature updates, provide hosts and property managers with powerful tools to boost direct bookings, reinforce their brand, and deliver exceptional guest experiences. By leveraging branding, making great first impressions, capturing guest emails, and optimising guest communication, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Try Touch Stay free for 14 days and discover how it can transform your hosting experience. It’s time to put your brand in the driver’s seat and watch your direct bookings soar!
Use code BOOST10 for 10% off your first year’s subscription.

What does it cost? One guidebook is £76 (+VAT) per year for your first guidebook – that’s 21p per day to save heaps of time and welcome happier guests. Got more than one property/unit? The discount kicks in immediately, with your second guidebook being less than half price. You’ll find the pricing calculator here.

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