Airbnb Travel Trends 2021

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 10. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about AirBnB travel trends for 2021.

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01:30 Homes instead of apartments
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My name is Mark Simpson, I give hosts just like you the tools, the tactics, the training and the confidence to go and increase your direct bookings and not rely on the otas. Today we're going to talk about Airbnb travel trends 2021. And they just released it recently. And there's some really interesting stats that they've come up with. And they found in doing their latest surveys, and you have to pay attention to this because they run through millions and millions of guests. And they do surveys that that is talking to people, our future potential guests here.

Homes instead of apartments this 2021

People are looking to book entire homes instead of apartments. So we're looking to travel with three or more people and are looking to stay for longer. So this means is that number one, they're looking for bigger properties, they're looking for a unique stay is another thing that came out of it at three or more. So it's not just one or two people this is you know, from offices or family, it could be a group of people. And what they're looking to do is we're looking to stay longer.

Now, if anybody else has noticed what Airbnb has been doing in the background, as I do is that they are opening up and changing their search results. So as you can see, now if you go into the Airbnb website, you've got the ability to book for a month.

We're doing short and long stays, because we've everything changing the workplace, the nine to five, where people work is changing. And what you'll find now is that some of the biggest corporations in the world, Google, Twitter, etc, they've changed their workforce to a virtual team. So people that are being paid a very, very good wage, and now being told that they can work from home now instead of working from a cramped apartment, maybe in the middle of a city center. What they're looking to do is they're looking to work away a big one workcation. And they have noticed this massively, which is why Airbnb are going to be changing their search results soon, to where on one of the filters, it's going to be where people can look and book a stay based on Wi-Fi speeds, which is a tip of the hat to this actually.

What you can do this 2021

So what can you be doing number one, if you've got a large house, number two, if you have got a property that's available for longer-term books, and you are not yet listed on Airbnb, go and do so. Even though I'm all about Mr. Book direct, it's be naive of you not to be listed everywhere. And you've got to be listed on the places where your ideal guests are looking for.

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