5 Ways Hotels Can Use IFTTT to Boost Marketing Efforts

5 Ways Hotels Can Use IFTTT to Boost Marketing Efforts

IFTTT stands for “IF This, Then That” (pronounce it like “gift” without a G). This online service connects apps, devices and services together to make your life easier. It uses “if this, then that” statements, known as “Recipes”, to connect your activities and automate processes. I know what you're thinking: This sounds really complicated! It's actually quite simple.

Once you get the hang of it, IFTTT will change your life. Here are some of the ways we think IFTTT can save you time and improve your online presence.

Freeing up your time

Automation is one of the most useful features of IFTTT. Here's just one application: IFTTT allows you to automatically post something from one social media platform to another. For example, you can create an “IF” Recipe that says, “If a new post is added to the company blog, then post it to Facebook and Twitter also.” This means that you no longer have to remember to share each post across your social media accounts. Upload once and let IFTTT handle the rest.

Tracking and alerts

Alerts are an efficient way to stay posted about your competitors’ activities. If you want to know what reviews Competitor X is receiving on TripAdvisor, for example, you can use IFTTT to set up a tracker that records mentions of that business. Your Recipe would say, “if competitor ‘X' is mentioned on TripAdvisor, send me an email”, or, “if competitor ‘X' posts anything about a particular topic, send me an email”. You can also use IFTTT to track local events in your area so that you can use them in your social media. This way, you can Tweet or post about an upcoming local event, making yourself an integral part of the local community and letting prospective guests know what's happening in the area.

How Hotels Can Use IFTTT to Boost Marketing Efforts

Stay on top of social media

Digital marketing is huge. Every successful business needs to be current on social media. You also need your blog posts and information to be read by prospective guests if you want to succeed in the hospitality industry. That's why it's important that you know how to use social media the right way. Just because you post something once doesn’t mean it will catch everyone’s attention the first time around. Make sure you keep your company’s content current. For example, if it’s raining, use IFTTT to create a Recipe posting about your extraordinary indoor resort facilities to multiple platforms. Customers will see your relevant content and your enquiries will increase.

5 Ways Hotels Can Use IFTTT to Boost Marketing Efforts

IFTTT as your personal secretary

Administrative tasks are a pain in the neck. Say “no” to creating invoices, maintaining guest files, and splurging thousands on expensive, time-sucking admin jobs. Use IFTTT instead. In addition to “IF” Recipes, IFTTT lets you create “DO” Recipes to make a job even easier. Examples of “DO” Recipes include:

DO Button, a shortcut to the things you do most often. This includes turning on your lights with just a tap, automatically marking the next hour as “busy” in your Google calendar, and more.

DO Note, a personalised notepad for the notes you take most frequently.

DO camera, a personalised camera to customise photos and connect with various websites, apps and devices that you use every day.

You might want to subscribe to some good training material around hospitality marketing to get a better handle on all of the uses for IFTTT.

5 Ways Hotels Can Use IFTTT to Boost Marketing Efforts and Outpace the competition

Outpace the competition

For most businesses, success is about who stands at the peak. While IFTTT allows you to track your competitors, it also helps you to reach better prospects before competitors do. Be an opportunist. No matter what the second speaker has to say about a particular topic, the first speaker always grabs attention. So if a query about, say, luxury stay facilities pop up, you can use IFTTT to swiftly become the first business to grab their attention.

At Boostly HQ, we use IFTTT for a number of services. The setup on the IFTTT website is simple to learn and use. Once you register, you'll have access to pre-made Recipes that will transform your hotel's online marketing.

To find out more, head to www.IFTTT.com

To find out how to get started on IFTTT, click here

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