How to put the Hotel Booking process on Autopilot

Want to boost your direct bookings?

Recently we have been working on an autopilot time-saving system which could potentially help you in the daily running of your guesthouse or hotel. What we would like now is some feedback from YOU. 

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What we’re offering is an autopilot system which does everything for you as soon as the booking comes in. 


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We call it the REACTION ENGINE. It reacts to an event, for example, a booking, with one of four crucial actions.

  1. Schedule: you can schedule Reaction Engine to perform a function before or after an event.
  2. Event: for example, the event of a new booking happening.
  3. Execute at: schedule the reaction to take place immediately, one week after the event, etc.
  4. Task: preauthorise client credit card, send email, etc.


For example, if you ask the system to do a pre-authorisation of a client credit card immediately after a new booking has come in, this is what it will do: It will check that the credit card has enough money on it to take a deposit. If it’s successful, it would proceed to the next task, which could be to send an email to the guest. If it’s unsuccessful at any point in this process, the autopilot system will email the guest and let them know that the booking didn’t go through. 


Want to boost your direct bookings?


But the best thing about this is that you don’t have to do anything. 


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You can customise your email to the guest ahead of time. You can send them information about check-in times, information about your restaurant, or whatever you want. 


Another amazing feature of the system is that it will recognise when a booking is done through and send the customer an email asking for their real email address. This means that you can communicate directly with the customer as opposed to being stuck with the OTA. Plus you can use this email address for future marketing and communication with the customer. 


Doesn’t that sound like an amazing time-saver?


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I’ve also been looking into adding text messaging to the Reaction Engine. Instead of emails, customers could receive a text on their mobile. Emails can get overlooked, but text messages can’t. Do you think that would be helpful?

Here are my questions for you:

(1) Does Reaction Engine sound like something that would be beneficial for your hospitality?

(2) What other automated tools would you find helpful in the day-to-day running of your guesthouse?


Please let us know! Comment below or send us an email at [email protected]!


Watch this video for more information about Reaction Engine!


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