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34 best Airbnb and Short term rental content creators to watch in 2023 – PART 2

34 best Airbnb and short term rental (STR) content creators to watch in 2023 (YouTube, Instagram, etc)

Part 2

Short term rental content creators are an absolute goldmine for anyone who is looking to improve their cash flow and wants to start a lucrative side hustle this year. They'll teach you pretty much everything you need to know right here on YouTube, so you can start fine-tuning your short-term rental investment and Airbnb marketing knowledge for free!


During part 1 of this series, we took a look at some of the best Airbnb and STR content creators of 2023 and why you need to check out their profiles. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of who else you should be watching in this space:

Jason Ferrante

Jason is an entrepreneur and coach dedicated to teaching the ins and out of the short term rental business to his clients and Instagram followers. He operates a 7-figure Airbnb investment and management business and offers comprehensive online coaching and plenty of free resources on his Instagram page. He's most known for his mindset content, which details the mindset shift needed to be a successful Airbnb entrepreneur.


Patryk Swietek

Newbie-friendly, Patryk Swietek is an Airbnb host, public speaker, and investor who is passionate about helping millennials & Gen Z'ers achieve financial freedom using STR. At only 26, Patryk amassed an impressive Airbnb portfolio and is the founder and CEO of STR Nation, a short-term rental marketing agency that helps hosts & entrepreneurs maximize their ROI.


Dave Cordner

UK-based STR host and content creator Dave Cordner is most known for having a management portfolio value of over 10 million pounds, and for his regular YouTube training videos where he guides running a successful business. He also runs a podcast and an online course which helps to take the guesswork out of setting up an Airbnb business.


Michael Elefante

Michael is an Airbnb host with a passion for teaching others how he has achieved his success. We especially love his TikTok, which uses snappy, 15-second videos to deliver invaluable STR insights & strategies. As a content creator, Michael has well over 900,000 followers on TikTok and boasts an incredible 6.6 million likes, which puts him right at the top of the STR influencer game.


Daniella Derin

Daniella and Vincenzo are digital nomads and passionate travellers with a successful real estate business. These guys differ from the others on this list in that they offer advice not just for investors but for travellers too! This dynamic duo travels the world, sharing drool-worthy Instagram snaps of their beachfront Marbella Airbnb stays and their tips on how to get the most out of your Airbnb experience.


Alex Sabio

Alex Sabio is a content creator, educator, and short-term rental expert who is adept at helping people grow their Airbnb business. On his Instagram, you'll catch plenty of tips on how to level up your listings, make money with short-term rentals, and valuable lessons from his experiences as an STR host. He's a specialist in helping healthcare professionals build their real estate portfolios, and his free resources are essential for anyone looking to start their own business.


Kristen and Michael

Renowned for their rental property in Joshua Tree, this couple is well-versed in the STR business. After quitting their corporate jobs, they bought a piece of land in California and set out to build an oasis they could share with family, friends, and travellers from all over. Now, they document the entire journey over on their YouTube, which features detailed accounts of their successes, struggles, and tips on how to make the most out of your own STR investment.


Dustin Baker

Dustin's cracked the code when it comes to making money with short-term rentals. After several years as an Airbnb host, Dustin has become a sought-after expert in the STR field. His Instagram page is full of valuable advice, and he offers a range of online courses that cover everything from Airbnb basics to advanced real estate investing strategies. Dustin has also co-written two books on the subject, which provide easy-to-follow guides that are aimed at anyone who's looking to build a short-term rental portfolio.


Kai Andrew

If you are a big thinker who wants to take your real estate business to the pinnacle of success, then Kai’s YouTube channel is for you. With over 85k subscribers, his channel features plenty of actionable advice, behind-the-scenes footage of his properties, and interviews with other successful hosts.


Emanuele Pani

Emanuele Pani is a content creator, short-term rental investor, podcast host, and broker who is passionate about helping people reach their financial goals. Specializing in all things real estate in Florida, Emanuele helps others maximize their ROI potential with the use of his unique insights. He also regularly hosts webinars and offers exclusive resources to those looking to get ahead in this competitive market.


Mike Will Travel

Mike is a video creator from New Jersey, USA who showcases the coolest Airbnbs and hotels around the world. He is a must-follow for anyone wishing to create a memorable experience for their guests, as his videos will blow you away and inspire your own STR visual ideas. Mike also provides reviews, hacks, and tips for hosts that are guaranteed to up your game when it comes to hospitality.


Levi Kelly

Levi's YouTube channel documents his journey as an avid STR traveller. He explores the world searching for the most out-there, design-forward, imaginative Airbnb stays and shares his findings with the world. His videos unveil hidden gems from around the globe and provide insight into how to make your STR stand out from the competition. With over 540,000 subscribers, Levi’s videos are stunning, inspiring, and informative all at once.


Ethan Abitz

Ethan runs a beautiful YouTube channel dedicated to documenting his travels in his van and staying at beautiful STR cabins high up in the mountains. He's a must-follow for any aspiring Airbnb host as his videos demonstrate how the most successful hosts present their homes, create their unique style, and market their spaces effectively.


Shelby Wilray

Shelby is a traveller and photographer who documents his adventures with stunning pictures on his Instagram account. His images provide a unique peek into the world of traveling and staying at Airbnb, while his captions share advice on how to make your Airbnb stand out.


Christopher Funk

We love Christopher's Instagram account as a source of inspiration for any STR hosts who need some interior design ideas. He shares stunning and creative shots of his Airbnb homes which demonstrate his unique style and show how to create a truly desirable space.


Jon Kreye

Jon is an Airbnb host and brand photographer with a knack for creating beautiful and inviting homestays. His Instagram page is full of tips for other Airbnb hosts with advice on how to make your space stand out, from styling tricks to optimizing the photography that showcases your property. He also regularly posts inspiring interior designs that will breathe life into any dull Airbnb.


Jon Shefsky

Jon is a real estate expert with a passion for teaching and helping others achieve financial success. His quirky video content style has become popular amongst Airbnb hosts, with his videos featuring advice and tips on how to build a successful short-term rental portfolio. Jon also provides an analysis of the current market and interviews with other prominent players in the industry. He's a no-BS, down-to-earth content creator who helps inspire Airbnb hosts to reach their goals.


By taking advantage of the varied knowledge, resources, and experiences of all of these experts, you can obtain valuable advice to help you make the most out of your Airbnb experience. With their help, you can learn how to create the ultimate rental so that your guests have an unforgettable stay.


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