Why Paula Butler Needed Help After Converting B&B into Holiday Cottages

Paula Butler has been in the hospitality industry for fifteen years. However, recently she converted her property from a Bed and Breakfast into holiday cottages. She found that although it's within the same industry, the challenges she faced as a cottage owner were slightly different than those with which she was already familiar. In addition, she knew she needed a consistent marketing plan to support the change she is about to go through.

At this digital age, she has been struggling with the latest technology and marketing techniques that she can use for her business.

So, she decided to join the Boostly Community because of Mark's hospitality marketing advice, which she found truly inspiring for her business. As a result, she never regretted her decision.

Paula Butler from Cockington Holiday Cottages in Torquay, Devon

Website: www.cockingtoncottages.co.uk

Facebook: @cockingtoncottages4u

Booking engine used: Bookalet

Watch this short video where Paula Butler explains what she has learned from Mark.

Paula Butler has struggled with marketing and media in the past. But, she feels as though she has learned a lot of great things from Mark. Boostly Academy has been a worthy investment! As a result, her transition from Bed & Breakfast to Cockington Holiday Cottages was very smooth. She is very thankful to Mark's amazing help.

Check out mark's training portfolio, here.

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