Lorraine Turnbull from Gite Le Bois Vert – Boostly Academy Review

Lorraine Turnbull runs Gite Le Bois Vert in France. She joined the Boostly Academy in order to brush up on her Information Technology skills. Lorraine needed help within the industry. She had seen Mark's expertise, and when she joined, she got tailored training from Mark and Boostly Academy for her needs.

Website:ย giteleboisvert.fr


Booking engine used:

Watch this short video where Lorraine talks about how Boostly helped her increase her direct bookings.

Lorraine learned marketing tips, how to manipulate Online Travel Agents to get them to do what she needs them to do, and more about using social media to her advantage and of Gite Le Bois Vert.

She says that hospitality owners should join Boostly Academy because increasing bookings is the name of the game and the business. She has gained more bookings in the past year thanks to Mark's training, and now she can go back to revisit the training any time she wants and teach it to others, too.

The training is delivered in a clear, sharp, short way that suits her and her business!

If you want to get in touch with Mark, send an email atย [email protected].

You can also find his hotel marketing training portfolio atย https://boostly.co.uk/shop/

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