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Jules Gibson of The Beaches Increased Her Social Media Presence With Boostly

“Bite-size videos are great”

Jules Gibson of The Beaches Guesthouse joined Boostly because she liked the ideas Mark has. She loves how the videos are broken up into little chunks, which allows her to tap in and out of the whichever video suits her.

When she signed up, her main goal was to increase direct bookings, which she has done by promoting herself on social media. Facebook is an especially big one for her. She has also made sure her website is super user-friendly by having a massive book-now button so it's obvious how to book. Her phone number is also displayed right next to it.

Jules Gibson of The Beaches Guesthouse in Scarborough


Facebook: @thebeachesscarborough

Twitter: @TheBeachesScarb

Instagram: @thebeachesscarborough

Booking engine used: Freetobook

Watch this short video where Jules talks about how Boostly has helped her increase her social media presence.

Jules tells us that she has gained more direct bookings for The Beaches and pulled some of her main dates off of so that she can encourage people to go over to the website so customers will get the best deals.

Mark Simpson Boostly Opinion My take

What Mark has to say about working with Jules and Alec

Jules and Alec of The Beaches are amazing! I have known them for years now and I have always been impressed with how they use social media to promote their guesthouse. I encourage everyone to go and check out their Facebook page and Instagram account.

Not only do they run the B&B, but they have also purchased a campervan and have started to hire it out to guests. It's been fantastic to see them launch a side business from the ground and grow it over the past few months.

They are also very big on the #BookDirect message. One thing that has impressed me is how, when you land on their website, you get a message about why it pays to book direct.

Everyone can learn a lot of lessons from how Jules and Alec market their business online.

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