Are you struggling to increase your direct bookings?

You’ve tried so many different marketing strategies... but you’re not getting the results you need.

If this sounds like you, there’s probably nothing wrong with your current setup. You simply don’t have a large enough engaged audience to increase the income you need.

It’s not just you, it’s the problem with 95% of other hospitality owners I speak to. 

The reason is this.

For years online travel agents like Booking com and Airbnb have been the “go-to” way for reserving places to stay when on holidays, business or just a weekend away.  

With promises of the best deals and ‘fair’ reviews, it seemed like the best way to go.  

But for those who ACTUALLY run properties, we know that just isn’t true…  

In fact…  

9 times out of 10, they offer poor customer service, higher prices, and operate using a broken rating system.

Which means it’s less about the guest experience and more about how much commission they can earn from You.

Well, NOT anymore… 

Don’t Get Left Behind…  

I can help you build an engaged online audience so you can create your ideal business. 

Perhaps you’d love to learn how to not rely on third parties to bring in your bookings. Or dream not having to worry how your new customers are going to find you online . Maybe you’d just like to learn how to make social media work for you.

All of this is SO MUCH easier when you have an engaged audience that will spread the word of your business for you. 

Interested in learning actionable marketing tactics that will work for everyone? Keep reading....

The good news it's never too late to start generating more direct bookings! (nor too early)

Let's get started

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Listen or watch my weekly podcast which is full of practical tips and tactics to help you be proactive in your marketing.

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Join my free Facebook Community – where you can connect with other hospitality owners from all over the world. 

Three ways you can work with me

1. Join The Book Direct Membership

(from £9.99 a month)

A first of its kind in the world of hospitality. The Book Direct Membership focuses on giving every hospitality owner and property manager the basic tools they need to increase their direct bookings. Never have to come up with social media content again, get access to over 80 hours of easy to follow marketing tutorial videos from Boostly and also get listed on the fastest growing paid listing website in the world.

This is suitable for you if you:

  • You’re SICK of paying outhigh commissions on every booking you
    receive through 3rd party or OTA booking sites
  • You’re SICK of having to come up with content ideas for social media.
  • You’re SICK of relying on OTA’s and 3rd party sites for your bookings

Need help increasing your direct bookings? Check out my Book Direct Membership

2. Get a Boostly Website

(from £399.99)

Don’t Let A Cluttered, Unfinished Or Non Existent Website Stop You From Doubling Your Direct Bookings. 

It’s no secret… The short-stay accommodation industry is growing. Which means the competition in your local area is getting fiercer by the day. This is why standing out in 2020 has NEVER been more important.

Let me ask you this question “When was the last time you checked how many direct bookings your website brought in?” 

If you don’t know the answer to that question, then you need my help

This is suitable for you if you:

  • Want to Skyrocket Your Direct Bookings
  • Want to Stand Out From Crowd
  • Be Proud Of Your Website
  • Want peace of mind that your website will work how you want it to
  • Get Support from experts who know what they are talking about

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Need help with the re-design of your website? This is the best place to start 

3. Join my exclusive Boostly Academy Mastermind

(from £999.99)

Do you enjoy learning and working alongside other like minded people? Prefer to work with an accountability buddy who will push you to stick with your goals and have a group camaraderie to fall back on when you have questions? Then The Boostly Academy is for you

This is suitable for you if you:

  • Want to learn amongst others and have an accountability group
  • Work best in a group atmosphere.
  • Want to have access to experts from the world of social media, SEO, branding, Pricing and much more and not have to pay thousands for the privilege.
  • Work with me on the highest level possible with access to one on one ‘Get Boosted’ calls.

Note: The Boostly Academy only opens up for new enrolments a year. You can click below to find out more information and get the latest testimonials, however you may not be able to join right now.

About Me
Need help boosting your direct bookings? I'm your go-to expert.

Over the past five years, I’ve helped hospitality owners all over the world increase their direct bookings by sharing with them the the exact tactics and tips I used to grow my family farm stay business in the North Yorkshire Moors in the United Kingdom.

Many of my Boostly members are looking to get a better idea of how to use Facebook, get more people to their website or simply want to learn how to send an email. 

What I have done is create a platform and a resource where hosts can learn practical marketing tactics that they can put into practise straight away that have amazing result, doesn’t matter what skill level they have.

2020 has been a big year for me personally with awards for the best use of social media and headlining the Book Direct Symposium in Athens and the Short Stay Show in London.

I also have a popular podcast and blog where I share practical tips and tactics and I’m the founder of the most engaged Facebook Group for hospitality owners.

In 2019 I launched the which has become the fastest growing listing website in the world. 

And The Boostly Academy is the largest paid membership group for Hospitality Owners in all categories.

Most importantly, my members and clients are seeing a record number of direct bookings and profit margins. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and helping you increase your direct bookings.

"Can’t recommend highly enough!"

I have been with Boostly Academy for a couple of years now. It’s a fantastic training site for hospitality owners. Genuine material from a good guy who knows his stuff! Mark Simpson never lets us down! Constantly updating engaging training, support and community
Can’t recommend highly enough!
Sharon Mears, Arralt Cottage, UK

Sharon Mears Arralt Cottage
Julie Mills Rolsen of Garth Mansion USA
"I suggest everyone find him and follow his guidelines"

Mark Simpson has been wonderful to work with on several levels. How some guy from the UK can be so full of information and then be so willing to share and help other innkeepers and business folks is behind me!
Thanks Mark, you are not getting rid of me for a long time. I suggest everyone find him and follow his guidelines.
Julie Mills Rolsen of Garth Mansion and Midwest Innkeepers Association, USA

"This pushed me out of my comfort zone"

Mark’s training for hospitality owners is brilliant. I recently joined the Boostly Academy and completed a 5 day facebook giveaway challenge with them. This pushed me out of my comfort zone, kept me motivated and taking actions and increased my facebook followers. Learning from Mark and fellow Academy members is invaluable to me a small business owner.
Jane Corner of Campden Yurts, UK

Jane Corner of Campden Yurts
Carl Mason of Summit Vacations in USA
"The information is succinct, easily applicable, even relatable"

Boostly, with Mark Simpson, is fantastic. The information is succinct, easily applicable, even relatable. The support from Mark and the groups as a collective are brilliant sources of support and camaraderie. It’s all
Simply amazing and indescribably valuable.
Carl Mason, Summit Vacations, USA

"Helped me get more direct bookings - that's for sure!"

Great content delivered by a genuinely knowable and clever chap! Helped me get more direct bookings – that’s for sure!
Liam Carolan, Ginger and Gold Ltd Serviced Accommodation, UK

Liam Carolan of Ginger and Gold
Vic Brown of Bronllys Farm
"Mark Simpson, will be my one-stop training partner in the journey"

Boostly is a fantastic way to learn a wide range of online marketing techniques both through own-pace learning modules and the group exercises. The recent social media challenge was excellent with step by step clear directions and the camaraderie of hundreds of people involved with mutual support and encouragement. So much more to learn in my hospitality field and Boostly, led by Mark Simpson, will be my one-stop training partner in the journey

Vic Brown, Bronllys Farm, UK

"I would highly recommend to anyone with a hospitality based business."

Mark is very knowledgeable and supportive. The challenge was very well prepared. Overall it was an enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend to anyone with a hospitality based business.
Maria Louise Millen, Higher Trewithen Holiday Cottages, UK

Maria Louise Millen of Higher Trewithen Holiday Cottages
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