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Make the most of commission free bookings with a professionally designed website optimised for converting lookers in to bookers.

Turn Lookers Into Bookers

  • Professionally designed pages
  • Easy to add your own content
  • Mobile first design approach
  • Help and support along the way
  • World class managed hosting
  • Your own domain name and email

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it… Hear from our happy clients!

Website Setup

Welcome to the most cost-effective website solution for hospitality owners anywhere in the world. Click on the link below to startΒ 


£ 399 + Β£9.99/month
  • DIY Website Setup
  • Hosting & Support


£ 999 + Β£9.99/month
  • DFY Website Setup
  • Hosting & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

We setup the best possible solutions to help your business thrive online. It is part of the admin fees (Β£9.99 a month)Β 
We pay for your domain renewal fees and the transfer to our servers.

In the long term, we recommend you get a online booking engine for your hospitality business. However, for the short term, we can easily change it so people can email you directly for availability and questions

Please watch this short video – CLICK HERE

You can cancel your monthly admin fee at anytime. Please note, when you do this, your domain will be de-registered within 28 days of you cancelling and you will be responsible to move the domain to your own hosting and pay any fees to do so.

Your access to the Boostly website will be restricted within 28 days of your request to cancel.

There are no refunds on the price you paid for the Boostly website.

Full T&C can be found here.

Admin fees are

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Server fees (We have epic ones)
  • Premium Plugins that we have added in
  • Transfer of your domain to our hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Support Team access and tutorial videos updates

That’s what Β£9.99 a month is

When your website is ready you tell us where your domain is currently stored and we go and get it for you so you don’t have to pay for that again.

We are not a booking engine.

We only tap into all of the other Booking engine providers and provide a smooth link to their booking engine.

For a full list of recommended property management providers head toΒ

If you have a generic Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc account for your business, then nothing will be affected.

If your email account is linked to your domain, then that will be moved when we transfer it to our hosting provider.

If you use Gsuite, then it is simple to change and we will provide you with the training on how to do this.

If you use webmail, then we will show you what to do to move it over.

Premium cloud hosting (Worth Β£240)βœ“βœ“-
Intuitive WordPress Template (Worth Β£149)βœ“βœ“-
SSL Security Certificate (Worth Β£75)βœ“βœ“-
Setup Your Own Domain (Worth Β£25)βœ“βœ“-
Essential WordPress Plugins (Worth Β£100)
Tutorial Videos To Get Started (Worth Β£250)
We add all your custom content (Worth Β£250)
One month of free support (Worth Β£500)
Google Analytics setup (Worth Β£50)
Realtime reviews setup (Worth Β£108 a year)
Full Access To Boostly Academy (Worth Β£999)
Complete Marketing Training Video Collection

Client Reviews

Don’t take our word for it… Hear from our happy clients!