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WordPress websites that are easy-to-use and designed for hospitality owners, just like you. Guaranteed to work and take your business to new heights, or your money back!

Designed to Suit Your Business

Quality at Great Value

Super-Fast Turnaround

Turn Lookers Into Bookers​

Skyrocket Your Direct Bookings​​

Gone are the days of being controlled by third party booking sites and their ludicrous commission fees! An optimised website will give your business self-dependency and massively increase your direct bookings.

Stand Out from Crowd

Your guests expect you to offer something “different” before making you their number one choice for serviced accommodation. A website that’s beautifully designed compared to your competitor’s, will do exactly this.


Gain Peace of Mind

You’ll never be “left in the lurch” again. At Boostly, we’re people before we’re expert developers, designers, and content creators; and we’re the ONLY COMPANY who will not only build your direct bookings website, but promise to guide you, every step of the way.

10 Seconds to Make that First Impression

Your Hospitality Business Can’t Afford to get this Wrong

Time-poor visitors will land on your website with just one burning question: “What’s in it for me?”. 

The problem is, if you fail to answer this question within the first 10 seconds of guests visiting your website, you’ll be left with an empty calendar for months. 

But if your website really hits the mark, you’ll soon DOUBLE your direct bookings, soar way above your competitors; and be free of OTAs and their pesky commission fees. 

Sounds outta’ this world, right? 

…It can all happen with a Boostly website. A guaranteed win.

Still Don’t Take Our Word for it?

Read what our happy TeamBoostly members have to say…

Your Direct Bookings Website will be Ready to Take-Off in Just 3 Easy Steps!

1. Whizz Through Our Portfolio

This’ll give you a great idea of what your Boostly website will look like. Click Here to view now. (And hold your breath, as we’ve worked with a huge range of STR businesses!)

2. Book a Free Call

Have a chat with us to discuss website packages, set up, and which options work best for you.

3. Enjoy Working with Our Team!

Working with us is simple, smooth, and super-efficient. Our team will keep you in the loop about the progress of your website; and be at-hand for any last minute questions.

This is How Brilliant Your New Boostly Website Will Look

The Most Cost-Effective Websites For Hospitality Businesses, Anywhere in the World!

Just Check Out the Pricing for Yourself

Done With You

The Most Cost Effective Solution on the Market
£ 399 + £12.99 a Month Admin Fees
  • Structure and system created for you so that all you need to do is add the words and the images​
  • We link to any PMS/channel manager in the world so that means you can turn lookers into bookers​
  • Unrivalled money back guarantee​

Done For You

Single Rental Property/B&B or Hotel
£ 999 + £12.99 a Month Admin Fees
  • All the "Done With You" features (Worth £1470)
  • We Add All Your Content - simply provide us with your text and photos and leave the rest to us!
  • Dedicated Account Manager To Help You Every Step Of The Way
  • Unrivalled Money Back Guarantee

Multi Property

Ideal for Serviced Accommodation and Property Managers
£ 1499 + £12.99 a Month Admin Fees
  • Your Own Bespoke Map Built In To The Website Design
  • We Add All Your Content - simply provide us with your text and photos and leave the rest to us!
  • Dedicated Account Manager To Help You Every Step Of The Way
  • Unrivalled Money Back Guarantee

The Boostly Guarantee

We are the only company that offers a guaranteed return on your investment on any Boostly product in new direct bookings or 100% of your money back. Contact us for more information.

More Guests Booking Direct or Money Back Guarentee

Frequently Asked Questions

In a word, Yes.

Actually, we are so confident that I’ve even guaranteed it.

The Boostly Guarantee ensures that if you fail to get a full return on your investment after 12 months in new direct bookings on your Boostly Website, you will get 100% of your money back. 

We are not a booking engine.

We connect your property to our most trusted PMS so your guest gets the smoothest possible experience when they book at stay with you.

Your guest can easily email you directly for availability and questions so you have all the benefits of your own booking engine without the stress.

Please be advised that we currently don’t work with hosts who don’t yet have a PMS setup yet.

For advise on which PMS to go with head to 

In the long term, we recommend you get an online booking engine for your hospitality business.

There is a cost when running a hospitality website, however, not from us.

At Boostly we combined this into one monthly fee to take the hassle out and so you don’t have to spend hundreds on additional pieces of software or plugins to keep it as cost-effective for you as possible

The admin fee takes care of:

– Premium Hosting keeping your website running fast and smooth for your guests

– Essential Server fees to keep your website, well…online

– Premium Plugins that give your website all the bells and whistles

– SSL certificate to keep your site secure 

– Technical Support Team access so any issues can be sorted out ASAP

– Tutorial video updates to keep you making the most out of your investment.

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