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Hi, my name is Mark Simpson, the UK’s best independent hospitality consultant. Helping single owner hotels, guest houses and short term rentals to thrive in the digital age by turning lookers into bookers and getting more heads on beds. I’m proud that my training videos have helped my clients on average generate over £107k so far in direct bookings alone.  

With this guide, you’ll discover the tried and tested techniques to getting more 'Heads on Beds' and not having to rely on the third party booking agents again.  

Since it was first published thousands of business owners, just like you, have completed the training and taken back control of their businesses. Many have doubled their direct bookings or more in a matter of months, even if they’ve never done any marketing before.  

What started as a simple video training series for the group has become a cult go-to training for business owners across the globe.  

Everything that I am going to show you is easy to follow along, it doesn't matter if you’re a computer geek or a completely illiterate!  

Hotel owners, Rental properties, Serviced Accommodation Owners, R2R Operators, Glamping site, Bed and Breakfast, even Airbnb part-timers.  

There is something in here for everyone - I can't wait to show you how I can help

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