How to Network the Right Way With Elaine Watt

The Boost Hospitality Podcast is back for another season! And we are now in Season 6. And this time, we are now on the fifth episode of season six!

Today, Elaine Watt will share some amazing and useful tips on how to grow your network the right way and make sure you listen to the podcast until the very end so you will absolutely learn a lot of stuffs on how to do it properly.


Elaine Watt, our guest for episode 5

Elaine WattElaine Watt of the HLS podcast is the best guest I could think of when it comes to someone who is credible to talk about how to grow the network. She has a Facebook group, she got a fantastic website. Her community is fantastic and she does monthly meetups, also she goes to a lot of events!

She is the host of Holiday Let Success podcast and she got into hospitality coming up for five years ago now.

Her original background was always property since her family have always done at properties, sales, network marketing and customer service.

And thought that she have managed to pull all of those things together and find all of that within the hospitality industry.



When did you think about getting started with a podcast? What was the inspiration behind it?

I started it because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. When I first got going as a holiday rental owner, I absolutely no idea.

And I knew that I needed to learn internet marketing, as well as just relying on the OT as I knew I wanted some form of control of my business.

So I was I delved into learning about internet marketing. And that was when I first found out about podcasting, I was like, this is amazing.

This is obviously what I’ve got to do. So it gave I thought, I can’t be the only person who is in this situation thinking I have no idea how to do this.

And I thought it would be great to share with other people that were in a similar situation to me to hopefully help them get the hang of it to take control of their business and grow and make it into something with longevity with a future.

It gave me a really good excuse to speak to people that were doing this and take some amazing advice for I’ve had the opportunity to speak to just some absolute incredible people across the industry.


What was the first thing that you did, when you wanted to start to get guests on the show?

So it’s plucked up the courage, I literally just decided I’m going to have to do this now and I’ve written it down. It’s a goal, it’s got to happen it’s on the list. So it’s got to be ticked off.

I decided that I would reach out in a way that took the took everything off me and went on to them the person that I was contacting, so I found people that I thought were super interesting in the industry.

And I found people that I thought I would be able to reach out to via email, then I started following them on on social media, and learned a bit about them, and read up on them.

Then I found people that I found that I could just send an email straight through to them. And I tried to attempt to talk to them from a way of how can I help you, rather than going in to say, what can I get from you? What can I get from this person? And just going in going this is my business?

This is what I’m doing trying to sell myself and trying to sell my business I went in from a different position of. Can I help you share what it is you’re doing with the holiday home owners? via a podcast?

But I would love you to be one of my first guests big plans for it and I really think what you’re doing would be fantastic for for other holiday homeowners.


A Brief History of Elaine’s HLS podcast

The reason why I think that has worked so well is five years ago, podcast was still kind of new.

Now you can get podcast readily and you can start a podcast so easy. Literally, if you’ve got an anchor account, you can just record some on your phone, put it on there, and it’s a podcast five years ago, that wasn’t the case.

And by reaching out to you know, the people on your list, and by saying I’ve got an audience people were sort of starting to figure out about podcast market and about how to spread their knowledge on this audio platform and starting to realize in audio is such a consumable content, it’s something that you don’t have to sit down and watch.

You don’t have to attend a two day event just to do it. You can literally listen in your car or you can do it wherever you are.

Doing the dishes or the own and I just walking the dog or however it’s the way that people consume audio the way that people will be consuming this.


Who did you remember the first person you ever reached out to to be a guest on the show?

It was never forgotten cause I was so nervous when I did the recording. And I was I was dreading hearing my voice back. It was Phil Scofield.

But Phil Schofield of Schofield insurance provide holiday home insurance. So he was a great one to start with. Because again, that was an area I needed to know about quickly.

I like about that is that a you’re you’re speaking to an expert in the field. And you’re doing it on a platform where you can learn but you’re obviously then going to help others learn at the same time.

And this is what I like what a lady called Janet Murray does is Janet Maria, if you’ve ever listened to her earlier podcast, and I’ve listened to a lot of a podcast, she’s I think she’s an award winning podcast that she’s fantastic or what she does.

She was building a pub business and bringing in experts. And it was pretty much like a free coaching call where everybody could listen to because you’re asking the experts, you’re getting advice.


How can you network without being spammy?

Number one, don’t just go straight in bombarded with messages, follow on social media, find people that you find interesting, find out a little bit more about them.

And then when you’re confident at that point, put together a name or find a real email address and send them an email, don’t try and do it on a platform where they’ve got so much noise.

Like for example, Twitter is a good example. Five years ago, everybody was using Twitter. And if you were to send a direct message on that platform, it would be lost in all the other hundreds of people we send in direct messages trying to get their time, take a bit of time craft out something and send them an email.


So when you reached out to Phil, was it kind of easy to explain what a podcast was?

I’ve never had a problem with people not knowing what a podcast was and I’ve actually only out of so many guests that I’ve invited I’ve only ever had one person turn that down. And it was because his English was his second language.

And he was a little nervous about doing the full podcast. But aside from that, anybody I’ve spoken to and they jumped at the chance to be able to share what it is that they’re doing.

Because what other way? I mean, they’re on social media they are on. They’ve got their own websites.

But where have they actually had the chance to explain step by step purely what it is that they do with some really good questions just pulled out which I needed to ask.

And I knew that other holiday homeowners would ask as well. Where if they got that opportunity. So it was just like a no brainer for most people. I hope that part of the way that I approached.

What benefits have you seen for your business from doing so?

I have seen a lot of benefits. There’s two sides to my networking really and one side is for the holiday let success podcast. And that’s really the meetups on a monthly basis.

Also, I think it’s building can what I wanted to do was build a community, a place where people can meet in person and see that all of the people that are doing this because it’s quite a lonely industry to be in if you’re an individual owner, you you are faced with your computer day in day out, and of course, your guests.

But aside from that you haven’t always got somewhere where you can go to to talk through issues and niggles what’s working, what’s not working.

And how to overcome those bumps in the road that we all have when when we’re learning when we’re getting set up.

Certainly when we’re past learning and setting up, there’s always something happening, there’s always going to be a bump in the road, and just to be able to share that and find out what someone else might have done in that instance.

That’s been been brilliant for me as a business owner, and giving me the chance to talk to humans.

So that’s been really good. Not just sitting behind my computer.


How did you go about creating it? How did you go about spreading the word?

I would say keep it casual to get started with and meet somewhere that’s got parking and that is easy to get to. Because I’ve learned from another event that I organized a Toastmasters meeting where I learned to public speak.

One of the biggest things that made our club such success was the fact that it was very easy for people to get there and so I really learnt a lot from setting that up.

For holiday homeowners, I say why aren’t i doing this meeting for holiday homeowners. And one of the most the biggest successes I’ve had is with

You can also there’s also an app, meetup shares, any event that is going on in your area, you can go to me to calm and you can search my area within however many miles about whatever your subject is, and everything.

All the meetups under that subject within that distance of your area will pop up on that. So I knew there were people searching for this. So I was straight on to I’ve also talked about it a lot on social media that hugely successful I also use Eventbrite.


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