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Hannah Flohr From Hall Farm Cottages

By October 26, 2018 No Comments

Hannah Flohr from Hall Farm Cottages

Website:ย hallfarm.com

Facebook: @hallfarmcottagesnorfolk

Booking engine used: Bookalet

Hannah Flohr runs Hall Farm Cottages in Norfolk. She has been a member of Boostly since December 2017. She says her life has become much easier since joining. She runs a very, very small family business where she tries to keep on top of everything. Previously, she has joined many courses and thought that she was learning something, but forget everything once the course ended.

By working with Mark, she can learn at her own pace, and she is happy that she has the tutorials to fall back on. She says that Boostly is fantastic and has been absolutely brilliant.

Watch this short video where Hannah talks about how Boostly is brilliant.

Hannah says it’s really hard to manage an independent business and its social media. She’s heard all of the advice before. She followed Mark on social media for about 8 months before she decided to take the leap and join him. Now, she is very happy that she did.

She says Mark has been very supportive, and that the tutorials are extremely easy to follow. She also says that he is always at the other end of Messenger and that he has been amazingly helpful.

If you want to contact Mark, send him an email atย mark@boostly.co.uk

Check out his training portfolioย here.

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