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GDPR Rules- 3 easy steps to take before they hit on 25th May 2018

GDPR is making everyone go C-R-A-Z-Y

I want to put your mind at ease and show you how this new rule can be a good thing for your business. Below are three easy steps to take to make sure you will be GDPR-compliant come the 25th May 2018.


1. Create a new list of your email software and drive people to it

Do you use MailChimp or a similar email platform?

Do this:

create a new list. Call it “GDPR list” if you want.

create a sign-up form and include a very easy-to-understand checkbox that a customer has to tick to receive future emails from you.

? before 25 May, email your existing list of customers that you are becoming GDPR compliant. Ask if they would like to continue to receive special offers, news, and events from you and have them fill in a new sign-up form.

Why is this a win?

Firstly, this is a great way to fine-tune your list. 

There’s a blog by Kevin Kelly that I love. It's called the “1000 true fans.”

This is exactly that. Anyone who comes over to the new GDPR list is a truly loyal customer. You know that they will 100% want to stay with you again. These will be your super fans.


2. Be crystal clear about what they are signing up to.

On your guest registration form (if you don’t have one, get one), make sure you include a checkbox at the bottom. When the guest is checking in to your property, give them the ability to sign up for your email list and let them know what they get.

• Special offers
• Incentives
• Local event news

There is ONE last thing I want you to do, but it's the biggie:



3. Get a Privacy Policy for your website (And a cookie policy too)

If you haven't got one yet, I recommend these guys.

When GDPR comes into effect, the first businesses it will target will be the big boys, like Amazon and Apple. And we won’t know what this means for everyone else until the authorities take someone to court over a GDPR violation. That could take months, if not years.

I am appealing to all of you reading this: do not panic. GDPR is not the end of the world. If you have any questions, please let me know at [email protected].

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