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Plan on selling via social media? Here’s what you must know BlogBoostly

How To Choose An Awesome Influencer

There's probably no better way to market your small hospitality than by hiring an influencer. If you're not familiar with this digital-age promotion strategy, then stop right now and click over to my…
Boostly explains what Tripconnect is Blog

What is TripAdvisor TripConnect?

It's no secret that the OTAs are on top of the hotel marketing game. Expedia and Booking.com are giants of the hospitality scene. If you want to book up your hotel, you're usually going…
How to get ahead of the SEO game on Google with Boostly Blog

6 Google SEO Trends to Spot for 2019

SEO is on the tip of every hospitality owner's tongue at the moment. I reached out to Melisa, who is an SEO whiz. She kindly put together a 2019 trend-spotting guide featuring upcoming…