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Are guests booking more than one summer holiday? Yes, and this is how hosts should handle it.

Desperation for a holiday after 18 months of lockdowns in the UK & uncertainty over travel restrictions drives people to think outside the box.

This is how you can make the most out of an opportunity.

We saw the story last week.

‘We've booked two summer holidays for the same time'

Screenshot BBC article 'holidays makers booking twice to hedge against Covid rules'

Covid-19: Government's pandemic plans criticised and double-booking holidays – BBC News

Holidaymakers booking twice to hedge against Covid rules – BBC News

A British couple were interviewed by the BBC about how they booked two holidays, one in Spain and one in Norfolk, this summer. They were going to wait for travel restrictions to change and decide closer to the time which one to go with – and cancel one of these holidays, depending on the situation.

As you can imagine, when this headline hit – the world of hospitality was enraged. 

In the Hospitality Community Facebook group, I saw the comments go down.

About the BBC:

“They may be thoughtless, it is a BAD trend but… if anyone should be on the receiving end of our fury it should be the BBC for promoting it as a ‘smart’ thing to do”

“Would have been nice to see the BBC criticising it.”

“Shame on the BBC for promoting this trend!”

“Now that it’s all over the BBC, expect a lot more of this!”

About the couple, Lee & Louise Chambers:

“So they have no thought for the UK businesses that rely on people’s support after a truly dreadful time?”

“Revolting, selfish people.”

“The hospitality industry has been on its knees. What selfish prats.”

“Very unfair and at the last minute often we cannot refill the dates.”

“What I object to is the ‘have it all’ mentality with no consideration to the impact of others.”

“Did you catch the report on TV? … They were proud as punch at the scheme they’d dreamed up to get a holiday whatever happens. No thought whatsoever about the providers. Blinkered and selfish.”

“No intention of supporting the hospitality industry in their own country! I was really annoyed when I watched it.”

I hold my hands up, and I fell for it. I saw the article, and my instant reaction was FUME. 

They were shown on BBC news on 19th May and also on BBC Radio.

However, after giving my head a wobble and looking into it a bit more, I knew there would be more to this than the miniature edited version of the story that we saw.

I reached out to Lee Chambers directly to ask if he would be up for doing a quick interview and to get his version of events.

Lee is a successful business owner in the North West of England. He has a solid personal brand and is very easy to Google and find out who he is: Lee Chambers | Environmental Psychologist | Wellbeing Consultant

Unfortunately, that does come with some negative ramifications.

What I want to come out of this interview and the takeaway for everyone watching is this:

There is a context around everything you read online. The producer and editors want you to see what they want you to see. 

Nothing in this video is edited. I promised Lee that.

It does get quite emotional halfway through, especially when Lee explains the fallout of this. Not just for him, but his family. 

Please do watch this and share your thoughts. There's a wider-ranging conversation to be had here. 

Thanks again to Lee for doing this. 

He didn't have to. 

I look forward to following his journey on social media. 

“Oh booked AT the same time – not FOR the same time!

I’m so glad you did this, it shows so much integrity, curiosity and not judging the news rashly. This is exactly what we need at the moment!”

Amanda Leek

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