4 little known hotel marketing tips for better Google search results

Google offers a variety of different services, such as Google My Business and Google+, that can help hotel marketers boost their brand in Google search results. These services can further a hotel's reach, increase online visibility, and ultimately, improve business – and better yet, they’re easy to implement and don’t cost a cent.

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Below, we’ll take a look at four simple and effective ways hoteliers can boost their brand with Google.

1. Get listed on Google My Business

Google My Business (previously known as Google Places) is a must-have, free-to-use platform for hoteliers. It combines Google search, Maps, and Google Plus (also known as Google+) to help your hotel connect with potential guests by making it much easier for them to find you in an online search.

A comprehensive Google My Business listing will ensure that:

  • Your hotel will be pushed much higher up Google’s search rankings.
  • You’re able to make the booking process far easier for potential guests by uploading photos, videos, GPS coordinates, phone numbers, and more.
  • Reviews are also pulled through to your unique information feed displayed on the Map entry or to the right of the search results page (also known as a Knowledge Graph or Card). As long as they’re positive, people will feel more compelled to make a booking.
  • Your listing will be linked to your Google Analytics page so you can monitor your traffic and popular page hits.

2. Update your Google+ pages

Google+ allows you to connect with other users who have the same interests and ideas.

 How hotel marketers boost their brand! CLICK HERE! 

What you need to know:

  • Your Google+ page data forms part of your Google My Business listing, so make sure your information is up-to-date. Good information will add even more value to the Knowledge Graphs displayed in Google’s search listings.
  • Google+ pages are good for your SEO (or organic search rankings).
  • Guests can submit reviews that users will see when searching your hotel or seeing your hotel featured in a knowledge graph.
  • Remember: any information or posts you publish on your Google+ page will be featured in Google’s search results so make sure it’s captivating and unique.


3. Give your guests a visual tour with Google Street View

Marketers looking for a new approach can give potential guests an engaging online tour of the hotel’s interior by using this innovative platform, also called Business View. Hotels with at least one photo saw a 138% increase in travel engagement. If this is the impact an image can have, then providing your guest with a virtual tour could make the booking decision even easier.


4. Get even more traffic with Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads can be used by OTAs or hotels themselves to make sure that their stock and prices are also listed across Google’s different platforms (such as searches, Maps, Google destinations, etc.). This feature will allow travellers to make a direct booking without leaving the main search results page.


What you need to know:

• You need to work through a “Hotel Ads Integration Partner”. These are the guys who will give Google your hotel rates, availability information, and manage your campaign.

• You can choose a PPC (pay per click) or commission-based model.


Hopefully, these four tips provided you with some new marketing knowledge and ideas to boost your bookings.  Now, go put it to use!


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How hotel marketers boost their brand! CLICK HERE!


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