Real-Time Marketing Review from Mark Simpson to a New Hospitality Owner

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In this Boostly Podcast episode, Mark and guest James Kinnersley discuss strategies for increasing direct bookings and managing holiday rentals effectively. James, from AirDNA and a property host in Tenerife, highlights the significance of targeting the right market with appropriate amenities and notes the rise in travel to the Canary Islands post-COVID, leading to increased Average Daily Rates (ADRs) and booking times.

Mark offers actionable tips for enhancing property listings on platforms like and Airbnb, such as highlighting unique selling points and using guest reviews to attract bookings.

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[00:00:00] Mark: Welcome to the Boostly podcasts. Uh, we are doing marketing review time. We haven't done these for a while. This is the first of the year, 1st of 2024. This is a marketing review. This is the Boostly podcast. So let's get started. Well, having a blast,

[00:00:17] James: gonna get

[00:00:17] Mark: it's on the Boosley podcast. Boostly like Bruce Lee, cause it's so hard and the T is loose.

[00:00:23] Making up those rhymes, don't write it, do it loosely.

[00:00:26] James: If you want my respect, you better book directly. Here are the words in the podcast, that's what comes next.

A bit about James

[00:00:33] Mark: Hi, welcome back. I've got with me James Kinnersley. James, thank you very much for joining me. If you could just do me a massive favour to everybody who's tuning in, just let everybody know a little bit more about you, where you are in the world, and a little bit about your properties before we dig in, please.

[00:00:50] James: Sure thanks for having me today, Mark. Appreciate it. Love the intro. Um, yeah, so I'm James Kennedy. I work professionally as a sales director at AirDNA, um, which no doubt you, you and all of your following team here will be pretty familiar with. Um, I've been there for over six years now. Um, so quite a journey from kind of startup world through to kind of being acquired and being a bit more of a serious operator in the space.

[00:01:15] Um, on a personal level, um, partly why I'm here with you today is I'm a small-time host with a couple of properties too soon to be three. And I might much like many of your customer base. want to make the most of increasing direct bookings and speaking to an expert to ideally get as many constructive comments and feedback about how I might make that step.

[00:01:37] So someone directly kind of in the industry, it's good to get a chance to speak to someone, uh, a real expert. Well regarded like yourself.

[00:01:45] Mark: So thanks for having me. Let's just dive into the properties. Can you please, just for context, let everybody know where they are in the world?

[00:01:53] James: Yeah. So I've currently got two properties in the Southern part of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

[00:01:59] Um, so it's miles off the Northwest coast of, um, Africa, which, uh, Spanish, um, pretty famous, I think, or at least on European level for, for kind of. Epic holiday guaranteed sort of, um, good climate destination year round, I suppose what they're famous for, I think.

A properties synopsis

[00:02:17] Mark: So let's break down the properties themselves.

[00:02:19] Let's give us a little bit of, uh, a synopsis of both of them. Um, what, what are they? Where are they? Who do they service best? What's the avatar?

[00:02:28] James: Yeah, I mean, broadly speaking, we're still talking a target market of kind of like young families and or, um, a kind of middle, a mid-level, um, type, type kind of end user.

[00:02:39] Um, one is a three bedroom, two bathroom, um, when bought was just a three bed, I think it was maybe four beds and one bathroom. So that needed a bit of reform and, and not doing, and then the, the other property was a one bedroom turned into a two with one bath. The model I am trying to go for, or I'm trying to implement is properties with lifts and swimming pools.

[00:02:58] So you kind of cater at least to the Babies and Families department as much as you do to the oldies and perhaps with and even towards the kind of disability segment as well. So that's ideally the kind of target market. I think anyway, in terms of the exposure that people are looking for when they go on a trip to that level of destination is to be able to get.

[00:03:19] You know, at least pool, sun lounger, that kind of thing on, on-site. So that's, that's the, that's the

[00:03:24] Mark: model I'm trying to try to stick with. How many years have you had these properties for?

[00:03:30] James: So I've had the three bedroom for two and a half coming up three years and I've had the other two bedrooms for Um a little over a year on a year in May.

[00:03:40] I think it will be um, And there's a third one on coming which I'm sort of in the process of closing now So that's right next door to the second bedroom. Sorry, there's the two-bedroom property. So

[00:03:50] Mark: that's kind of the Set so the canaries post-COVID, how have the islands been? Cause everybody knows the Canary Islands is like I said, guaranteed sun pre 2020.

[00:04:01] You know, it's where I used to go for our busman's holidays when I was growing up. Uh, you'd always escape there in January cause guaranteed sun. Um, what's been the sort of the vibe and the scene? And, you know, obviously, with the context you get a fantastic viewpoint because you can just tap into your data set from, you know, the day-to-day to sort of see how everything's going, but what is the state of play right now with the Canary Islands?

[00:04:23] Are people there all the time? Are people coming back? Are people taking their time to come back? What's the sort of outlook? I'm actually

[00:04:30] James: surprised, um, in terms of, well, the first. Performance increase you saw was people generally from European, from the European continent, understanding that it's pretty easy to get to very family-friendly, excellent weather destination.

[00:04:46] And when that kind of umming and ahhing period of. Do we go into long international travel again was on the table. Many people's answer was no, we don't need to entertain the Dubai or the, um, longer haul, um, trip any longer to get the same sort of end product at a relatively cheaper price. So broadly speaking.

[00:05:06] I thought that was only going to be sort of a, um, a period post-COVID that 21, 22 explosive periods that we had, but I've only seen increasing ADRs and booking lead times increase, um, from, from, from my two properties. So, I mean, I've got to say I'm probably a relatively small sample size in this business, but my forecast for, what the ADRs were likely to be was a lot lower than what they are now.

[00:05:31] I'd say they're probably 50 per cent further. Um, if it's an increase from what my, what my projections initially

[00:05:36] Mark: were. What separates you, would you say your properties from the others? Have you done anything special, or unique to try and say, Hey, come and book with us? Instead of like, you know, there's on your street, I can see one, two, three, four, five, six, six other places that you can potentially book on booking.

[00:05:53] com. So how are you doing it differently? Would you say? Yeah. I mean,

[00:05:56] James: I, the three-bedroom property, ultimately you get so much value for money, you're six people and you don't want to pay a villa price. Um, the price point value for money, good quality of, um, already existing reviews and point score has like, kept me pretty high up in all the rankings when I've searched even on kind of an incognito or, or different window to make sure I'm not being duped by booking.

[00:06:19] com, but I'm just trying to be able to see like where I sit in terms of value for money, six people, right? Like rough price points, like. At the high end, like 1. 45, 1. 50 a night, so you divide that by six people, you're getting quite a lot of bang for your buck considering you've got a pool on the roof and a lift and, you know, a nice quiet location.

[00:06:35] So it seems like that's quite good value. I think there's more competition in the two bedrooms because ultimately there is much more supply of two, two bed, one bath locations. But in this case, like I've reformed them to make, make sure they're pretty light and airy and, um, the proximity to being. 15 meters from one of the maids who import on the ground floor is, um, I think a bit of an attraction, but I think the two beds are naturally a little bit weak because there's so much

[00:06:58] Mark: more supply in the market.

[00:07:00] James's properties are on a, are on an Island. Um, you know, Northwest of Africa, classed as Spanish for very touristy. So it's a fly-to destination for the most part. Um, and you know, you've got to then look at the context of your properties, where are they, who's travelling. And again, the questions that I've asked here, so what's the tech stack?

[00:07:20] What are we using, to run the business online with the PMS? Uh, we've, we've asked about where the bookings are coming from. Uh, and there are some things that we can dig in about collecting, collecting data, and then we've asked about the properties themselves, who they attract, who they appeal to.

[00:07:36] And as well, what they're the main selling points are, which again, you can take that and you can answer those questions for yourselves and please do just don't do it privately. Pop them in the chat, pop them in the comments so that we can, we can go for it together. So let's have a little look at them.

[00:07:50] Shall we? We've teased them long enough. So let me hit this share screen button and I'm going to disappoint you now. No, not at all. So everybody now can see the property. So we've got the listing here. Um, these are the two that are on, um, booking. com and then those same two we've duplicated up here. So the obvious elephant-in-the-room question I know people are going to be thinking is, uh, where's the direct booking website?

[00:08:15] So where currently are we in your direct booking realm and thinking in terms of when, uh, or is there a website? Where's the website, et cetera?

[00:08:26] James: We're not there at all. Um, so it hasn't been a priority, but it hasn't been executed in terms of getting this thing together. Hence, like, well, we're having this call a bit now to see like, where we can go to take this online and maybe you've had this same thing with some of your other clients.

[00:08:43] I know the lion's share of people who exist have like only a couple of properties or less than like I have. So I always felt maybe I haven't merited having, you know, or being big enough to get a direct website. And I know that's a bit of a myth. So, um, currently we're OTA based and or privately, um, With that 5 per cent recognition for, for the, for the direct bookings I've currently got for those properties.

A look at the properties

[00:09:05] Mark: Cool. All right. Well, um, here we go. Let's have a little look. So we've got on booking. com. There's a, there's a direct booking website. We'll come at some point in the time. Okay. As you grow blueislandescapes. com or co. dk, whatever the domain is that will have a website attached to it, and that'll be the main place that you can send people to.

[00:09:23] So. Obviously what we're going to be looking at is how can we grow the database, which we'll cover here. But before that, we don't want to, you know, cut our nose off to spite our face. We're getting so much traffic and bookings from booking. com and Airbnb. You've got to be able to have a look at them to sort of see why.

[00:09:42] So one of the things that I did was I took. All of the reviews that I could just quickly see here, the first page of reviews, and this is a nice little tip for everybody. I just basically did a blank copy and I pasted them into chat GPT and I asked it the very simple question, read these reviews and tell me what I'm doing well.

[00:10:02] And this is a really good thing for everybody to do, uh, as you start your 2024 marketing because it will help you have a couple of things. Number one, it will be able to identify what you're doing well. And also as well, it can identify ways what people are asking for in terms of improvements. So basically.

[00:10:20] Uh, it's just come back here based on the reviews that you've received. Several aspects of your service and properties are consistently appreciated by the guests. Number one, location, number two, facilities and amenities, number three, cleanliness and comfort. Number four, host communication and responsiveness, internet quality, family group friendlies, views and environments.

[00:10:38] That is the free bed. So when it comes to your, your marketing, as in the information that you present, I would be taking these seven things and I would be talking about them. So, um, with booking. com, you're limited. As such as to what you can present. But one of the things that I think would be cool is that although you can't amend the text to a certain extent, cause they like to keep it very generic.

[00:11:09] What I would do on Canva is I would go on Canva and I would create an image and I would just list off the main seven things here that you are known for. To just say guests who have stayed here really love our. 1. Location 2. Facilities and amenities 3. Cleanliness 4. Comfort 5. Host communication The reason why you can do that as an image is that you can upload whatever images you want to Booking.

[00:11:34] com And as they're scrolling through, so this is a normal journey of a Booking. com guest This will load up and then I'll straight away, they'll just click on the first image that comes up And I'll just want to look at all of the images that you have here Now, the first thing that comes to mind with me is the cleanliness It's obvious, you know, the nice colours, the white and the blue, which if I was going to before I even look at the property, number two, I'd expect that branding to stay the same, the white and the blue because your domain of blue island escapes the branding there that's white, blue.

[00:12:06] That's what I would get from that. But for one of these images here, I would it where it is, a nice white background with blue writing. It's saying the reason why our guests love us is because of da, da, da, da, da. Because we, we, um, we love to speed read. We love to get as much information as soon as possible.

[00:12:22] And a nice little image saying that with your branding on it, if you can get away with it of Blue Island Escapes, then it's, it just means that the person who's reading it can find out more about you as soon as possible. And everybody needs to realize this. When they're doing their search and they're on, on one of these OTAs.

[00:12:41] One of the plus points of the mark-in on an OTA is that. You can be visible to somebody who has never heard about you before. That's fantastic because they get tons of traffic. They do all the marketing to get people into here. The negative point is that when they're on here, not only do they see you, but they see all of these and what the normal booking process of your.

[00:13:07] Of your future potential guest is, is yeah, they'll have you open, but in the next tab, they'll have this one, this one, this one, this one, they'll have like five or six that I've got so many tabs open. And they're just trying to have a, a filter in their mind's eye of, okay, so I've started with this. I've got tons of options.

[00:13:23] Now let's limit it down. Limiting it down could be several things. It could be price, it could be reviews. It could be just a location of all of the above, but let's just say we're on yours. And you know, this is nice, clear pictures, professionally done all the good stuff. The polls are in the right place, showing the view.

[00:13:43] But then if you've got something that nobody else is doing, which is an image with text on it, they're going to read it. And then again, we're going to be focusing on what people love, location, facilities, cleanliness. You don't want it to be a massive paragraph, bullet point at most, but then if you do it right, it will stand out.

[00:14:00] And again, it's what could potentially get somebody from going the research phase to the next phase, which is, which is booking. So that's one of the first things that I would do, um, with this one. And let's have a quick look at the second one. Yeah. So white and blue. Lovely. So the consistent theme, um, one thing I did know is by looking at this is a lot of these of our outside shots.

[00:14:25] So just go into the back end of the extra net and just move them around. So you want to make sure that yes, having an exterior shot, pull shot, but have some interiors as well, higher up so they can click into it more like things like, like this, et cetera, that that's lovely, but again, the same thing. Come into your, um, your reviews here on, um, on bookings, just literally.

[00:14:46] Drag, drag them down here. And I'm only doing page one just for speed, but then you can do page two, page three, and page four, and start a new chat. And again, say the same thing, uh, read all of these reviews. What I'm doing well,

[00:15:11] So again, it's doing the same thing, but the reason why we do a different tab here is because it's a different property. If I pasted that into the other one, it would get confused with the two of them together. So we're starting a brand new chat here. So again, apartment quality and cleanliness, location, facilities, host interaction, family, friendly environment, safe and secure value for money.

[00:15:31] So again, um, consistent fees, consistent vibes. Fantastic. Uh, and again, I would just take that, take those bullet points, go into Canva. Nice white background, blue wording and just say, this is why our guests love us. So it just gives you that bit to stand out. Now, um. We take that over to Airbnb and the cool thing about Airbnb is that you actually can put in so much more than what you do on booking.

[00:15:58] com. So you can take full advantage of this description here. You can add so much more and it can be. Um, bespoke to each one. So I would definitely go in and go onto Airbnb and just fill it out properly. Make sure every little aspect is ticked. All the things that you do well are ticked.

[00:16:20] Um, I would look to amend the images around just to see what sticks. And the cool thing about Airbnb is it tells you, like, these are the people that land on your page, this is who sticks around, et cetera. All of that information is, is crucial. Um. But yeah, I'd be getting rid of anything that's got a cloudy sky.

[00:16:39] Um, and then just, yeah, just like amending the pictures around. Unlike, um, booking. com, I always say with images, like less is more booking. com, they want you to put tons in as possible, but with Airbnb, what I'd be looking to do is to, instead of having lots of the same pictures, like two patio shots, have one patio shot, but then use a The caption, you get the ability to add a caption to explain what they're, they're looking at.

[00:17:09] The more you can do that for each one. So let's say you're going to have 20 pictures max, on Airbnb for here. Um, say, say it's this shot here. You're telling the person what they're looking at. So instead of just saying kitchen, just put, uh, this is our fully stocked kitchen. It comes with a coffee bar.

[00:17:27] Uh, it comes with a Spanish toaster. It comes with a hob and extractor fan kettle. So they're literally, it's telling them what they're looking at. Uh, you can use AI to write this out. So you can drag this image, put it into AI and say, describe what you see here for an Airbnb caption. Airbnb now is also having, um.

[00:17:49] AI caption generator built in, which is cool. So it saves you an extra job to do. Um, but I would be taking this kind of information and using it as the base of your description for, Airbnb, because with booking. com, you can't just list off these seven things. It would be, this is what you get when you stay with us because of this.

[00:18:13] The way that they go on Airbnb and the way they look is that they come in. Yes. They'll click at the pictures because I want to see more, which is great, but then they'll actually go and read the description and then they'll go, you know, the reviews and then they'll go the price. Does that make sense?

[00:18:29] Yeah,

[00:18:30] James: you're right to already use, use and showcase the stuff you've already got right up on rather than, you know, making stuff up and you can actually, you can use already what there is.

[00:18:39] Mark: Yeah, a hundred per cent. So the first thing first are we want to go down the route of getting to 65 per cent diary bookings, that's the goal for everybody, but before that, we've got to make sure that what we have in place is always optimized, anything that's working, we've got to optimize it.

[00:18:52] There's another, there's another thing that I'd like for you to do. So the first thing, go in update your Airbnb, and fill it out. Reduce the pictures, make it quality over quantity, um, check if that's the right title. Again, run these variations through ChatGPT. And if you wanted to with, with ChatGPT, you could come and look at the, um, the area as a whole.

[00:19:12] So this is another little tip that everybody can do. So if I come into here and I'm going to search location and I'm just going to put these sort of dates in,

[00:19:26] Right? So we're down here.

[00:19:31] And let's just try and limit it. So it's very similar to what you have. So it's two beds, sorry. Two bedrooms. Two beds. Uh, maximum price. Your average price is between 103 hundred a night, is that right? Yeah.

[00:19:48] James: Yeah. It's never, it's high as 300 between, let's say 95 pounds and 150 pounds, something like

[00:19:54] Mark: that.

[00:19:54] Cool. So let's just do it somewhere along the sides here. Um, so it's two beds, two bedrooms and two beds. Is that right? Yeah. And one bath and one bath. Okay. So let's have a little quick look after zooming out a little bit. I know it's available. Let me just refresh this. So it's more later on in the year.

[00:20:37] All right. The average here it's saying is that, so let's just go with that. The reason why I'm saying this is that's not as good as yours, any type.

[00:20:52] It looks like it's really busy in this area on, uh, on these channels,

[00:21:02] Zoom out a little bit. Let

[00:21:05] James: I see. I mean, I know I've got availability from like, yeah, anywhere from the 17th of March, the end of March through, so yeah, 17th of March onwards and all of April I'm available. So it should, should, should appear theoretically.

[00:21:21] Mark: Uh, we're going to do the entire property, the entire home.

[00:21:25] We're going to do two beds, two things. So what have we got? Right. So, um, the reason why I was doing that, let's just pick this one here. Let's just say, this is like. What you've identified as being one of the best in the area is not, but let's just say what it is, what you can do to find out what these are doing so well, again, you can drag all of their reviews.

[00:21:50] So you do see all of these, you do copy and a hit copy on it. So control and highlight all the reviews, and copy them all. And then this is the this is the same one here and go, uh, these are reviews left from a competitor. In the area, can you highlight what these are doing so well? And again, what you can do is you can go, well, this is exactly what, uh, Our competition is doing like work-friendly amenities.

[00:22:23] That's a big one. So I would assume the Canary Islands right now with digital nomads, people that can go at any point of the year, they can go for a week. They can still work. What would they be looking for? And work-friendly amenities are coming up is, is, is, um, It's something that I'm thinking, okay, that might match what's behind the data and the numbers well equipped, comfortable accommodation, cleanliness, secure host communication.

[00:22:47] So you're already doing the communications, uh, value for money, special touches. So the welcoming gourmet basket and the host's willingness to share information about tips, that's cool. So like, a welcome basket could be a good thing to add in, not a massive expense, but again, if you put the price up a little bit, you can.

[00:23:04] Offset the cost there. You were already doing the cleanliness. Uh, the work-friendly amenities could be an interesting one. And again, we've worked on friendly amenities. It doesn't have to be, um, a massive up or people you've technically already got that here with a desk and a screen. You know what I mean?

[00:23:23] But you can go onto your Airbnb listing and you can say, we've got a work-friendly space and you just take a picture of it and say, this is a work-friendly space. And again, with that, you would come up more in the filters. Of said Airbnb. Um. And obviously, then you can just double check that with, with their DNA and say, okay, well, how many of these searches are coming up X, Y, and Z, but it's a really handy tool to, to, to sort of note off, cause it'll help you amend your listing to see what the type of person that is travelling to the area would be.

[00:23:55] Okay. And, you know, if other people aren't usually providing a welcome pack or a welcome gift bag, one of the big things that I talk about is that when everybody zigs. You zag, so if nobody else is doing a welcome basket, if no one else is doing something cool at check-in again, unreasonable hospitality of our book by Will Goddard is a fantastic book.

[00:24:15] Everybody's read it. Um, but it's like, how do we put it into practice? So when, if nobody else is offering a welcome basket, how can you? Stand out from the rest, offer a welcome basket and have some cool things in there, whether it's teas and coffees or chocolates or whatever it would be, is a cool thing to provide because it instantly then makes separates you from everybody else and you can talk about it as well, which is cool.

[00:24:37] So the first things first in terms of bookings, in terms of more awareness, in terms of turning a guest. Into an influencer and an influencer into a super fan. What we want to be doing is, is, you know, really tapping into what's working. Booking. com Airbnb we've established is working. How can we improve it?

[00:24:57] We can't amend the text on booking. com, but we can add an image with text. We can pimp out our Airbnb listen a bit more. So it's more visible because there are a lot of people using that channel. Um, every single, every single day, every single month. And then the next aspect, the final aspect, aspect as we finish up is how can we then start to make changes in the backend that will make sure that we can increase our direct bookings.

[00:25:26] So the first thing's first, I'm going to encourage you to watch this free video. So it's Boostly. co. UK forward slash listing sites. It will take you to a YouTube video. This is a great one to watch because here, it will show you a tactic that takes about 40 minutes, but it will help uncover any potential site that you are not listed on.

[00:25:53] So one of the things that I know to be true, especially about German and Dutch and French guests, is that they don't always use the. The free, typical. OTAs that we know of, booking. com, Vrbo, Airbnb. There are big listing sites in Holland, for example, that are, um, catered for Dutch people who are travelling to the Canaries in Spain.

[00:26:18] There are, there'll be the same in Germany and France, but the way to identify that is by running this. The first thing try and incorporate any sites that you aren't tapped into and listed on to get them on there. The main, major thing for you is to get your PMS up and running. So get up listing up and running.

[00:26:35] That's going to be key because then it means that you can then be on more sites and with the, without the threat of double bookings, which is, which is a big one. Yeah. And the next thing, the final thing is to start to grow, this database and do something with it. So you've got 300, which is amazing.

[00:26:54] One of the things that I would look to do would be to create a Google form and the form would look like this. And to not put as much pressure on your, uh, staff to get this information, you can send this out at the point of booking. So when the booking comes in. You can have an automated message and it's the same one that goes out on booking.

[00:27:17] com that goes out on Airbnb or wherever the sites you're going to be listed just to say, Hey, um, to speed up your check-in process, please fill in this form and again, check-in, especially if someone's flown in, the last thing they want to be doing is faffing around, filling in forms when they can have it all done at the point of booking.

[00:27:35] So the form will be email. First name, last name, phone number, number of people in the party, check-in date, and then you can ask these bonus questions as well. The most of this form, the important thing is these first five questions. Email and phone number are one. But these two here are cool as well.

[00:27:55] So what was the deciding factor in why you picked us as your place to stay? So at the point of booking, you're asking them why us, and they'll tell you value, location, word of mouth, saw you on Instagram, whatever it may be. Right. Um, and then the second one is, I mean, you could have, are you celebrating a special occasion with us, or you could have whatever you want in it.

[00:28:14] It could be something different. It's like. Um, you know, where, you know, special occasions one, or it could be, are you, is this a work trip or is this a leisure trip or a combination of both? Is it like a, a pleasure, you know, is it like, and you can start to then get key bits of information that will help you with your, with your property or properties or future properties that you take on board.

[00:28:37] Um, so this Google form will take five minutes. You can easily send it out and it will go at the point of, the point of booking. Um. And then obviously elephant in the room, get your MailChimp up and running and just start to communicate with previous guests that have signed up to receive emails from you.

[00:28:57] So maybe once a month or once every two months, or, you know, no more than once every three months, send out emails, just talking about the islands, talking about the area, the town, if the big carnival is coming up or whatever's coming up, just keep people up to date because people are always looking for an escape to the Canaries.

[00:29:14] And it's an easily accessible Island. And even if they're working again, this workstation thing is, is massive at the moment, but you just got to keep top of mind because when you're top of mind and they're going, right, I'm going to come back to this part of Tenerife, they'll know to stay with blue Island escapes instead of going with somebody else.

[00:29:32] Yeah, but it's just proactive things. So there are some nice little things to be. Starting with, uh, obviously the website, um, is a, is a great point of call. Um, getting the branded name. I love Blue Island escapes. I think you've got white and blue, which are your colours, and your logo. Yeah. The cool, the cool thing about chat GPT and Canva now the logo can be created via, via that and, uh, get your PMS up, listen up and run him.

[00:29:57] Start to collect that Google form at the point of booking, because then you've got it down and it's listed and it's there. Start to use it and go in and, and take full advantage of all of the amenities and the, and the extra net of booking. com and fill out your Airbnb listings. Perfect. So some nice little homework there.

[00:30:16] James: Plenty for me to get it. Be getting on with Mark.

[00:30:19] Mark: Uh, so what I'll do is I'll, I'll send a, a little recap of, uh, of, of this. I'll send it to you, um, uh, to your emails. There are little things you can get cracking on, but what as well, what I would love for everybody to do, who is tuning in at home, is to think, how can you take this and how can you put it into interaction with the Google form?

[00:30:41] It's five minutes to set up and you copy and paste the link from there into your Airbnb messages or your booking. com automatic messages or when uplisting is up and running a cool part of uplisting is that you can do a, a, um, an automated message that goes from uplisting to your PMS to your booking engines for you.

[00:31:01] So you can do it there once and you can do it at the point of booking. Super simple to do. Um, there's, there's more videos on the YouTube channel showing you how to exactly implement that. But that's effective because then you can get tons of information, uh, about your guest at the point of booking, which is cool.

[00:31:17] James: Having a blast. Gonna get it on the

[00:31:19] Bruce Lee podcast. Bruce Lee. Let Bruce Lee 'cause it's so hard on the tees. Loosely. Looking up those rhymes. Don't write it, do it loosely.