Speedy Wi-Fi

Speedy Wi-Fi

Speedy’s hardware-enabled platform gives property managers 24/7 real-time Wi-Fi connectivity monitoring across your properties & allows remote workers and vacationers to accurately assess Wi-Fi performance when booking a rental property.

It all starts with Speedy's hardware device which continuously captures Wi-Fi performance data.

Benefits & Value for Property Managers

  1. Improve Connectivity – Proactive network management with Speedy's real-time alerts & actionable diagnostics.
  2. Increase Revenue – Publish Speedy’s verified Wi-Fi rating to attract increased bookings & longer-term stays.
  3. Higher Conversion – Reduce endless Wi-Fi related questions & encourage guests to instant book with Wi-Fi data.
  4. Less Refunds & Complaints – Ensure an improved guest connectivity experience & protect against refunds.


  • Starting at $5 monthly subscription per property + initial set-up fee.


  • Our device is compatible with your existing Wi-Fi equipment and takes just 2 minutes to set up.