Know Your Guest

We help property managers, hosts and short-term rental operators manage guest-related risks effectively and ethically through our automated risk management solutions. Say goodbye to second-guessing and troublesome guests. 

Know Your Risk. Know Your Solution. Know Your Guest.

Intelligent Guest Screening

Guests don’t have to be strangers with our industry-leading guest screening checks. Know exactly who is staying in your property before they check in. With Know Your Guest, you can prevent parties, avoid fraudulent bookings and prevent criminal activity in your property, all through our intelligent guest screening solution. Simply have guests book your rental and let us verify their details: quickly and safely, without bias. 

Damage Waiver

We know accidents happen, which is why we provide solutions to help cover small incidents of guest-related damage quickly and easily without the hassle of chasing guests for damage payouts. 

How it works: Your guest will pay a non-refundable fee to waive their liability (up to an amount set by you) for any accidental damage caused during their stay, as part of their rental agreement. Where no guest damage occurs, you keep the waiver payment as additional revenue. 

Damage Deposit Collection

Protecting your short-term rental is a priority, and so is a smooth guest experience. Our damage deposit solution removes the admin stress that comes with deposits and keeps you PCI compliant every time. Let us process the deposit so you can focus on every guest that walks through your doors.  

$5Million* Damage Protection

Know Your Guest offers unmatched damage protection in the short-term rental industry for all verified bookings across ANY channel. Yes, Any channel! Know Your Guest’s damage protection is the ultimate backup plan for if something does go wrong. You don’t have to rely on third-party booking platforms to protect you. Now you can have all the protection and more for your direct and last-minute bookings.

Open your doors to guests, not risks with Know Your Guest.