iGMS Overview

With iGMS you can run your vacation rental business with ease on multiple booking platforms including Airbnb, HomeAway/Vrbo, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia, just to name a few, as well as direct bookings.

Once you’ve set your iGMS account, you can set your short-term rental on autopilot. Here’s a brief description of how iGMS does the work for you.

Pricing and Calendars
Your properties and listings are the most important part of your iGMS account, and you can see all of them on the Multi-calendar. Whether it’s coming from a direct booking channel such as Airbnb and Vrbo/HomeAway, or an iCal connection, all reservations are here.
Pricing and date availability can be set and changed for all direct booking channels on both Multi-Calendar and Single Property Calendar. Manual reservations are a great advantage when it comes to indirect bookings via social media platforms or other channels. You can create and edit them via the Single Property Calendar.

Each of your iGMS property has a booking channel, whether it’s Airbnb, HomeAway/Vrbo, or direct. You can group channels together under one property with our Channel Manager to manage them all at once.

Unified Inbox
Guest communication is another key component of your short-term rental business and it should be as easy as possible. iGMS’ Unified Inbox aggregates all your guest communication from booking channels and direct bookings altogether.
You can send attachments, create message templates for future communication and be sure that your guests always get the attention they need.

Automation Triggers
Effective guest communication is possible with iGMS automation triggers designed to keep your guests up to date whether it’s check-in, checkout, or any other event related to their stay.

Working with quick turnaround and high volume of guests can be a true pain when it comes to leaving a review for each of them. With the iGMS auto-review tool, it’s a no-brainer that keeps you on the top with the highest number of reviews and more guests to come!

In iGMS you will operate with Properties that have all information about standard cleaning arrangements, stealth mode, and property management with owners.
You can easily switch properties on and off and keep only the ones you need for your business operations.

Team Members and Cleanings
With iGMS you can also optimize multiple tasks related to property management, guest communication and cleanings with the help of your team members. A cleaning team can take care of cleaning tasks and handymen visits, while you can let the task auto-assignment do the dull work for you.
It’s also very easy to track essential cleaning tasks and operations with iGMS checklists.

iGMS Profile Settings
Everything you need to know about your subscription and pricing plan, as well as notifications and other essential settings, you will find in your iGMS profile.