identified is engineered for short-term rental owners and managers, aiming to increase direct bookings and amplify their email marketing efforts. This innovative platform identifies anonymous U.S.-based website visitors, providing vital information such as names, verified email addresses, mailing addresses, and demographic insights. With this data, identified triggers automated retargeting emails once visitors leave the site without booking, offering an effective strategy to re-engage potential guests.

By leveraging identified, automated emails can be personalized to highlight special offers, showcase property amenities, detail service offerings, and promote local attractions, aiming to convert bounced visitors into direct bookings. This approach not only provides a second chance to impress but also strategically brings potential guests back to the site to book directly.

Moreover, identified integrates with over 20+ email platforms, allowing for smooth connectivity with existing email marketing setups. For those in need of a full-service solution, identified includes a done-for-you setup option, complete with its own email platform, automation capabilities, and a selection of ready-to-use email templates. This comprehensive package is designed to streamline the marketing process, enabling vacation rental businesses to efficiently reach and engage their target audience.

identified stands as an essential marketing tool for short-term rental businesses, offering a multifaceted solution to enhance booking rates and grow email lists. Its blend of detailed visitor insights, seamless platform integration, and marketing automation provides a powerful combination to boost direct booking potential and engage with potential guests more effectively.

Start transforming your short-term rental marketing by scheduling a demo with identified today. Benefit from a free 14-day trial, available to websites attracting at least 500 visitors monthly. Seize this opportunity to leverage identified's advanced marketing solutions, giving your company the competitive edge in securing more direct bookings.