Fabienne Interiors

Fabienne Interiors is specialised in designing short term rentals that look and feel good to attract your target market.


Our remote service means that we work from photos, floorplan and your guest profile. We offer a bespoke service to meet your need, either starting from a blank canvas or refreshing an existing property.

Colour scheme

A visual is presented to capture the atmosphere and look of the rooms. It includes paint colour references, furnishing colour and recommendation of wood and metal finishes.

Decorating plan

Once approved, we create visuals from your room photos of the painted walls. They will detail all the information for your decorator to know where to paint.

Shopping list

This part specifies for you all the furniture and furnishing to purchase and the room layout. You will be provided with visuals of the painted rooms with items overlayed on top to get a good sense of the finished article. Details of where everything goes will also be given so everything is clear. A spreadsheet split by room will specify what is to purchase based on the agreed budget.

Remote staging

Prior to the photoshoot, we will have a video call for me to ensure that the property is dressed ready to shine!



7 steps with easy tools to learn how to make your rooms work harder for you!

What the course teaches:

  • A 7-steps methodology to decide from paint to furnishing items
  • Understand how to attract your guest profile
  • Simple tools to visualise your rooms before you spend any money
  • Confidence to use bolder colours and make them work together
  • Understand do’s and dont’s to avoid mistakes
  • Know where to apply the paint to create impact and manipulate the space
  • Have fun and create a welcoming place for your guests!

The training is delivered either as a home study format or in a 1-day online workshop with follow up Q&A sessions