Becoming rentABLE

Changing the way we look at accessible short-term (vacation) rental properties!

Becoming rentABLE was founded in 2021, after years of struggling to find accessible short-term rental properties. Having an accessible short-term rental (STR) property means that there are no barriers to entry for anyone; an elderly relative, a family member with a physical disability or a friend who has been temporarily disabled.

We understand there is β€˜no one size fits all’ when it comes to accessibility. Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes. While wheelchair accessibility is talked about the most, there's also hearing, vision, autism/IDD, and walker accessibility. That's why we offer 36 filters, so you can customize your own needs and find the best property for you and your family.

As a solution to the problem of an extreme lack of accessible STR properties in the US, Becoming rentABLE provides a property evaluation, certification and List my property feature.